Storage & Warehousing

Flexible, safe and cost-effective international storage and warehousing services.

Worldwide Locations

We have a number of warehouses located strategically around the world. Our warehouses are used as an integral part of our 2PL  and 3PL distribution services to reach your customers, wherever they are.

We can arrange for your goods to be shipped in bulk to any of our warehouses, with the same, easy to understand pricing and format, irrespective of location.

Despite the majority of our services being predominantly China-based, it doesn’t stop us from offering you global locations with extreme scalability, all whilst using the same innovative platform, our Honest FulPhilment App[3] .


We have two major warehouses in China, which are used for different purposes.


  • Long-term storage available at cheap rates.
  • Primarily used for B2C operations.


  • Short-term storage.
  • Used to distribute via freight and shipping ot domestic and international locations.

Other Global Locations

We understand the importance of being able to reach your customers quickly, wherever they are in the world. Therefore, we have a wide range of warehouses located across the globe. With over four strategic warehouses in the US alone (west, east, central and south) and other locations all over the world, we offer you access to them, all at your fingertips.

We have very competitive rates irrespective of location, so please get in touch with your requirements and we’ll be more than happy to quote.

All of our locations are insured, have 24/7 security and a WMS where you can see live inventory levels and the location of your goods within the warehouse.

Global Warehouse Locations:

  • North America – US and Canada.
  • Europe – UK, Italy, France, Spain, Ireland, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, Netherlands and Belgium.
  • Asia – China and Japan.
  • Australia

Our Storage Services

Our storage and warehousing facilities offer a wide range of services and benefits. All of our international warehouses are used as 3PL hubs for B2C orders, and although long term storage and warehousing is offered, it isn’t recommended due to the high costs associated with western labour in comparison to Chinese costs.

All of the services we provide in our warehouses are listed below along with services we cannot offer. If you have any questions about how we store your goods, get in touch with our team.

We offer:

  • Short-Term Storage
  • Palleting
  • Labelling
  • Counting
  • Photos
  • Common Cargo Storage
  • Delivery to the Terminal
  • Repacking

We don’t offer:

  • Bonded warehousing
  • Transit or import to China
  • Dangerous cargo
  • Temperature Control
  • Oversized equipment handling
  • Fumigation

Why use Honest FulPhilment as Your Storage and Warehousing Provider?

Global Locations

  • No other fulfilment company has as many global 3PL locations within one platform.

Insured Shipments

  • All shipments are insured and guaranteed. If they do not arrive, are damaged in transit or for any reason not ads per the original specifications, we cover the costs.

Simple English

  • We DO NOT use translation tools! All support is in clear and concise English, from customer service agents and account managers who are qualified and knowledgeable in sourcing and logistics.

If you are interested in our storage and warehousing service, get in touch with our team today.