How To Connect Shopify Store With Honest Fulphilment APP?

Many new customers ask if Honest Fulphilment has integration for Shopify, Now I’m going to show how to add your Shopify store to Honest Fulphilment APP.

How To Add Honest Fulphilment APP From Shopify?

Log In To The Shopify App Store:  Searching Honest Fulphilment on Shopify APP Store;

Install Shopify APP
Add Honest Fulphilment APP

Enter Your Shopify Address

 Enter your Shopify Address

 Authorization Success

 Authorization Success

How To Add Shopify From Honest Fulphilment APP?

 Sign up and Log In

 Sign up and log in Honest Fulphilment APP

Open The Manage Stores Section.

Open the Manage Stores section.

Click”Manage Stores” And Add your store now”

Manage Stores

Enter Your Shopify Store URL

Enter your Shopify Store URL

Note: Please enter the default URL provided by Shopify. You can find it in your Shopify admin.

Shopify admin.

Once you finish the connection, you will see the pop-up of “Welcome to Honest FulPhilment!”.

finish the connection

Ready to get started?

Honest FulPhilment App Tutorials

After you authorize your Shopify store, You can easily get any requests for items that are already in your Shopify store. Connect items in your store, and Automatically sync your Shopify orders to Honest FulPhilment.Once the order is paid for and processed, the tracking number will automatically sync to your Shopify store.

Importing & Pushing Products To Your Store

 RFQ & Submitting A Sourcing Request

Sync Products & Connect Your SKUs

Connecting Bundles And Offers

Manually Fulfil Orders & Pricing Structure

Grow Your Business

Our purpose is to provide comprehensive eCommerce fulfilment solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

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