5 Best Wholesale Home Decor Suppliers 2023

Want to start dropshipping home decor now? Great!

Americans spend an estimated $185 billion a year on home improvement. Yes, huge! And according to Statista, the value of the home décor market in the United States is expected to reach $202 billion by 2024.

Therefore, having the right supplier is essential if you want to succeed in this market of home décor. It’s not easy, but we can help you.

Trust our top 10 wholesale home decor suppliers list. Now wholesale home decoration products and take advantage of drop shipping service, you can get high-quality products, competitive prices, and more flexible inventory management. This will bring more opportunities and success to your small business or retail business.

Wholesale Home Decor

5 Best Wholesale Home Decor Suppliers

Kole Imports

Kole Imports

Kole Imports is the largest general merchandise wholesaler in the United States. They offer you a wide range of home and household items at the most competitive prices. Their home decor product designs will be more diverse and interesting.

If you are looking for home decoration suppliers in Los Angeles, Kole Imports is the best choice. Because they have a 250,000-square-inch warehouse in Los Angeles. You may also often see them at trade shows in the US.

Kole Imports offers a huge assortment of home goods decor covering wall decorations, vases, clock wall mirrors, decorative stones, and much more.

All of their home decor products are directly imported from overseas manufacturers. And ship goods to the world.

Hill Interiors 

Hill Interiors 

Hill Interiors is one of the UK’s best distributors of wholesale home decor, lighting, and furniture. They have 25 years of experience offering over 2,500 products including lamps, vases, chests of drawers, mirrors, firesides, and artificial flowers to name a few.

Hill Interiors provides drop shipping service, you don’t need to invest in inventory and a warehouse. Some orders have free next-day shipping. They have a reputation for excellent customer service.

Something Different

Something Different

Something Different is one of the UK’s leading wholesale gift and home decor wholesale vendors. No minimum order quantity is their advantage. They have over 22 years of experience serving over 25,000 clients worldwide.

They offer you more than 3000 products including cushions, decorations, wall paintings, mirrors, and door stops. Many of these are exclusive products, designed by their team, so you’ll be constantly replenished with fresh and new products for your store.

Something Different offers dropshipping home decor, just sign up for free. And get 10% off your first order. Their website is easy to use, you can easily connect your Shopify, Amazon, WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, eBay, etc store with them.

Your order is dispatched from Something Different’s UK warehouse, with free UK delivery on orders over £50.

Benzara Inc.

Benzara Inc.

Benzara Inc. is a leading furniture and home decor dropshipping supplier in the United States. They are committed to product quality and offer high-quality stylish coffee tables, bar stools, entertainment consoles, decorative accessories, mirrors, wall decorations, lighting, soft furnishings, and garden and outdoor essentials.

Benzara has a direct sales distribution center in Southern California that can ship your order globally. And free shipping in the US.

Benzara supports a variety of payment methods, including PayPal, all major cards, and more. They also allow returns.

Saffron Fabs Corporation

Saffron Fabs Corporation

Saffron Fabs Corporation is an American manufacturer and distributor of wholesale home decor for retailers. They focus on sustainable and recycled materials, so the products offered are of premium quality.

If you are interested in all kinds of carpets, don’t miss them! Saffron Fabs specializes in offering a wide range of Bath Blankets, Area Rugs, Carpets, and more. You can also dropshipping other home decor products including garden stools, wall clocks, throw pillows, metal furniture, and more.

New product lines are added every month. You can always discover something new.

In addition to helping you purchase these products, Saffron Fabs also provide customized products, warehousing, logistics, and other services.

They support worldwide shipping and offer free shipping on orders over $19.
They don’t say anything about MOQ, you need to sign up to their website and ask.


The key to business success often lies in your partners. Therefore, it is very important to choose a reliable supplier. You may have also discovered that the above wholesale home decor suppliers tend to only specialize in one aspect, so you may sometimes not be able to find the home decor products you want to sell, or you would prefer someone to take care of all these chores for you.

Honest FulPhilment has a professional procurement team that can help you find the products you need on various channels such as Alibaba, AliExpress, and 1688. Also, they help you fulfill orders, and pack, and ship goods.

Wholesale Home Decor FAQ

Which home decor items should I choose for dropship?

From heavy furniture to light decorations, you can drop shipping home decor from a variety of commodities. The following are some product types that are generally popular and have potential in the home decoration market: indoor green plants and flowers, lighting, murals and artworks, curtains, carpets, Cushions, and interior furniture (sofas, furniture, bookshelves, etc.).
In general, it is best not to dropship home decor items that are heavy or fragile (especially if you order from overseas suppliers), instead dropship delicate items in bulk can make you a profit.

Should I choose a domestic home decor supplier or an overseas supplier?

As a home decor dropshipper, you should know that what matters most to you and your customers. Then you need to consider the following:
Delivery time: It takes longer to ship and deliver goods overseas, and overseas shipping is more expensive. If you and your customers prefer fast delivery, don’t think overseas.
Cost and product selection: For example, Chinese suppliers often offer much cheaper products than their own domestic ones. The cost will be greatly reduced. And there are a large number of home decor wholesale suppliers and manufacturers in China, so you have more product choices.

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