Philip K

CEO and Founder

A proud college dropout with no particular skills or education on paper, Philip has never been academically gifted. A geek at heart, his drive to take the entrepreneurial route in life started at a very young age. With 6 plus years of self-taught marketing, eCommerce, manufacturing and logistics, being fluent in 3 languages, OCD with systems and processes with an obsession to do things right have helped build the foundation of Honest FulPhilment.

Zhizhong L

Business Partner

One of the first, high volume crypto miners in China, operating one of the largest Affiliate Marketing teams in Henan and scaling eCom stores like crazy, Zhizhong is a prime example of what can be accomplished with true will and grind, capitalising on market trends achieving so much from so little

Anhua H

Head of Accounts Department

Also a part of us even before the official inception of Honest FulPhilment, Anhua manages the income and invoicing team. Qualifications in business and accounting, with a previous position in management accounting at Alibaba Group, Anhua is crucially analytical and data-driven.

Charlene Zhen

Customer Service Champion

Charlene has an MBA in Hospitality Management and naturally excels in customer service. It didn’t make any difference coming from a background unrelated to ecommerce and logistics as she very quickly applied her knowledge and education here at Honest FulPhilment.

Helen H

Procurement _ Freight Director

With work ethic rivaling Zhangjia, it’s not uncommon to see her working late in the evening or even past midnight. Helen is in charge of thousands of tonnes of freight domestically and internationally every day. Over 10 years of experience and relationship with factories and wholesalers, her exceptional management and organizational skills ensures her team’s bulk consignments leave China on time.

Lina N

Account Manager

Lina works alongside Charlene and helps to manage client accounts. She is the main point of contact for many of our customers and makes sure communication is clear, concise and translated to the backend team instantly.

Mayan J

Head of Procurement

With over 8 years experience in purchasing for multi million dollar companies, Mayun is responsible for managing teams with billions of dollars of purchases. Mayun returned to his hometown XinXiang from Shenzhen to settle down and marry, shortly after finding Honest FulPhilment!

ShengNan L

Head of Order ManagementWeb Analytics

Working at Dianxiaomi ERP Systems for over 4 years, we knew we had to snap her up and bring over her extensive experience to Honest FulPhilment. As Zhangjia’s right hand wo’man’ they make a perfect team supervising their subordinates.

Zhangjia Z

Order Management Director

One of, if not the hardest and most loyal workers at Honest FulPhilment, a 12 hour shift is nothing for Zhangjia. She has been with us even before Honest FulPhilment became official. Zhangjia ensures the backend order management system is always running optimally and orders are smoothly going out the door.

Zhanglei Z

Head of Warehousing

With over 15 years of storage and warehousing experience, an impressive track record spearheading successful designing, planning and implementation of medium-large size businesses in Beijing and Shanghai, Zhanglei brought his experience closer to home and settled down with Honest FulPhilment.

Zhouxue L

Accounts Receivable Manager

Zhouxue has been in financial services for over 6 years. Previously working under Anhua in Alibaba Group, they both saw the opportunity and scalability to work with Honest FulPhilment and help be a part of something more meaningful and customer focused.