What Is Reverse Dropshipping

What Is Reverse Dropshipping

What Is Reverse Dropshipping?

Reverse Dropshipping

Dropshiping can be defined as shipping products from Asian countries with low-price and low quality to countries like US and European countries while keeping a profit margin. So, let’s reverse it. Reverse dropshipping is shipping height-price and height-quality products from western countries to Asian countries.

Both dropshipping and reverse dropshipping involve accepting orders from customers and then sending them to a dropshipping supplier or manufacturer to fulfill the order.

The key difference is that regular dropshipping typically involves ordering each product from a country such as China or India and then sending it to a customer in the United States or Europe. Reverse drop shipping involves a customer in a country such as India or Thailand ordering a product from the U.S. or Europe.

On the surface, this may not seem like the most lucrative idea. However, there is a large amount of money concentrated in the traditional exporting countries. Many of them are looking for products from the United States and Europe or Canada because these products are considered better than what they can buy in their countries.

Pros of Reverse Dropshipping

Higher Profit Margins

One of the most attractive benefits of reverse dropshipping is that the profit margins are higher than traditional models. You may not believe it, but middle and upper-class individuals in countries outside of Europe, the United States, and Canada are often willing to pay way more than what you would for the same new product. In many cases, this is due to the fact they are already paying more for American and European products. Taxes, tariffs, and higher shipping costs, as well as higher markups, lead to them paying more for the same product. 

Simply put, by reverse dropshipping, you will be selling high-quality goods in smaller quantities in a high-demand country. This means you will have a wider market reach, so your profit margins will be higher as well.

Higher Profit Margins

Lower Competition

Because fewer people ship to these countries, there will be less competition. Most businesses that ship to major exporting countries will be larger importers or big box retailer types. However, as a reverse drop shipper, you have an advantage over them because your overhead is lower.

Larger companies will only be able to import the most popular products. This leaves a gap in the market for less in-demand products.

Effortless Return Process

Another major benefit of reverse dropshipping is that you will be exposed to suppliers with good return policies. Return policies have always been a concern for many suppliers and returns can be easy with reverse dropshipping. Often, reverse dropshipping suppliers in the US or Europe will offer a good return policy to make returns easy for their customers. So working with a supplier that offers a good return, exchange, and refund policy is a big benefit.

Effortless Return Process

Widenable Operations

With the reverse dropshipping model, you can work with top suppliers to fulfill your orders in a timely manner. Your suppliers are responsible for sourcing, picking, packing, and shipping. This makes it easier for you to grow your business operations quickly.

Cons of Reverse Dropshipping

Diverse Market Conditions

One of the biggest problems with reverse dropshipping is that it can be difficult to sell the best dropshipping products in foreign countries. While e-commerce PPC may work in your country, it may not work in other countries. They may also use different social media platforms, or there may be a language barrier. You need to understand the market you are expanding into, their unique needs, and any cultural differences that will affect your product sales. You may need to create some dropshipping jobs and hire locals in the areas you want to sell to help you achieve this more easily.

One way to alleviate this problem is to invest in affiliate marketing with reverse dropshipping and have influencers and bloggers in your target market help drive traffic to your site. The best dropshipping sites do the same thing, they need to have enough visitors to expand their visibility. This is crucial if your business is going to be successful.

Obstacles To Entry

Unfortunately, there are a few hurdles when trying to reverse drop shipping.

First, many countries have very strict requirements on what products are allowed to be sold and who can sell them. Importing certain products, such as electronics, food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals, can be regulated in the market you are looking at. Therefore, if you want to sell food, wine, and baked goods online, the reverse dropshipping model is probably not the right choice, and choosing it is one of the mistakes of many dropshipping beginners.

Second, logistics can be difficult. While international shipping is easier than ever, it’s still much more complicated than domestic shipping. Whether your supplier uses bulk shipping or handles order fulfillment for each order, there is a good chance that these products will be held up at international borders, making it difficult to get the product to your customers in a timely manner. This can certainly cause problems for your reverse dropshipping team.

Tariffs May be Objectionable

In many countries, you will be dealing with taxes and tariffs. This is especially true in exporting countries with heavy protectionist policies to protect local manufacturers.

Before doing business in any country, you need to speak with an accountant and a lawyer. These local experts can help you get started the right way and make sure you don’t run afoul of local laws that could lead to your package being seized by customs.


Reverse dropshipping is a relatively new business model for many D2C sellers. It is a business model where high-quality products are sourced from countries that usually import products and are sold in countries that usually export them. With this model, you can start selling products in a vast market with little to no competition, but you should not forget the difficulty of starting such a business.

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