What is the Dropshipping platform?

Trading using the Dropshipping platform is a very popular shopping model today. E-commerce companies sell goods on Dropshipping platforms, but e-commerce companies usually do not need to store goods. They do not need to buy the goods and put them in the warehouse. After receiving an order from a consumer on the Dropshipping platform, the e-commerce company sends the order directly to the manufacturer or wholesaler. The manufacturer or wholesaler packs the goods for the consumer, and ships the goods—the consumer purchases the goods at retail price minus the manufacturer’s or wholesaler’s wholesale price. The e-commerce company and the Dropshipping platform make a profit from the difference in price.

Best Free Dropshipping Platform in 2022

What is the Dropshipping platform


WooCommerce accounts for nearly 27% of the market for all Dropshipping E-commerce Platforms. Since WooCommerce is free and so easy to use, it is very widely used. It is very easy to install even for non-technical specialists. There are many stores on WooCommerce, which provides a great platform for everyone.

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Shopify is also one of the most e-commerce platforms. Shopify accounts for nearly 20% of the market of all Dropshipping E-commerce platforms. Shopify has many e-commerce stores and dropshipping sites. For users who are technically challenged, Shopify is one of the most used e-commerce platforms that they choose to use.

Shopify makes it easy to help users organize their information. This makes it easier for users to use and clearly understand many details. In addition, Shopify offers a chat service. This helps users to communicate more conveniently and in order to solve problems.

However, there is no charge for the first 6 months of using Shopify. But after these six months, continued use of Shopify requires the purchase of a plan, priced from $29 to $299.

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Amazon is a very famous Dropshipping E-commerce Platform. There are many e-commerce businesses, and brand companies that are using Amazon.

Amazon is friendly to new users. Amazon prepares promotions for them, stores products for free, and so on. Amazon provides a good service to make merchants feel more satisfied. For example, Amazon has a very good return system. In addition, it will remind the merchant of the stock level of the product. Amazon also provides a chat service at any time to help customers solve problems, and bring a better consumer experience.

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Honest Fulphilment

Honest Fulphilment provides a great platform for e-commerce merchants. Honest Fulphilment is focused on providing excellent service and lower prices.

Honest FulPhilment is widely used because it offers great services, as well as it can be very convenient and easy to use. In addition, they strictly control the quality. Honest FulPhilment has long-term and stable cooperation with many e-commerce companies. It is a very trustworthy platform. Click here to learn more.

Best Dropshipping Platform for Beginners

Best Dropshipping Platform for Beginners

How a newcomer should start using Honest Fulphilment and where to start creating it. In fact, it is very easy for new users to use Honest Fulphilment and does not require specialized skills. We need to log in from the application and register an account.

Connect with Honest Fulphilmen for more information, click here.

In a word. Dropshipping e-commerce platform is widely used and becoming more and more popular. E-commerce companies sell to customers at a single price and buy from manufacturers or wholesalers at wholesale prices. In addition, e-commerce companies do not need to prepare warehouses to store their goods. The e-commerce company receives the customer’s order on Dropshipping e-commerce platform and packs the goods directly from the manufacturing factory and ships the goods to the customer.

Honest Fulphilment is a platform that gives people peace of mind when they use it. Also, it offers great services to users, such as the ability to contact Honest Fulphilment in a timely way, which can solve problems faster. In addition, Honest Fulphilment also provides a lower price and peace of mind for quality. Click here for more information.

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