How To Find Winning Products For Dropshipping In 2023

Is your dropshipping store unprofitable and barely breaking even? If so, now there is the best solution to help you double your profits – find winning products.

If you are new to e-commerce, finding winning products to sell in your online store can be a difficult process for you.

This is because you have to fill your store inventory with high-demand items and sell them to your customers at affordable prices.

We create this page to provide you with a comprehensive guide and help you find the best winning dropshipping products for success.

Find Winning Products

What is a Winning Product?

What is a winning product? A winning product is a product that sells like hotcakes. It’s something your target audience really wants to buy.

Reasonably Priced ProductsWhen an item is reasonably priced, people will always place an impulse order even though the product is outside of their purchase plan. So make sure your products are not overpriced.
Unbreakable ProductsFragile products will always inevitably have problems in transit, which is likely to result in a high rate of returns and losses for you. Therefore products that are not fragile will be the best items to dropship.
Products with Amazing ElementsThink of an apparel ad you saw on Instagram that had a unique design that you saw and immediately clicked on – that’s an element of awesomeness. The winning product should surprise potential buyers.
Products that Address Exact NeedsThis is a product that can help your consumers to solve one of their difficulties or problems. Such a product is very easy to bring to market. It can be anything from a mini wall breaker that you can take with you to a thermostatic water bottle that brings great convenience to your life.

How to Find Winning Products for Dropshipping?

The key to building a successful dropshipping store is to sell the popular dropshipping items. Once you have a list of popular items, you can focus on those products. But where can you find the winning products?

Research market trends and needs

Trends and needs are the best way for you to understand the preferences of your consumers. Search engines, online marketplaces, and social media platforms are the best way for direct marketers to stay on top of the latest industry trends and find customer reviews and feedback.

Google Trends is the preferred tool for discovering popular dropshipping items. To find new niche products, be sure to expand the range from the default “last 12 months” to “2004-present”. This filter helps to get a clear picture of whether the search volume is increasing or decreasing. In addition, this will reveal if there are any seasonal variations in market demand for trending products.

What does Google Trends data mean?

If your search term hits a value of 100, it means the term is at its peak popularity. The lower the number goes, the less trending the search term is. 
If you get a score of 0, it means there was not enough data for this term.

With Google Trends, you can also see where in the world your potential customers are the most interested in your dropshipping winning products.

Taking the iPad Air as an example, we can see that it has been very popular worldwide in the last twelve months, even reaching a value of 94 in April 2022. After this, it dropped back slightly, but in November 2022 the search volume picked up again.

Google Trends-iPad Air

Now let’s compare it to another example – this time we have a stable niche in Google Trends: “monthly planners”.

Google Trends-monthly planners

In contrast, this chart has declined slightly over the years. However, the search volume in this niche is quite persistent. Here we can see some small drops or rises, which is perfectly normal over time. But it’s safe to say that Google trends show that monthly planners are a fairly stable niche.

So what do the declines and rises mean? This fluctuation indicates a seasonal trend in search. We can see that search volume rises from October to December and falls from January. Just because the search volume is relatively low in January doesn’t mean you can’t start selling monthly plans in January, but due to seasonal changes, expect less website traffic at that time of the year.

If you’re looking for the ultimate example of a short-lived, one-shot spike in Google Trends, search for “bird feeder:”

Google Trends-bird feeder

Until February 2020, searches for “bird feeder” were low. Three months later, searches for this niche product peaked. But its steep decline since June 2020 proves that the trend has faded, meaning this is no longer a good niche to consider starting investing in.

Amazon is the Google of the e-commerce world. According to the data from digitalcommerce360, Amazon was the top-performing online retailer in 2021, with its overall sales up 17.9% in 2021 compared to 2020. Amazon accounted for 54.0% of all business conducted online by the Top 1000 retailers in North America.

The Amazon Best Sellers website is the site to bookmark and refer to when you do your product research. Their list is based on sales and is updated every hour. Therefore, you want to capture timely information about the products you find and focus on the right metrics.

Amazon Bestseller listings

The best thing about the Amazon Best Sellers page is that it has categories for pretty much everything that exists.

For example, let’s say your dropshipping site is about Home & Kitchen, and you can find trending products in the Home & Kitchen. Easy!


Amazon returns the top 100 selling products in this category, and they’re beautiful. Your next step is to pick the products that you like the most and find the best suppliers for your store.

Let’s take the second best-selling product in its category, the Bedsure Satin Pillowcase, as an example and do a quick search on AliExpress.


In the image below, we can see over 3,600 results for “Bedsure Satin Pillowcase .” But we’ve got even better news coming your way!

You can get a satin pillowcase for as little as $0.01!

Now, keep in mind that people buy a satin pillowcase on Amazon for about $6.00! Can you imagine how much money you could make selling satin pillowcases in your dropshipping store?

All you need is the right marketing strategy and a slightly lower price than what Amazon is offering. We’ll let you daydream a bit here.

There are hundreds of suppliers on AliExpress and you can find dropshipping products by following these steps:

Go to the home page, find the product category you are looking for in the left column, and click on it.
Next, in the search bar, search for a specific product item, which will bring up a large number of results.
Finally, check the results you need in the top filter: check the 4+ star orders option.
The search results will be sorted by order quantity and star rating.

