What is Fulfillment Status

What is Fulfillment Status

Fulfillment Status

A vital aspect of e-commerce, fulfillment status shows the state of orders. 

The term fulfillment status indicates the processing and shipping status of an order. While there are different stages of fulfillment status, “Fulfilled” means that the order has been shipped, while “Unfulfilled” means that the order has not yet been shipped. Similarly, if an order is “Fulfilled”, it means that processing has been completed or is in progress and the order is currently waiting to be shipped.

The order fulfillment process typically involves the steps below:

What does Unfulfilled Mean in Shipping

Fulfillment status ‘unfulfilled’ means the order has not been shipped yet. It may mean pending payment or pending.

If your order status is currently “Unfulfilled”, this means we have received your order and it is currently awaiting picking and packing by our Warehouse Team. Once your order has been shipped, you’ll receive a shipping confirmation email with your tracking information, and your order status will update to “Fulfilled.”

order status

What does Fulfillment Mean

Fulfillment, is the process of preparing and delivering customer orders.

The process of fulfilling customer orders is often handled by e-commerce companies and small businesses, which often entrust this aspect of their business to companies that specialize in fulfillment, although catalog companies and large enterprises are usually capable of handling the fulfillment of customer orders themselves.

The Process of Fulfillment

The delivery of a customer’s order often involves more than simply putting it in a box and dropping it off at the post office. The fulfillment company is responsible for:

  • Warehousing, or storage of products or their components
  • Producing or assembling products, such as copying pages of file folders or copying CDs to be mailed
  • Packing orders in envelopes or boxes
  • Labeling orders for shipping
  • Using a major carrier, such as FedEx, UPS, or the U.S. Postal Service, for shipping
  • Notifying customers via email that their order is on its way
  • Processing payments and transferring funds to the business

We provide eCommerce fulfillment solutions for a range of companies ranging from world-leading eCommerce businesses to small independent drop shippers. Our purpose is to provide comprehensive eCommerce fulfillment solutions tailored to your specific requirements. All of our eCommerce fulfillment services are fully scalable and flexible, enabling our services to adapt to your growing business. By tailoring our services directly to your needs, we have the ability to adapt and alter in line with your business needs. 

Fulfillment Status

  • Fulfilled: When you ship a complete order, it is labeled as fulfilled.
  • Unfulfilled: When you place an order, it is described as unfulfilled.
  • Partially fulfilled: If you shipped some but not all parts in order, it is described as partially fulfilled.
  • Pending shipment: When your order has been put in the queue to be shipped (but hasn’t shipped yet).

Order Fulfillment Settings

  • Autofulfill orders

Automatic fulfillment is the most effortless way to fulfill your orders. If the “AutoFulfill” feature is activated, our Honest Fulfillment app will process orders automatically at 8:00 a.m Beijing time EVERY DAY. And if any new orders sync to the app after 8:00, they will be processed the next day.

  • Manually fulfill orders

If the auto fulfill is not activated, we can also fulfill your orders manually. If some orders auto fulfills fail due to out-of-stock or lack of bill, we will manually fulfill it.

  • Fulfill part of an order

We can fulfill your orders partially if there are some items the customer do not want or one of the item is out of stock.

What does Pending Fulfillment Status Mean

As you check the status of your order, it is in the “Pending Fulfillment” status, at Honest Fulfillment, it simply means that the logistics warehouse has not yet started the process of fulfilling the order. Pending Fulfillment means that the process involves picking and packing the items on your order into boxes ready for shipment. When this process is complete, the order is given a shipment number and is ready to be dispatched. When this happens, the status will change from ” Pending Fulfillment” to ” Shipped”.

Pending Fulfillment Status

Partial Fulfillment Status

A “partially Fulfilled” fulfillment status indicates that only a portion of the order or product has been shipped to the customer. It is possible that your order contains products that are not shipped together. In this case, you may see that the order is partially completed. This means that some part of your overall order has been completed and we are still working on another shipment of the same order.

As always, we try to make sure you get everything you order, however, in some cases you will see that your order may be partially fulfilled. This typically means that all of your items will not be shipped because one or more items in our warehouse are no longer in stock. If this happens, this order will be split or shipped when there is more inventory. A split order is when something available in the order is picked and packaged into a package and shipped to you, then you can see the tracking information on our app or our Honest Support will update it for you. The remaining balance (out-of-stock items) will be fed back into our system and refunded to you in the original payment method. Or you can choose to order more inventory to keep the order.

What does Fulfilled Mean in E-commerce?

When you fulfill an order in Honest Fulfillment, you begin the process of sending the order to the customer. When their items have been delivered and successfully signed for, the fulfillment status of the order is shown as fulfilled on the order page.

Fulfilled Meaning

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