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Product Inspection

What is product inspection?

Product inspection is the process of checking the standard of goods and if they comply with the product’s specifications, checking their appearance, construction and function. The purpose of inspecting products is to find any quality defects in the products before they reach the customer.

Why is product inspection and quality control necessary?

dropshipping Products Inspection

Quality control and inspection are a must in any industry, especially when you’re dropshipping products from China. Without such protocols, you run the risk of receiving bulk shipments of goods, not only utterly different to what you ordered or were expecting but arriving damaged and unusable. If this occurs, the chances of claiming reimbursement or replacements will be highly unlikely.

At Honest FulPhilment, regardless of the service you’re utilising, we set product inspection and quality control as a priority. Product inspection in the wrong hands and with inexperience, failure to inspect or quality control could ruin your business.

dropshipping Products Inspection

The product inspection process

dropship Product Inspection

Product inspection is very rarely a simple process. With the vast spectrum of products available on the market, each having its respective features and practical usage, the inspection process is often unique in each case.

One product could require a basic visual inspection, whereas another requires an electrical current safety test, stress test, drop test, specification check, and endless other checks and tests.

You may have specific requirements that you’d like us to carry out, but whatever the test, everything is documented, with photos and videos assigned to each element and phase.

This is where procedures play an important role. Be it pre-production, during production, production monitoring or pre-shipment inspection, each has its own unique process where we give you full control, keep you in the loop and do not move forward until your final confirmation.

Through years of experience in trading and partnerships, we have learnt that it doesn’t matter if working with manufacturers, wholesalers, resellers or suppliers in general, where there is a transaction, no matter how insignificant of sum it may be, quality control of some kind must be upheld to guarantee quality and satisfaction for our clients.

dropship Product Inspection

What do Honest FulPhilment offer?

There are a number of different scenarios that mean you require product inspection. We are here to accommodate your every need and work with you to get the result you need.

Here are some examples of why you may require help with product inspection:

You’re looking for a dedicated inspection agent to manage the production of your goods in China, production has yet to commence.
You’re Interested in placing an order for goods readily available in China. You’d like to use us to place the order and inspect pre-dispatch from the supplier and upon arrival at our warehouse.
You have goods that have been paid for, either being held at the supplier’s warehouse or shipping agent/freight forwarding company. You require us to take over all communication and after inspecting, relocate them to our warehouse or arrange shipment to a destination of your choice.
You’d like to send us goods that you wish for us to inspect only, to then be returned to the original location or shipped elsewhere, within China or globally.

You are searching for a dropshipping or 3PL agent to handle your eCommerce orders, with the added benefit of inspecting 100% of goods that we pack pre-dispatch directly to your customers.

You’ve been trying to find a competent contact in China who can follow your intricate and extremely details inspection requirements, either in-house or on-site, short or long-term.
You’re looking for a company that can audit a supplier or manufacturer’s production line and processes on-site, helping you to make a decision of which to use.

Why use Honest FulPhilment as your product inspection partner