How To Find Private Label Jewelry Manufacturers To Dropship?

Do you want to expand your jewelry dropshipping business through private labeling? Private label jewelry allows you to create your own brand and offer a unique product to your customers.

If you want to venture into the world of dropshipping private label jewelry, it is crucial to find reliable manufacturers.

In addition to checking out our list of jewelry dropshipping suppliers, this page offers some effective ways to find private label jewelry manufacturers to ensure you can succeed in your business.

Private Label Jewelry

How To Find Private Label Jewelry Manufacturers?

Online B2B MarketplacesOnline B2B marketplaces are one of the most convenient and efficient ways to connect you with private label jewelry manufacturers.
Platforms such as Alibaba and Made in China, have a large number of jewelry manufacturer directories for you to compare.
These marketplaces also provide detailed information about the manufacturers, including their product range, certifications, and customer reviews.
Trade FairsThe trade fair brings together jewelry manufacturers, suppliers, and industry professionals. It is therefore an excellent opportunity to find and meet private label jewelry manufacturers. But offline is not particularly convenient.
Online Research and CatalogFind industry-specific directories and databases that provide a complete list of manufacturers. Sites such as Thomasnet, or Jewelers of America can help you.
Social Media PlatformUse platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook to search for private label jewelry manufacturers. Join industry-specific groups, join relevant online forums and communities, and follow relevant subject tags to gather information about potential partners.
Third-party Fulfillment CompaniesThis is by far one of the most convenient and often-used methods of drop shippers. Usually, Chinese jewelry agents are more popular because of the affordable prices they offer. Also, third-party fulfillment companies offer more comprehensive services to make your business more hassle-free.
Not only can they help you source jewelry products and suppliers, but they also offer third-party logistics services to help you ship your jewelry on your behalf worldwide.
For example, Cjdropshipping and Honest FulPhilment are good third-party fulfillment companies.

Top 5 Private Label Jewelry Manufacturers



Covet is a professional private label jewelry manufacturer based in San Francisco. In addition to private labels, they also offer custom jewelry and wholesale.

They provide a professional jewelry catalog for you to choose from, send them your logo, and you are free to add cards, custom labels, and other packaging options.

For your private label orders, they take 2-4 weeks to create. It costs less to start a jewelry business in Covet than other private label jewelry manufacturers.

MOQ: Orders not less than $500
Shipping: Worldwide

Amazon Business

As one of the largest online marketplaces, Amazon Business offers a huge collection of jewelry manufacturers and suppliers. So you have a wide range of options.

With Amazon’s customization program offering a private label service, you can send your logo and branding directly to the supplier to create your personalized jewelry. You’ll even find handmade jewelry sellers here.

The advantage of Amazon Business is its strong global logistics infrastructure that guarantees efficient shipping and delivery. In addition, all the suppliers on it are verified. However, the quality of products offered by suppliers varies. So Amazon Business is more suitable for small businesses and online retailers.

MOQ: 1pcs
Shipping: Worldwide

Casting House 

Casting House 

Casting House is an American jewelry manufacturer for small businesses. They offer not only private labeling services but also CAD/CAM services. They use platinum, gold, and silver materials.

Casting House offers a private label collection of finished jewelry including exclusive engagement rings, wedding bands, and anniversary rings. They also have a large selection of jewelry styles for you to design and customize yourself, and you can customize it by adding fancy center stones, or side accents, or any other variations.

Pricing can vary depending on the design complexity.

MOQ: 1pcs
Shipping: Worldwide



Alibaba is not a supplier, it is one of the largest e-commerce marketplace platforms. However, there are a large number of jewelry suppliers here. When you search for private label jewelry, you will get thousands of results.

And you can see useful information about each supplier, including verification status, years in business, MOQ, etc. You have full access to filtering options and results.

But you need to take the time to click and check each jewelry supplier to find out if they can design your own products and the delivery time.

In fact, you may prefer to have a Chinese agent to help you visit these factories on-site in China, or to help you source and inspect the products.

MOQ: Most suppliers have very low minimum order quantities
Shipping: Worldwide

TTT jewelry

TTT jewelry

TTT Jewelry has been a leader in providing private label jewelry services as one of the handmade jewelry drop shippers. Their jewelry is available in 14K, 18K gold, rose gold, solid gold, silver, and rhodium in a variety of color options.

Pick your customers’ favorite items from TTT Jewelry’s extensive inventory of exceptionally handcrafted fashion jewelry and get personalized jewelry designs with your brand logo added to the product. You also get a free custom 3D rendering. As well as free samples.

Working with this jewelry manufacturing company will only support the production costs of the jewelry. But they are not responsible for storing, packaging, and shipping your products. If you need these services, please choose carefully.

Shipping: Worldwide
Delivery time: 2 weeks


Remember to carefully evaluate each manufacturer’s product quality, pricing, and customer service before making your final decision.

For your private label jewelry business, maybe choosing an agent will help a lot. Honest Fulfillment is here.

Procurement services: Our experienced team will source any jewelry product and supplier in China for you. In addition, we ensure that each piece meets your specifications and standards.

Third-Party Logistics: With our reliable third-party logistics solutions, we handle complex order fulfillment and shipping to ensure timely and accurate delivery to customers worldwide.

In addition, we also provide brand packaging, brand promotion, warehousing, and other services.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you build a successful private label jewelry business.

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