Dropshipping Packaging & Branding

We help you create an impressive and attractive dropshipping branding experience that wows your customers and allows your to focus on what you do best.

Dropshipping your brand made easy

Sometimes, the experience of unpacking something is more important than the actual product. We understand the impact this can have, and it should never be underestimated.

In the majority of cases, the moment your customer receives a parcel and starts unpacking/unwrapping will determine their satisfaction of the product.

Picture this. You’re an online watch retailer and decide to send an order of a single watch in a plastic bag. No jewellery box, no thank you card, no branded mailer or box – nothing (a typical dropshipping mistake).

No matter how good the watch is, their mind will have already been made up and will expect the product to be of inferior quality. This increases the chances of receiving a complaint from a  customer, and it’s possible they could return the item and ask for a refund.

On the other hand, if you pack the watch in an instantly recognisable parcel, positive expectation is already set and your customer becomes excited.

In order to keep that excitement, there has to be a surprise or incentive before the product is visible.

With our set brand packages, we offer the less experienced eCommerce website owners a hassle free, impressive kitting and branding bundle. 

A branded mailing bag, thank you card, promo insert and gifts can transform an otherwise boring and underwhelming experience into an exciting and memorable one, enticing your customers to come back for more!

Kitting to your heart’s content

There is no limit to the customisation and number of items you’d like to include. Even if you wish to offer hamper packs with bows and ribbons, birthday messages or hand written notes.

We don’t put restrictions on your imagination, and with China being the manufacturing hub of the world, you can create the most stunning, highest quality parcels in a timely manner without breaking the bank!

Utilise our other services to get the most out of your branding. We can store your goods at our warehouse, take professional photo and video shoots, process your fully kitted orders automatically via our platform, or just bulk ship your packages to any destination of your choice around the world.

We even have international 3PL locations if you’d like your customers to receive your orders as soon as next day. Whatever you’re looking for, combine our services to scale your business in the most efficient way possible.

Use Honest FulPhilment as your China Sourcing Agent

  • We are on the ground in China, with a team fully employed and operating within Honest FulPhilment. We do not outsource any roles and do everything in house.
  • We do not use translation tools! All support is in clear and concise English, from customer service agents and account managers who are qualified and knowledgeable in sourcing and logistics.
  • No other fulfilment company has as many global 3PL locations within one platform
  • We are one! Before we even quote you, we ensure that we understand your business model and it is one of the first things we do.
  • A combined experience of over 100 years! Although we are a relatively young company, we hire only the best and our team has an impressive record and history of accomplishments in this industry.
  • You won’t find any other agent in China who is as transparent in both communication and pricing. We have a glass door company ethos, hence our brand name!
  • Founded by people who actually sourced, branded, developed, manufactured and shipped their own products! Our humble beginnings allowed us to live the life and journey you’re no doubt currently experiencing – allowing us to comprehend your past, present and even future product sourcing requirements in a heartbeat.
  • We invest heavily in tech, developing our own in-house software to make your product sourcing easier, more efficient and as cost-effective as possible. We are always adding new features, innovating and improving from customer feedback.
  • All shipments are insured and guaranteed. If they do not arrive, are damaged in transit or for any reason not as per the original specifications, we cover the costs.

Like what you see? Why not find out more about Honest FulPhilment. Explore our FAQs and check out our pricing structure. If you’d like an exact quote for your requirements or you’d like to find out more information, get in touch with our friendly team today.