What Does Pending Fulfillment Mean? Everything You Need To Know Here!

Pending Fulfillment has a specific meaning in e-commerce.

Pending Fulfillment usually means that the invoice has not been sent, or that the actual fulfillment process has started but is not yet completed. At this stage, the company has received your order and accepted fulfillment, however, it is waiting for the order to be processed. This means that the picking and packing process has not been completed, so one of the teams is currently picking up from the designated location, or is about to be picked up.

Order Pending Fulfillment

You may also hear the term Awaiting Fulfillment quite often when it comes to e-commerce fulfillment. No doubt or worry, “pending” means precisely the same as “waiting”. There is not much difference between its fulfillment update aspects, a lot of e-commerce Carriers like and tend to use these terms interchangeably.

If you see “Awaiting Fulfillment” or “Pending Fulfillment,” it boils down to the same thing: your package hasn’t arrived because it hasn’t been filled with everything you ordered, and the company isn’t ready to deliver it Give it to a shipping partner or have one of them pick it up.

Understanding Order Status: Pending Fulfillment

When you check the status of your order, it is in the “Pending Fulfillment” status, which means that the warehouse logistics has not started the order fulfillment process. Pending Fulfillment means the fulfillment process of picking and packing the items on the customer’s order.

Order Status You Need to Know Besides Pending

Submitted for FulfillmentThis means that your order is fulfilled and the actual fulfillment and delivery of your order take place in the fulfillment center, the stage before waiting for fulfillment.
Pending/Awaiting FulfillmentAfter the order is submitted for fulfillment, the logistics company must take it and accept it. Waiting or waiting to fulfill also indicates that your order has been added to the queue along with other pending orders.
Partially Shipped and ShippedOnly some of the items in the order have shipped. This is because the customer only needs part of the goods first or wants part of the goods to arrive early, so they need to ship in batches.
DeliveryWhen your order status shows completed or delivered, the carrier has delivered the package and the product has been delivered to the buyer, indicating that you have received the item ordered online. If your order status shows delivered but you have not received the item package, please contact the carrier or the merchant where you placed the order. Make sure it’s not being sent to the wrong address.

How Long does Pending Fulfillment Take?

Typically, 48-72 hours is the time required for other companies to wait for fulfillment. You will receive an email when the order fulfillment process is complete and the order has shipped. You will also receive tracking information for your order.


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Pending Fulfillment FAQ

Does fulfillment mean delivered?

Why does awaiting fulfillment take so long?

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