How Do you Do Tracking Orders For Dropshipping?

Even if not in a dropshipping model, order tracking is essential to your online store. The way of tracking sales and inventory information using a website is obsolete. E-commerce companies are now turning to app-based tracking orders and management.

Especially for dropshipping retailers, they do not carry inventory, so need to track orders to pay attention to their order status in real-time. But how to track your drop shipping orders? How to make your customers trust you more by managing order tracking? Follow this page to give you a clear guide for tracking orders for drop shipping.

Tracking Orders

Tracking orders refers to real-time monitoring of the entire order process, from the time a customer places an order through to delivery. Primarily it involves tracking inventory levels, updating customers on shipping progress, and ensuring orders are delivered on time.

Tracking orders requires you to provide customers with an estimated delivery date, tracking number, and delivery notification so they can shop online with confidence.

Order tracking management, in short, is to manage the various processes of the order uniformly and effectively, so as to have a very clear understanding of the status of the order.   

Why Order Tracking is Crucial for Dropshipping?

Why Order Tracking is Crucial for Dropshipping?

For dropshipping retailers:

Because of the particularity of the dropshipping model, retailers do not need inventory. The retailer transfers the order and its shipping details to the suppliers or third-party fulfillment company, then suppliers deliver the goods directly to the customer.

However, retailers are responsible for marketing and selling products but have little control over product quality, storage, inventory management, or shipping.

Thus, in order to ensure the supervision of logistics work efficiency, ensure the timely installation rate of delivery orders, and improve the quality management of orders, retailers usually carry out order tracking.

For your customers:

Imagine this: Your customer enters your online store and purchases an item. Then they ask for your item tracking code, but you don’t have one. Your customer becomes suspicious and cancels the order. This makes sense, you missed out on a profit as a result. This should be a worry for all dropshipping sellers.

Because when you buy goods, what is the most concerning issue? Yes, when will the goods arrive? The same goes for what your customers care about most. Order tracking lets your customers know the status of their orders in real-time. When they see the real logistics information, they will trust your products and stores more and it is not easy to go back on the order.

So, how to track and manage drop shipping orders? Keep swiping to find out.

Dropshipping Tracking Number

Dropshipping Tracking Number

The order tracking number is the identification code in the express package, which is usually composed of numbers and letters. It contains the details of the recipient’s express delivery, which facilitates the courier company, shipper, and consignee to inquire about the express delivery information in real time. So the courier’s order number is in the order information details of the purchased item, and the courier’s waybill number is generated when the courier sends it.

Benefits of Providing Order Tracking

You have to know that customers expect every dropshipping business to offer a way to track their orders. While waiting for a package, your customers are most likely to regret it, and you should take this opportunity rather than fret. Improve the customer experience and retain your customers by allowing them to track the purchase and delivery progress of items.

When you have order tracking, you get the following advantages:

Control the order fulfillment processYou can know the status of the whole process of the order. If you use an order tracking system, monitor shipments from day one so you can understand and easily resolve any issues your customers may have.
Tracking orders is a good way to check timeliness. This will help you reduce problems and give you plenty of time to resolve any surprises that may arise during the fulfillment of your shipment.
Meet customer expectationsCustomers want to monitor the status of their purchases while in transit. If your store doesn’t offer to track orders, chances are they’ll go to another retailer. But if customers can always see the status of their order, it greatly improves their experience and makes them more likely to leave you a positive review and become repeat customers.
Reduce customer service costsHandling customer inquiries and complaints manually is costly in the long run. Your customers always want to know where their order is, and they turn to you, and you need to devote a lot of manpower and time to respond to customers, which will make you exhausted. You end up getting tons of bad reviews and returns and spending even more money to outsource this service. But you don’t even have to! An order tracking app will take care of that, and for a fraction of the money.

How to Track Orders with Shop online?

Tracking your shipped packages is inextricably linked to the shipping method chosen by your shipping provider.

First, make sure the shipping method you use to purchase your order is trackable. Many carriers do not provide any tracking information, so you cannot track the package.
Second, you can go to the shipper’s website. Almost all shippers use a tracking number and it will be on that document when they send you a shipping confirmation. If not, email them and ask for a number.
Alternatively, seek out a third-party shipping tracking service. You just need to install the required plugins or applications and perform basic configuration.

The tracking management of delivery orders is for the following points:

Data summary management, unified inventory management, and multi-platform order management can not only improve warehousing efficiency, but also easily control the order completion status, which is very reliable.
Accurately grasp the progress of the order, which can save process time and reduce Low cost, so as to comprehensively improve the market competitiveness of stores and improve work efficiency.
With a complete order tracking management system, we can better cooperate with enterprises to complete the whole sales process, so as to improve sales management efficiency and improve the after-sales service of online stores.

5 Best Shopify Order Tracking Apps


5 Best Shopify Order Tracking Apps

AfterShip‘s Shopify order tracking is one of the most popular order status tracking applications on the market.

It automatically imports your tracking number into Aftership, so that you can get the current tracking information of all shipments in one place.
You can add tracking links to your store so that customers can easily monitor their orders.
After the package is delivered, the customer will be notified via email and SMS.
However, when reflecting the shipping information, there are occasional “errors” and time lags.


Parcel Panel Order Tracking

5 Best Shopify Order Tracking Apps

Parcel Panel Order Tracking makes shipping easier by giving buyers an aesthetically pleasing way to display the items they’ve purchased through the platform.

The country of origin of the order can be hidden.
Gain access to a graphical analysis of order status, which helps you spot which deliveries need attention.
For stores with high order volumes, the prices are quite high.



5 Best Shopify Order Tracking Apps

Tracktor is an early Shopify partner that lets you simplify your shipping services.

You can add some recommended products or pop-up windows on the page to increase the frequency of repeat purchases.
Ability to create new custom order statuses such as “in production”, or “pending confirmation”.
See all your orders on a 3D interactive globe with Tracktor’s Mission Control.
The ability to send emails for custom statuses is missing.


Omega ‑ Email & Order tracking

5 Best Shopify Order Tracking Apps

Omega helps you track orders by automatically collecting information from messengers around the world.

Support more than 300 courier companies around the world.
Your tracking pages can be customized using CSS customizations.


Honest FulPhilment

5 Best Shopify Order Tracking Apps

Honest FulPhilment offers an all-in-one tracking service, free with an easy-to-use app for all users.

A truly integrated platform and dropshipping center. It covers data statistics, order fulfillment, order tracking and other functions.
Custom modules can be designed according to your automation requirements.
Apps can be integrated with your online store.
Highly rated and free to install.
Full service translation enables you to easily support global customers.


Whether you use any plugins or apps, you must tracking orders and packages. Because your customers want it. The ability to track orders will give your customers more trust in your store. Make sure to find a perfect order tracking system and app.

Honest FulPhilment can effectively track shipping orders and packages, and can generate effective order tracking numbers, which is time-sensitive. It brings timely and accurate logistics information to customers and provides reliable logistics services, thereby winning the trust of customers and helping merchants Broaden your customer base. Contact us now to increase revenue and save costs.

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