How to Test Products for Dropshipping?

Many dropshipping sellers think that there is no need to test products, and instead promote directly.

After losing a lot of money and time, they found that not only were there no sales, but they needed to replace new products again.

If you’re looking to start a dropshipping business, you should take the time to thoroughly test products before selling them to your customers.

But you may be at a loss as to how to test products for dropshipping. We created this page to help your store choose winning products. Continue to follow.

Test Products for Dropshipping

Briefly review the dropshipping model mentioned earlier.

Dropshipping is a very low-cost e-commerce retail model. Retailers do not need inventory but send customer orders and shipping details to suppliers, who send goods directly to the final customers.

If you want to start a dropshipping business, you must first think about what products to sell. And the best way to product selection is to test products.

Test products are to select several products in your store for various tests, use data to speak, keep the best and most profitable products from customers, and eliminate other unsuitable products.

Benefits of Testing Products

You have to be careful with the product. Imagine a product whose quality you don’t even know, how can you ensure that it will be welcomed by customers? Unproven products may sell, but sales are dangerous.

Therefore test products are crucial. It costs far less than you would spend promoting a product but gets more visible results.

Determine product qualityIf the quality of the product is not good, everything else is in vain. Testing the product lets you know if the goods you are getting from your suppliers are of acceptable quality. Good quality products can attract customers without marketing.
Meet customer expectationsIn product testing, you can clearly see who is your target audience. For those who are not interested in your product, you can understand their needs. Then improve the product to meet the needs and expectations of customers more.

In short, the purpose of testing products is to understand the needs of potential customers, so that you can find more valuable products and the most profitable products, so as to obtain greater profits.

What Steps should you Follow While Testing Products?

Define your niche market

You have to first determine what type of product you want to sell. For example, you are going to sell cosmetics or electronic products. After the niche market is selected, choose different items of this type of product.

On how to find the right niche market.

Finding your products

After the product type is determined, it is necessary to find out the different products of the subdivision. How to find these products? You can search for your product type on large shopping websites such as Amazon and AliExpress, and then pick the items and suppliers that satisfy you.

Finding a third-party provider is also a good option. They have enough experience and professional procurement personnel to know which products have potential and can help you purchase the most suitable and affordable products for you.

Building an online storefront

You can create and design a website yourself, which can be labor-intensive. There is an easier way to start an online store directly on a well-established dropshipping platform.

Shopify is most commonly used by dropshipping sellers. It offers both free and premium themes.

WooCommerce can also be used to set up a shop. It can turn any WordPress site into a full-fledged eCommerce store.

Making product catalogs

Create a list of all products in your store. In this way, customers can clearly know and click in to understand the products your store is selling. Product listings contain information such as product names, prices, and product images.

Finding the right supplier

The quality of your suppliers can determine the success of your dropshipping. Finding a good supplier can save you a lot of money in addition to providing quality products and services.

Add and promote your products

After adding products to your store, use a variety of methods to promote all of your selected products. Such as Facebook, Google Ads, and TikTok. Click here for specific promotion methods.

Then, referring to the traffic and click data of the promotion, you can clearly analyze whether these products are potential explosive models or junk models. You just need to give up the eliminated models.

Best Practices to Test Dropshipping Products

Collect real-time dataHow do you know if your chosen product is popular among customers? You need to collect data. Read on where to collect:
Use tools

Like Google Trends. Enter your product keywords, and you can view the search trends related to this product in recent months or even weeks. You can also see where your products are most popular.

Use social media

Search for products you sell on social media (Facebook/TikTok/Instagram). You can see how many times the product was mentioned and how many people were searching for it.

Inviting customers to check your product for freeRecall, have you ever seen a free cake-tasting event on the roadside or in a shopping mall? They are testing new products. You can do the same.
Invite customers to use your product for free, just to give you feedback on their experience. After you collect this information, you can see whether customers are satisfied with your products. If the response is very good, you can promote this product.
Trying to take pre-ordersIf you don’t want to rush into the market and waste money, you can try to pre-order. You can launch several pre-order products in the store so that you have enough time to see the customer’s reaction to the product.
A higher number of pre-orders means a higher demand for the product. If the number of orders is small, you can also give up or try other methods.
Early release of your productsThis strategy is suitable for sellers of private-label stores. Like many large companies, they will conduct a trial launch before the product is launched. After collecting market data in real time, they decide whether to invest funds in the product. This way more wrong decisions can be avoided.
Making more efforts in marketingTest what customers will be interested in your product, and then start to put money into it.
The following two channels are suitable for your marketing.

Different Channels for Testing Products

It is more accurate to use different testing channels to measure the success of the product.
Test products on Facebook

Create a Page Post Engagement (PPE) ad on Facebook. Advertisements can be shown to potential customers and interact with your brand.

PPE is relatively cheap, about $5 for 1000 impressions.
The fastest way to test your product.
There is a difference between engagement and conversion rates.
Not everyone who interacts with your ad will buy from your store.
Test products on Instagram

The best way to do this is to partner with influencers. But how do you find influencers? This can be a little tricky. We tried several methods:

You can find influencers in related fields by searching keywords of your own brand or product. For example, if you sell cosmetics, then you have to find beauty bloggers.
You can pay attention to the influencers that your competitors cooperate with, and try to contact and cooperate with them.

Here I need to emphasize:

Which accounts you find, in addition to the high number of followers, the participation rate of their followers is also high. Only in this way can the traffic be converted into real orders.
Don’t let multiple influencers test your product at the same time, or you won’t know which one generated the order for you.
Test products with Google Shopping Ads

The best way to test dropshipping products on Google is to use Google Shopping Ads. It’s great for driving convertible traffic. By allowing retailers to advertise their products to searchers in a visually appealing way.

You must have seen the Google Shopping page. As shown below, each Google Shopping ad includes an image, product name, price, and retailer name.

Test products with Google Ads

When someone searches for a product you sell, Google can show relevant Shopping ads for your product. and placed at the top of the search results. If a user clicks on your ad, Google will take her to the product page. Therefore you need to pay attention to:

Even if the product you are testing is not yet on the market, you should have each product page set up. In this way, users will have a detailed understanding of your product when they click in.

More and more retailers are shifting advertising budgets from Google search ads to shopping ads. Why? Think about it, if you want to buy a pair of heated boots, would you rather click on a shopping ad with a picture to display it than a search ad with a lot of text descriptions? Therefore, the advantages of shopping ads over search ads are obvious:

Shopping ads are more intuitive and visible than Google AdWord.
Shopping ads dominate the search results, while search ads are pushed further down the page.
The click-through rate and conversion rate of shopping ads are much higher. Their visual format attracts most of the clicks. And more clicks means more profit.
Test products on TikTok

Test products on TikTok are cheaper than on Facebook. There are generally three types: Open screen Ads, In-stream ads, and brand takeover ads.

The most popular of these are in-stream ads. Refers to interspersed and pushed advertising videos during the process of users swiping videos. Videos primarily showcase your products and or services. And there are words such as “Shop Now” at the bottom of the video to induce users to click on the pop-up link. But this does not mean that you will be successful, you still need to understand more strategies for testing products on TikTok. Click to learn more.


Dropshipping model is great for quickly testing product ideas. Depending on the results of the test to decide whether to continue selling the product can save you valuable money later.

If you think you have found a successful product and are looking for a supplier, Honest FulPhilment can meet your needs. We make sure you only sell winning dropshipping products. Please feel free to contact us.

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