9 Best Dropshipping Products During Brazilian Carnival In 2023

The Best Products And Suppliers During Brazilian Carnival to Dropship In 2023

The Brazilian Carnival is coming! Entering the eCommerce market now and dropshipping in Brazil can be beneficial!

As the South American e-commerce market has matured in recent years, it has maintained a double-digit growth trend. And according to Google Trends, search interest in South America has remained high in the past two years. Especially this year, and continues to show an upward trend.

So why should you dropship to Brazil?

Brazil is the largest country in South America, with a total population of 215 million, ranking seventh in the world. The market potential is huge. At the same time, the competition in Brazil as a blue ocean market is not so fierce, and it is a new choice for e-commerce. And there are as many as 150 million Internet users in Brazil, and they spend an average of more than 9 hours a day surfing the Internet.

Judging from the scale of the Brazilian online shopping market, most Brazilian consumers are young and have strong spending power. They have a huge demand for “high quality and low price” Chinese-made products. And 71% of Brazilian online shoppers have purchased products from China in the last year.

So dropshipping sellers now is the time to shift your profits to Brazil. This page finds the most popular products for your online store to dropship during Brazilian Carnival.

Dropshipping During Brazilian Carnival

Top Selling Product Niche in Brazil

Electronic Products
Household Products
Kitchen Supplies
Health and Beauty
Fashion Accessories

Challenges of Dropshipping in Brazil

But there are indeed some people who worry that dropshipping in Brazil cannot be so successful. Well, let’s explain the challenges that dropshipping needs to overcome in Brazil, and how to solve them.

Local language

Most South Americans speak Spanish and Portuguese. English is rarely used. Therefore, it is necessary to send emails to customers in these two languages, and the probability of getting a reply is far greater than that in English. At the same time, on the packaging, you can also design and customize the packaging according to the requirements of the local packaging language. This will get you more repeat customers.

Payment method

Brazilian businessmen prefer to use L/C, and they can also do T/T after they are familiar with it. But now, with the development of e-commerce, online payment PayPal has also become popular in Brazil.

Brazilians like to bargain

Brazilian customers are generally good at haggling, so we need to be patient in our communication.

Logistics and transportation

Product delivery time was a challenge. South American e-commerce logistics has always had the problem of difficult customs clearance and long delivery cycles. This makes customers wait longer to receive the product. And the transportation cost is relatively high. Therefore, it is very important to solve the last-mile service. You can now choose to cooperate with a third-party logistics provider to solve this problem.

Best Dropshipping Products During Brazilian Carnival

Bluetooth Earphone

Brazilian buyers are very willing to buy consumer electronics. They also like to exercise, so lightweight Bluetooth headsets are very popular. The Bluetooth design of this bone-conduction headset is very ingenious. Hang directly on the ear without wearing it on the ear, which will make the user feel more comfortable and painless. Suitable for fitness, and running.

Bluetooth Earphone
Selling Price: $32.99 at Amazon, $74.72 at Mercado livre.
Cost price: Around $5-10
Wireless Bluetooth, stable connection.
Noise reduction, high-quality call experience.
Wireless Bluetooth, stable connection.
The sound quality is not as good as ordinary Bluetooth headsets.

If your users don’t like earplugs or have sensitive ears, this is definitely the product for them. At the same time, the competition for low unit prices of electronic products during Brazilian Carnival is already very fierce. Therefore, we recommend that you private label dropshipping.

Mini Projector for Home Theater

Relevant data show that in October 2022, sales of projectors in Brazil will increase by 104% year-on-year. Therefore, it is definitely profitable to sell projectors during the Brazilian Carnival.

According to the different advantages of the projector, we recommend this mini projector, which is small and portable. And with the best budget. Low noise dual stereo speakers with excellent sound quality, loud and clear. It allows users to enjoy a fun outdoor home theater. It can also provide a large-screen gaming experience.

Mini Projector
Brightness: 7500 lumens
Screen: 170-inch large projection screen
Lifespan: over 15 years
Product Weight: 2.87 lbs
Dimensions: 7.7 x 6 x 2.7 inches
Selling Price: $89.99 on Amazon
Cost price: Around $35-50
Mini size, easy to carry
Support multi-device connection
55,000 hours LED bulb life
Double upgrade of color and brightness
The effect is average in a bright room.

This mini projector is perfect if you are on a tight budget but want to choose something with the best features. You can record a video about the product and post it on TikTok for marketing. Note, however, that purple and yellow are avoided throughout the picture: this is a Brazilian no-no.

Baking Gloves Oven Gloves

The demand for kitchen supplies in Brazil is growing very large. Among them, baking tools are very popular. Then these Baking Gloves are perfect during the Brazilian Carnival.

It is resistant to high temperatures and can withstand up to 800 degrees. Strong fire and flame retardant properties. It can be used in a kitchen microwave oven, barbecue, high temperature, and cold environment.

