Online Shipment Tracking Software

Online Shipment Tracking Software

Online Shipment Tracking Software

The shipment tracking software collects data generated by various mail carriers and automatically sends real-time updates on packages to the company and its customers as they are sorted and delivered.

Tracking shipments and proof of delivery are not on the mind of everyone. However, it is just as important as the machines that make the products. Everything in a supply chain needs to be tracked, regardless of its size, value, or function.

Common Features of Shipment Tracking Software

Although the features vary from product to product, the shipment tracking software usually offers some or all of the following features

Delivery RecordVisit shipment processing records that show the locations and time stamps of shipment deliveries. Enable customers to estimate when their shipment will arrive by accessing shipment records.
Status TrackingRetrieve a real-time report on the state of a request, process, or object over time.
Alerts/NotificationsSet automatic alerts/notifications within the system to notify customers of changes or delays in shipment processing.
Website IntegrationIntegrate the system with 3rd party websites to facilitate other business interactions such as customer service efforts, product purchases, etc.
Delivery EstimateReceive notes detailing the expected delivery date and time of customer shipments. Allow customers to access shipment delivery estimates to ensure they receive their package within the estimated delivery window.
17 Track

Like the image above, this order is tracked in 17Track, it can be seen the status is alert. It shows that this parcel is returned to the oversea warehouse, which can be redelivered again.

At Honest Fulfillment, we also will notify the customer when some orders cannot be delivered successfully. If the customer would like a resend, we will confirm the address and notify the related express to redelivery.

Delivery Failed

Benefits of Shipment Tracking Software

  • Improved the speed of shipment rerouting

There are various risk factors that can delay the shipping process when delivering packages to customers. Occasionally, the delivery truck breaks down, is exposed to adverse weather conditions, or gets stuck in traffic. When that happens, the company can ask the shipping company to reroute the package to avoid delivery delays. Freight tracking software enables companies to alert customers of delays and find solutions, such as in-store pickup, to alleviate customer frustration.

  • Increased customer credibility

Those who purchase products online trust e-commerce and shipping companies to ship and deliver their products on time and with little hassle. Shipping tracking software allows companies to alleviate any concerns customers may have during the shipping process by providing customers with real-time updates on the status of their deliveries.

  • Be able to find lost packages

With the help of shipment tracking software can determine the last recorded location of a lost package by the package’s assigned barcode. This feature can save companies revenue by eliminating the need to replace shipments that are believed to be lost. Instead, companies can contact their shipping provider and ask them to locate the package at the last known location.

Shipment Tracking Strategy

It is vital for any company offering secondary transportation services to have a digital tracking system. This enables effective monitoring of shipments both within the company and for all those who enjoy the service. Conversely, sellers using this service will benefit from the opportunity to update their customers in real-time. This will be incredibly reassuring for all buyers waiting for their orders and will also greatly improve their perception of the seller and their delivery experience.

The tracking starts even before the shipment in order to really control the situation when the operator takes over the shipment. Items are assigned their own alphanumeric code so that you can track their location as the order is processed. It’s all about warehouse management software, known as a warehouse management system (WMS). Consequently, two types of tracking information can be distinguished, namely internal (before shipping) and external tracking (once the shipment is generated).

With detailed tracking, you are also able to provide better customer care. By assigning a code to the shipment and automatically synchronizing it, everyone involved will know where the package is and may take the necessary steps to resolve any issues.

Real-time Shipment Tracking

Tracking your goods in real-time has become a necessity for supply chain efficiency and customer satisfaction. That is because the extensive and complex supply chain makes it increasingly difficult to track and trace goods.

Real-time shipment tracking provides the exact location of the transport vehicle or cargo transport at the current (or near current) time. Real-time location data is repeatedly extracted and uploaded to the server after a set number of minutes, hours, or days. By way of instance, if your system is set up to track shipments every two hours, you will at least know where your shipments were less than two hours ago.

Real-time Shipment Tracking

Real-time tracking is exceptionally effective in preventing or detecting theft and understanding and resolving delays and bottlenecks in your supply chain. A periodic status update can alert you to an almost immediate problem so you can respond in a timely manner, which is better than learning about an incident days after it occurs and risking serious consequences.

This is where the best solutions go a step further. Instead, they provide location updates when meaningful events occur, such as cargo unloading events or unexpected stops.
Such a system ensures that you never miss an important event, such as a delivery that occurs between two regular location updates. At the same time, they help avoid prematurely draining the device battery by sending redundant data, such as multiple location updates for stationary vehicles.

At Honest Fulfillment, we also provide online shipment tracking services:

  • End-to-End Shipment Tracking
  • Manage Multiple Shopify Stores
  • Automatic Update of Tracking Numbers
  • Customizable Tracking URLs
  • Selection of 20+ Shipping Services
  • Shipping Charged at Cost Price
  • Fully Automated