What Is After-Sales Service?

What Is After-Sales Service

After-sales service is a variety of service activities provided after the sale of goods. From the point of view of sales work, after-sales service itself is also a means of promotion. In the follow-up stage, salesmen should take various forms of cooperation steps to improve the reputation of the enterprise through after-sales service, expand the market share of products, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of sales work.

What is After-Sales Service?

After-sales service refers to the production enterprises and distributors providing consumers with a series of services after selling products or services to consumers, including product introduction, delivery, installation, commissioning, maintenance, technical training, door-to-door service, etc.

After-sales service is an important measure for product manufacturers to be responsible for consumers, and also to enhance products

One way to compete. After-sales service includes:

  • Install and debug products for consumers;
  • Provide technical guidance on use and other aspects according to consumer requirements
  • Ensure the supply of maintenance parts;
  • Be responsible for maintenance services;
  • “Three guarantees” are implemented for products, namely, guaranteed repair, replacement and return. Now many people think that after-sales service is “three guarantees”, which is a narrow understanding;
  • Handle letters and visits from consumers and answer their inquiries. At the same time, collect consumers’ opinions on product quality in various ways, and make timely improvements according to the situation.
What Is After-Sales Service

What Is The Importance Of After-Sales Service?

With the development of the commodity economy, market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. While consumers’ awareness of rights protection is improving, the public’s consumption concept is also changing. When consumers choose products, they not only pay attention to the quality of the products themselves but also pay more attention to the after-sales service of products when the quality and performance of similar products are similar. In recent years, after-sales service has become more and more important in the whole process of sales.

1. After-sales service is an effective measure to improve customer satisfaction

The purpose of good after-sales service is to improve customer satisfaction, leave a good impression and shopping experience for customers, and ultimately become loyal customers. Therefore, all work should focus on “customer satisfaction”. From the perspective of customers, take the actual needs of customers as the starting point and basis, and strive to meet the needs of customers to the maximum extent in terms of product function, spirit, emotion, and other needs.

2. After-sales service is a powerful guarantee to ensure the rights and interests of consumers

The fundamental purpose of after-sales service is to ensure the rights and interests of consumers. Some customers find all kinds of problems after purchasing the goods, which brings unnecessary troubles to the users. At this time, they need products to help consumers solve these problems. At this time, the necessity of after-sales is fully reflected. When a problem occurs, it is necessary to timely remedy the error, correct the error, and effectively deal with customer complaints and complaints. Therefore, after-sales service measures have become the most effective way to ensure consumers’ rights and interests.

3. After-sales service helps to improve the popularity of the product

Timely installation, replacement, and warranty of the product enable users to feel that the reliability and life of the product can be guaranteed. They can trust the enterprise’s products more, and even become secondary and tertiary buyers; The good after-sales service makes users praise the products. The word of mouth of the products has been greatly improved, and the brand’s popularity has spread widely. This effect is better than advertising.

After-sales service helps to improve the popularity of the product

How To Improve After-Sales Service?

Improving buyer satisfaction can bring extra transactions to buyers, affect the ranking and exposure of products, affect the purchase behavior of other buyers, and also affect the stars and resources of sellers. Therefore, buyer satisfaction is very important to sellers, and after-sales service is an important aspect that affects buyer satisfaction. We will explain how to do a good job in after-sales service from three aspects, To improve buyer satisfaction.

  • A good attitude, tolerance, patience
  • The premise of limited technology
  • Establish customer files
  • Customized after-sales service card
  • Set up Digitaller After-Sales Service
  • Respond quickly to customer’s concerns
  • Sum up experience and lessons


After-sales service work as a service after the product is sold, and this service is related to the subsequent maintenance and improvement of the company’s products and is also an important platform to enhance communication with customers. The quality of after-sales service is directly related to the company’s image and fundamental interests. It also indirectly affects the performance of sales. Therefore, it is important to choose a partner, which is helpful to improve the efficiency of the company.

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