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Sourcing From China?

a. Your first time sourcing and have no idea what to do and where to start?

Relax, we’ll answer any questions and concerns you may have, guide you through the process and manage everything before, during and after delivery, without you lifting a finger.

b. Are you an import veteran but looking to finally outsource?

You can put your trust in us. With transparency, a clear pricing model and exceptionally high communication and quality standards, you’ll wonder why you didn’t outsource sooner! We can use your existing supply chain or look for an alternative to save money, increase your margins and address quality concerns at the same time. Whatever your end goal, we’re by your side every step of the way.

c. Bespoke and challenging product requirements?

It doesn’t matter if you can’t find a product on the market, simply need an item branded and white-labelled, or want to manufacture your own product from scratch, this is where we excel and just love to hear your sigh of relief once we put your mind at ease.
Even if other fulfilment providers have told you it’s not possible, we won’t give up until all avenues have been exhausted to deliver results you expect, and then some.

No matter your situation, if we don’t have a service listed, we can tailor one for you. We’re all about solutions and in the very unlikely event we cannot help, we will at least be able to point you in the right direction!.

Our Working Process


Fulfilling your orders worldwide, eCommerce, DTC (direct-to-consumer), B2B (business-to-business), Influencers, Crowdfunding. Send your products to us and we’ll dispatch them to your customers anywhere in the world, automatically! Our feature-rich yet user friendly software connects to your e-commerce platform, syncs orders within minutes and sends all the data to our backend. Even if you don’t have a platform, we can work with you to find a solution with our in house developed software. We pick, pack, dispatch and push tracking to your store based on your requirements and also offer customised packaging including gift wrapping. Order amendments, cancellations, refunds, returns, claims and everything else can be managed on your dashboard along with any other requests. True, worry-free automation at your fingertips


Kitting & Assembly

This is basically what is done with dropshipping; We source multiple products from different suppliers to our facilities. Pack them all together in a single parcel. Include items with any other requirements you may have, such as thank you cards, gifts, inserts, handwritten notes, or anything else. Status updated and any tracking (if applicable) is pushed to your dashboard and eCommerce platform. Outside of these, we can cater to any bespoke kitting requirements for yours, we accept challenges with open arms and love crafting and putting together unique, loving and innovative parcels that wow your customers


Photography & Videography

You don’t need to wait for your products to arrive from abroad before you can start making creatives. Send them to us or let us source them, we can then start taking photos or videos within a few days and get them turned around quicker, cheaper and with the same level of quality, if not better than your local services. Stock photos, props, models, bespoke shoot? We do it all, why not save time, money, stress and let us take control of your media requirements?


Product Quality Check

Be it dropshipping, bulk sourcing, 3PL orders, we automatically we randomly but thoroughly check 20% of goods for imperfections and obvious faults. We can quote you If more tests are required, such as higher than 20% of the stock, or specific checks such as drop tests, stress tests, practical use etc. If there is anything which raises alarm, a full test report will be issued upon completion to aid your decision on what your next step will be. You can even use our QC service if you don’t use any of our other services. We can test your inventory and return to a warehouse in China or abroad, we’d be more than happy to help and try to be as flexible as a pretzel!



Set packages allow you to effortlessly turn your standard, dull packaging into a high-quality positive customer experience. Increase your customer lifetime value instantly with a professional-looking package while being seriously cost-effective. Stamp your logo on the product itself and even customise boxes, the sky’s the limit, we’ll manage it all.


Storage, Palleting, Labelling & Other Services

Whatever you need in China, we’re here as your one stop shop. Can’t see a service above or anywhere else on our website? Just ask, I’m sure we’ll have a solution for you.

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