Most Profitable Office Supplies Dropshipping In 2022

Most Profitable Office Supplies Dropshipping In 2022

Office supplies refer to a series of auxiliary tools used in people’s daily work. It has many classifications, including stationery and office supplies, desktop supplies, office furniture and equipment, consumables, financial supplies and other work-related items.

In recent years, the rise of home office, mobile office and other office models has stimulated the rapid growth of the demand for overseas office supplies. The data shows that the global office supplies market value capacity in 2021 have reached an amazing $252.6 billion, and will maintain a sustained rapid growth of $6-7 billion annually until 2024. Big industry and large market, office supplies is undoubtedly a super big blue ocean with great attraction! This article will help you select the most profitable office supplies dropshipping for this year.

What Makes Office Supplies a Profitable Niche in Dropshipping?

What Makes Office Supplies a Profitable Niche in Dropshipping
What Makes Office Supplies a Profitable Niche in Dropshipping

1. Home Office

With the rise of the home office trend, office supplies have gained popularity this year. It is impossible for people to move everything in the office home. For those who live at home, it is the best choice to buy these office supplies online. This is why you must dropship these products in your online store.

2. Market Demand

Office supplies are often needed in our life, whether at school, at home, in the office or in the enterprise, so there is a great demand for them. And because many office supplies are consumables, people need to buy them repeatedly. Moreover, with the diversification of office methods in recent years, various new types of office supplies have emerged. Many office supplies have low cost, large demand and many kinds, which makes it a profitable direct marketing niche market.

The Most Profitable Office Supplies Dropshipping in 2022

1. Folding knee table

The Most Profitable Office Supplies Dropshipping in 2022

You can use it to accompany you when you are sitting on the sofa or sitting on the balcony in the sun. You can put your computer on it, or you can have a cup of coffee. This office supplies is very suitable for people who work at home now. It is a good niche that you can never miss.

2. Cable Manager

The Most Profitable Office Supplies Dropshipping in 2022

This product is a good business opportunity. Does it bother you that all kinds of electrical plugs on the office desk are intertwined? Are you more anxious when your mobile phone has no power but can’t find the charging cable? This product will help you solve the problem. For sellers, Cable Manager has huge market potential. It is small in size, low in cost, and convenient for delivery. It is very suitable for sellers who have just entered the office supplies industry to dropship.

The Most Profitable Office Supplies Dropshipping in 2022

3. Office footrest

The Most Profitable Office Supplies Dropshipping in 2022

Office footrest is a relatively new type of office supplies. That means its competitiveness is small. This product can be used both at home and in the office. For those who sit at their desks for a long time, office footrest will make their work process more comfortable. I recommend that sellers can start with this product. It has a large profit margin, and you can market it through the Internet. Now is a good time.

4. Paper clips and binder clips

The Most Profitable Office Supplies Dropshipping in 2022

This paper clip looks small and inconspicuous, but it is often used in office. Like those A4 papers, you can use them to store them together. But I suggest that you should sell it together with other products to save freight, because it is too light.

5. Document box

The Most Profitable Office Supplies Dropshipping in 2022

For students and office workers, the most troublesome thing is to sort out some documents and materials. Put this product in your store, and many people will buy it without marketing. Because everyone needs the storage box too much. What are you hesitating about such low cost and high sales products?

How to Sell Office Supplies Online?

How to sell office supplies online

I offer you three steps:

  • To create an online store, you can use Shopify
  • Choose the office supplies you want to dropship
  • Find a reliable dropshipping supplier

Honest FulPhilment can help you dropship office supplies.

How to sell office supplies online

We know that you may want to dropship these products, but you can’t stand so many complicated sales processes. Honest FulPhilment can provide you with a series of services to simplify your whole process.

We can not only help you find the office supplies you want in China, but also help you ship these products directly to your customers. There is also the problem of inventory and packaging. We provide free inventory management, quality inspection, brand packaging and a series of global order fulfillment.


Since the epidemic will not disappear in recent years, working from home will only become more and more popular, and the market for office products will continue to expand. If you are interested in the above products and want to sell them, contact us as soon as possible to seize the market opportunity. Honest FulPhilment will give you the best fulfillment service.

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