At Honest FulPhilment we provide comprehensive eCommerce fulfilment solutions from product sourcing to 3PL and dropshipping

All of our services can be used individually or used as an integrated complete solution from source to delivery.


3PL Pricing & Shipping
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General weight
Shipping from
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Shipping methods

The available shipping methods depend on the General weight and Shipping to fields.

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Storage & Warehousing
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Product quantity
Total CBM
Total cost
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Different SKUs to be photographed
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Model cost

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Product sourcing
Total product cost

Sourcing fee

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info Example

If the total cost of the entire transaction amounts to $25,000, you fall into tier 5, our sourcing fee is charged at a fixed rate of 7%.

  • In this example, our sourcing fee will be $1,750 (7% of $25,000).
  • The total cost of the goods and sourcing will be: cost of goods ($25,000) + 7% sourcing fee ($1,750) = $26,750

Find out more about our product sourcing service

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We help you create an impressive and attractive dropshipping packaging & branding experience that wows your
customer and allows your to focus on what you do best.

Mailing bags

Suited to lower value FMCG products, not used for fragile items.

Cardboard boxes

Strong single wall boxes are ideal for heavy or high value items which are unsuitable for flexible packaging

Padded mailers

Great for low and high value items with adequate protection for fragile items.

We also offer product videos, please contact us directly for custom pricing.
Product Inspection & Pricing
Quality control is very important to us, as ensuring the quality of your products is of paramount importance. Therefore, we check 20% of your products as standard at no additional fee. However, if you would like further inspections, this can also be completed at a rate of $7 per hour/ person.

Please contact us directly for extensive product inspection and quality control pricing.

Find out more about our product inspection and quality control service

New Product
Development Pricing
If you require the development of a new product because we cannot source this from anyone who currently offers it, the prices vary depending on the product, components and manufacturing process. Therefore, for a price please contact us directly.
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