3PL: Third Party Logistics

A no-nonsense, easy to understand, scalable, automated and completely customisable pick pack solution.

What is 3PL (third party logistics)?

Third-party logistics (3PL) is the process of outsourcing logistics services. This includes anything that involves the management of one or more elements of a business’s procurement and fulfilment activities, including storing and shipping items around the world.

What’s included in the 3PL process?


1. Receiving

The first step in the 3PL process is receiving the inventory at a warehouse after being made. As soon as the stock has been received by one of our warehouses, it gets ready to go into storage.

2. 3PL Warehousing
During the next phase of the 3PL process, your stock is placed in one of our 3PL warehouses for storage. Each stock-keeping unit (SKU) has its own dedicated location in one of our warehouses. Our scalable solution means there’s more than enough room to scale with you.
3. Picking

When a customer places an order, the fulfilment part of 3PL begins. If your CMS is through Shopify or WooCommerce, our app ensures that orders are automatically passed through to the warehouse to be picked, ensuring a seamless, automatic process.

For non-mainstream platforms, orders can be uploaded by CSV/Excel spreadsheet.

As soon as the items have been picked by warehouse staff, it’s time for them to be packed! Honest FulPhilment allows for custom packaging, branding and inserts for your products.

4. Shipping

The next step in the 3PL process is to ship your order to your customer, whether this is by land, air or sea.

We offer our shipping services direct to your customer and to businesses. Our tracking software integrates with your eCommerce platform to keep up to date with orders and their fulfilment.

Honest FulPhilment Easy to Understand Pricing

One of the most daunting aspects of third party logistics (3PL) is the hidden charges and complicated pricing structures that companies offer.

It can be a challenge to get your head around the different fees for each individual service, such as unloading, loading, warehousing, storage, shelving etc. We believe that the pricing structure for 3PL should be more transparent.

That’s why Honest FulPhilment only has two fees for our 3PL service. A packing fee and a shipping cost. These 2 costs also apply to all of our 17 3PL warehouses around the world. Check out our pricing page for more details.

Everything is covered in one honest platform

The Honest FulPhilment App was built and is maintained in house. Updates are released at least once a month as a result of feedback and feature requests from our clients. We also offer to develop bespoke modules for those who wish to automate and systemise specific tasks.
We are proud to offer a transparent and user-friendly system that anyone case use. There’s no lengthy fixed-term contract or complicated onboarding and setup process, just an easy to operate platform!
App & Plugin
connect multiple Shopify and Woocommerce stores to sync orders
allowing you to automate the packing and sending of your orders
Tracking Updates
updates are pushed to your store as and when we dispatch, notifying your customers
Last Mile Tracking
hide China tracking updates to improve customer experience
Live Inventory
view real-time quantities and set low stock alerts
Billing & Invoicing
automatic invoices are generated as soon as you make a transaction
Staff Accounts
invite your VAs and colleagues to manage your orders
CSV/Excel Orders
upload orders via spreadsheets for non-mainstream platforms
SKU Kitting/Bundles
create offers and product combinations with gifts and card inserts
Custom Packaging
order and combine branded packaging to be used with your orders. Instantly improve brand visibility and exposure, boosting your customer satisfaction and repeat business
Support Tickets
easily create and manage order queries
SKU Kitting/Bundles
create offers and product combinations with gifts and card inserts
4 Payment Methods
pay via PayPal, Wire, ACH or Credit Card
refer clients to our platform and we pay you a lifetime 10% commission, all tracked and withdrawable within the platform
Shipping Calculator
check all of the shipping services we offer, with the price and transit time of each
Free Storage
we give you 2 months of free storage to get your setup complete and start sending orders. As long as you have an order to process, we do not charge you any storage fees
Shipment Mapping
pair your shipping methods with ours, allowing you to pick and mix your preferred shipping service and attach it to any product or SKU

Global 3PL warehouse locations

With warehouses all over the world, we offer you access to all of these at the touch of your fingertips.
Arrange your goods to be shipped in bulk to any of these 3PL locations, all with the same, easy to understand pricing and format.

Why Use Honest FulPhilment as your China Sourcing Agent?

Finding suppliers in China can be exhausting and very time-consuming.

We recommend that you should only source directly from suppliers and manufacturers yourself if you’re an experienced importer with years of knowledge and experience in the industry. 

With so many companies and sourcing agents, it’s essential to find a partner that can get your products to their destination with astonishing attention to detail. Without this, you run the risk of running into issue after issue with your supply chain.