TikTok uses hashtags to get more exposure, so searching by keywords is an efficient way to find popular products. Do not search using #winningproducts #dropshippingproduct or similar terms.

Because videos with these hashtags are for sellers, you’ll see a lot of videos telling you to sell this and sell that. That’s not what we’re looking for. We need to find these videos that are made for buyers that will show you the latest and hottest products.

So what tags will they use to tag product videos for the end consumer? I did some research here and found that there are three tags that can be used to search for popular products.

The first is a platform-related hashtag. For example, #TikTok Made Me Buy It, #Amazon (favorites/must-haves), #AliExpress (favorites/must-haves), etc. …… Search these hashtags and you will find videos showing only popular products.


Platform-related Hashtags:

TikTok Made Me Buy It.
Amazon (favorites/must-haves)
AliExpress (favorites/must-haves)

Product Category Hashtags:

Small Kitchen
Pet necessities
Camping (equipment)

How to find winning products on Facebook?

First, use the Facebook search function and type in your niche and it will show you what people are selling or looking for.
Also, you can join the Facebook group. Pick and join groups related to “top dropshipping products” and “dropshipping niche”, there will be a lot of buyers posting and a lot of sellers posting their products, and you can get inspiration from them. Of course, don’t miss the comment section.

Facebook Reels

And, use Facebook Reels, which allows users to create and share short videos, a bit like TikTok, where some creators share valuable product suggestions and you can find winning products by following them consistently.

You can trust YouTube, it is another great platform to find winning products. It has a huge user base and an extensive video library.
YouTube Short is a great feature where you can find a large number of short videos, from product unboxings to trending discussions. You can also use the reviews to determine if a product has potential. This provides you with a way to get fresh content.

There are tons of online communities and forums you can join to research what products are in high demand. Facebook and Reddit have hundreds of open and closed communities that can help you understand what people want in certain parts of the world. If you are only growing your dropshipping business in one country or region, you can research only what people want for your product in those countries or regions.

Facebook group

Product Research Tool is software that uses complex algorithms to analyze millions of products in different marketplaces. It is designed to help store owners evaluate the potential of an item based on data points such as current order volume, sales history, and the number of Shopify stores selling the product.

There are several dropshipping product research tools on the market, but we recommend sticking with tried-and-true tools like Niche Scraper.

Niche Scraper

Niche Scraper helps you find thousands of good items to dropship based on hard data. It also lets you import the items into your Shopify store and even create Facebook video ads from AliExpress product images so you can market them to your customers. 

Other product research tools worth checking out include Sell the TrendEcomhunt, and AliShark.

Analyze competitors’ strategies

By analyzing your competitors, you may be able to get inspiration about products that are in high demand or in the limelight. You can also clearly see the gap between yourself and them and then improve your own products. And get the best things to dropship. Thus you can:

Visit your competitor’s website to see their hot dropshipping products, and analyze what is missing in the market and what can be improved.
Discover what they are using to supply. This may be able to be an alternative supplier for you.
Study their ads.
Check out the reviews of their products. Use this to determine if the product is available. And understand their pain points you can offer a better solution.
Use software tools to see their website keywords. Remember that this analysis needs to be done on an ongoing basis as your competitors’ products change and evolve over time. So keep a close eye on your competitors.

Product inspection and procurement

Maybe after completing all the above steps, you all right have found a promising product. But that’s still not enough!

You also have to ask yourself: Is the quality of your product satisfying to your customers? How do you differentiate and stand out from other competitors selling the same product? Do these depend on pricing, shipping service, delivery time, or customer service?

All of these options come from the supplier you choose to help you source your winning products. So it could be an important thing to find a reliable supplier.

A reliable supplier will not only provide sourcing services, but also global shipping, order fulfillment, inventory management, warehousing, free quality control, and more.

Trending Niches for Winning Products 2023

Sales data on Shopify shows that people in 2020 are primarily buying products that help them stay busy in their homes. People are looking for puzzles, furniture, and decorative accessories to make their homes more comfortable.

Shoppers are also looking to find products that will help them stay healthy and active. Beauty products such as peel-off masks and nail polish are also among the most purchased items.

The following products will likely be your dropshipping winning products in 2023 as well.

Peel-off face mask
Nail polish
Jigsaw puzzles
Board games

Fitness & Health
Exercise bands
Water bottles
Yoga and Pilates mats
kayaking accessories
Home fitness equipment
Home Decor & Furniture
Kitchen and dining room furniture
Home office supplies


Now you know how to find winning products and what the trends should be for 2023. This is fantastic! While you’re likely to be selling the same items as other drop shippers in your niche who have also done their dropshipping product research, you’ve found the right spot and found a product that works – and you’ve left many of your competitors behind!

If there is a winning product in the list above that you like, but you are having trouble finding a reliable supplier, please contact us. Simply register for the Honest FulPhilment App, and submit your purchase request on the App, and our professional purchasing department will respond as soon as possible to find winning products for you as quickly as possible.

Find Winning Products FAQ

Do I need my supplier to check the products?

You must provide high-quality products or negative reviews and returns will be too much for you to bear.
Therefore checking the quality of your products is a must. Fortunately, Honest FulPhilment can provide you with a free quality check to ensure your products are in perfect condition and reduce the chances of your customers returning your products.

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