What Does Order Processing Mean?

In modern society where data is increasingly practiced. eCommerce, as one of the fastest-growing industries, is getting more and more attention from people. It is a natural result. But, there are also some people who have little information about order processing, Therefore, I will explain it to you in this article.

What Does Order Processing Mean

What is Order Processing?

Order processing is the process of working from the time a customer places an order to the time a merchant ship it. Order processing is related to whether the order can be completed successfully, and is the most critical and important part of the entire order fulfillment process. An efficient and fast order processing process can help merchants improve customer satisfaction and increase customer retention.

The main steps of order processing:

Order placing

When the merchant receives an order from the customer, the order the management system will automatically receive the order details. The merchant then selects the nearest warehouse based on the delivery address, quantity, and specification of the goods in the order details to ensure that the goods can reach the buyer as soon as possible.

Pick inventory

The process by which an order picker collects a specified number of items for an order according to a pick list or using a barcode. The earlier the order is picked, the sooner the packing and shipping process can be completed.

Sorting and classification

According to different destinations, the selected items will be classified into their respective order areas or batches for packaging and transportation. This is the key to customer satisfaction. The accuracy of the goods and the efficiency of transportation determine the customer’s attitude toward the order.


Refers to the packaging of items in a way that is easy to handle and cost-effective after many considerations. The process may include weighing the package, marking the address, attaching the corresponding delivery instructions, etc.

Order shipping

Deliver the items specified in the order to the customer. In this stage, a reliable tracking system can help enterprises realize real-time monitoring of the order transportation process, which is very important for enterprises.

What is Order Management?

Order management refers to the process of orders managed by enterprises or merchants. Tracking and completing orders, from the time when customers place orders to the time when customers receive packages. In this phase, an order management system helps an enterprise or merchant automate the entire order management process, including order collection, inventory management, shipping visibility, and other related services. So that merchants can easily complete the transaction processing of orders.

What is Order Management

For most businesses, order management is the key to winning the customer’s attention and improving the company’s brand awareness. Because customers have a great independent choice and can choose the order transaction party at will, so for the merchants in the competitive position, whether to enable customers to obtain a relaxed and happy experience in the process of order delivery has become the top priority whether the transaction can be successfully completed.

How to Improve Order Processing?

Through the improvement of transportation function and the optimal choice of transportation cost to achieve the purpose of saving enterprise time and budget cost. Automation greatly improves the efficiency of inventory sorting and transportation, which is the best choice for both merchants and customers.

Through the investigation and analysis of customer archive data and past purchase trends, to achieve the prediction of customer future demand, more targeted and more effective to help merchants to complete the order processing target.

The previous manual process is not only inefficient, the probability of error is too large but also requires extremely high labor costs. While the automatic inventory tracking system improves the efficiency of order processing through good inventory data accuracy, it completely eliminates the margin for error to a large extent and improves customer satisfaction.

Too much or too little inventory will bring certain losses to the enterprise, which shows the importance of inventory control. Proper control of inventory management can fundamentally help enterprises reduce the loss of capital flow.


Order processing is a critical element of order fulfillment. It refers to the workflow that occurs in a warehouse to ensure customer orders are properly prepared and delivered to the right place. While it is possible to improve order processing on manual systems, the technology available today makes this process much easier and more affordable so it is available to companies of all sizes. Accuracy and reliability are other key benefits because they boost customer satisfaction, and customer satisfaction leads to more sales.

To track customer orders, keep continuous contact with loyal customers, help businesses expand their business, and improve service can’t just talk and not just marketing gimmicks. If You want more information about order processing, you can contact us!

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