Selling Price: $117.34 at Mercado livre.
Cost price: $5-6
The surface is made of environmentally friendly silicone, which is non-toxic and non-slip.
Hook design, convenient storage, prevent bacteria growth.
Only one size fits all

Every February, fanatical Brazilians begin to prepare for the Brazilian Carnival festival. So you can start stocking up right now.

Silicone Cupcake Molds

It is top selling on the local e-commerce platform in Brazil. It is a set of 12 molds, suitable for making cakes, muffins, and more. Made of high-quality silicone, it can be in direct contact with food. Can also be used for parties and events, great for the Brazilian Carnival.

Silicone Cupcake Molds
Selling Price: $26.59 at Mercado livre, $8.48 at Amazon.
Cost price: $2
100% full silicone, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.
Temperature resistance between -40°C and +230°C.
Easy to demould
Dishwasher safe
Difficult to clean.

Hair Straightener Comb

Hair straightening comb is one of the favorite products of Brazilians. Because of their curly hair, this quick and easy way to create a super straight hairstyle is very popular with them. This straightening comb combines a comb and a straightener. Small enough to take anywhere.

Hair Straightener Comb
Selling Price: $49.99 at Amazon
Cost price: Around $10-18
PTC heating technology reduces heat damage by 50%.
5 heat settings for different hair types.
Rapid heating in 20 seconds.
Can not freely set the temperature.

If you’re looking for a good hair straightening product, this is it. We recommend that you use Facebook as the main promotion platform for this product. Because Brazilians are very keen on social media and spend an average of 3 hours and 43 minutes per day on social media. Social media marketing should be the focus of your promotion.

Electric toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes have always been the best-selling products in e-commerce. And this electric toothbrush is the best seller on Mercado liver, the e-commerce shopping platform that Brazilian consumers love most. It is popular for its powerful ultrasonic technology, which makes the teeth get a thorough cleaning and provides a better brushing experience.

It has a total of 5 cleaning modes, which can be freely selected. Four hours of charging can last for 30 days. Also comes with a portable storage case, perfect for traveling. And a built-in 2-minute smart timer, which can remind you to change the brushing area, is suitable for sensitive teeth.

Electric toothbrush
Selling Price: $241.98 at Mercado livre
Cost price: Around $10-12
The waterproof level is up to IPX7, which can be used in the shower.
USB charging. Amazing battery life.
Various brush head configuration options.
No charger included

The positive reviews of this product are as high as 4.7 points on AliExpress, which is very important. Because Brazilian consumers place great emphasis on product reviews. Also, maintain reviews for your dropshipping store. This can be an advantage for your sales.

False Eyelashes

Brazilians love exaggerated and bold beauty looks. Therefore, selling beauty products is a very good direction. These exaggerated magnetic false eyelashes are the perfect look. It’s long-wearing and gives you sexy, glamorous eyes. It is Top selling on Honest FulPhilment, Amazon, and AliExpress.

False Eyelashes
Selling Price: $10-30
Cost price: Around $2
Waterproof and antifouling.
Easy to remove.
Not suitable for those with sensitive eyes.


Because most of Brazil is located in the tropics, sunscreen products are very popular in Brazil. At the same time, glasses are a hot-selling category in Brazilian Carnival. We chose these polarized sports sunglasses.

It has 12 different color options, and the overall style is more European and American, which is more in line with Brazilian aesthetics. It is the perfect choice for users to enjoy sun protection, fishing, outings, motorcycle and bicycle driving, outdoor sports, etc.

Selling Price: $21.99 at Amazon
Cost price: Around $3-8
Polarized coated lenses, effectively block harmful rays.
Soft adjustable rubber nose pads, non-slip.
Only one size fits all

If you have other ideas for glasses products but can’t find the best dropshipping suppliers in Brazil, you can contact Honest FulPhilment. We will source for you and offer free quotations. But remember the Brazilian preference: trendy and cool.

Women’s Clothing

Brazilian women dress with very bold and sexy personalities. That’s why we’ve chosen clothes that flatter your figure, which will be more popular with them.

This sleeveless printed dress has a stylish design. Polyester fabric for next-to-skin comfort. Available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Women's Clothing
Selling Price: $136.97
Cost price: Around $7

It’s summer in Brazil right now, but you can’t go wrong if you’re also prepping fall clothes in advance. Also note that overall clothing sizes in Brazil tend to run large, make this clear with your supplier.


Start dropshipping in Brazil now, and you will be absolutely competitive. Everything has just begun.

With the dropshipping business model, you have no risk. You don’t need any investment, but you may usher in new millions of sales.

Worry about the dual issues of product sourcing and order fulfillment? This is exactly what Honest FulPhilment needs to exist.

Now you can completely leave it to us to solve these. We provide a complete fulfillment solution for you to ship to Brazil. We have warehouses in 13 countries around the world, which can guarantee the delivery of products within the time you are satisfied with. Anyway please contact us immediately.

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