7 Steps To Improve Your E-commerce Order Fulfillment Process

Do you understand the eCommerce order fulfillment process? And why implement order fulfillment? Think of it this way, most customers generally expect their orders to arrive quickly and in high-quality condition. So to guarantee that customers receive their items with few issues, it is best to implement an efficient order fulfillment process. This involves following a seven-step process to ensure that you correctly fulfill your customers’ orders from start to finish.

Order Fulfillment procedure

In the previous article, we learned what order fulfillment is.

Order fulfillment in the most general sense refers to the series of steps from receiving a customer order to delivering the product. The order fulfillment process is the complete process that involves receiving inventory, warehousing, picking, packaging, shipping items, and even processing returns.

Don’t underestimate its importance. No order fulfilled, no sale. Without sales, there is no business. An efficient order fulfillment process is key to your company’s profitability and ability to retain customers.

What are the Sive Steps in the Order Fulfillment Process?

ReceivingThe first step in order fulfillment is to receive inventory. In any case, after the goods sent by the supplier arrive at the warehouse, the goods to be stored must be checked and inventoried to ensure the proper quantity and quality of the products received.
WarehousingAfter receiving the inventory, SKUs and barcodes are generated for each product, and the goods are stored in the warehouse in an orderly manner. You can also assign products according to their popularity, and put the best-selling products closest to the packing table, which will improve packing efficiency.
PickingWarehouse packers or automated warehouse robots pick items from the warehouse based on the order content, which contains specific information such as product SKU name, product color, size, unit quantity, and location in the distribution center warehouse.
PackagingThe warehouse packers are also responsible for packaging the products, helping you to reduce the cost of shipping per order by reducing the lowest possible actual size weight with the products well packaged. And because of the limited space in the truck, optimizing the dimensional weight of each product can also improve shipping efficiency. If you are using a fulfillment service, you can also specify the requirements on the packing slip.
ShippingOnce everything is ready and the package is shipped by the carrier, the seller can send the product’s waybill number to the customer and let them track the product’s shipping status themselves.
Return ProcessingFor online buyers, the ease of returning or exchanging a product also largely influences whether a customer wants to buy that product or not. To ensure that returns are received, exchanged, and refunded as efficiently as possible, you need to design a clear return policy that is easy to use for both your buyers and your staff. Return processing includes quality checks and sorting of returned products, re-stocking of returned products, and automation can help you avoid unnecessary confusion and errors.

Benefits of Having an Order Fulfillment Process

Start with the basicsSimplify your receiving process so that incoming goods are processed quickly and damaged goods are returned to the manufacturer for replacement.
Improve picking timePut hot ticket items in front and close to manual or robotic pickers and Packers.
Organize transportation and logisticsPlan a transportation backup strategy in case something goes wrong or the carrier accidentally raises rates beyond your profit level.
AutomationAutomating as much as possible can save labor costs, improve working conditions, and make operations safer.

7 Steps to Improve your E-commerce Order Fulfillment Process

Companies that manage their own order fulfillment processes should plan ahead to make the order process as smooth as possible. Follow these 7 steps to enhance the best customer experience and ideally maximize profits.
Choose the best order fulfillment ERP system

Choose a system that provides end-to-end tracking of orders, inventory, and all other aspects of your business.

Integration with vendors and suppliers

Modern ERP systems enable you to integrate directly with vendors and vendors. Set up your rules and contact your vendors and vendors where things can be handled.

Set clear customer expectations

Most companies wisely heed the business adage or quote; Under-promise, over-deliver.

Optimize inventory management

If your inventory is too low, you may face the risk of out-of-stock and shortage of customer orders. Working capital and storage costs can get out of control when you hold too much inventory.

Choose the right order-picking strategy

The effective use of your human capital is essential to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of order fulfillment operations. Common order-picking strategies include discrete order picking, regional and bulk order picking, and other strategies designed to limit travel time and improve picking speed.

Treat your shipper as a key partner

Organizations such as the United States Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, and DHL play a key role in your performance.

Prepare for customer service and returns

While You try to provide every customer with the perfect experience, mistakes, defects, and delays occur.


An efficient order fulfillment process directly impacts customer satisfaction and sales. Whether the exciting start-up phase or decades of order fulfillment experience, never too late to take a fresh look at your order fulfillment and management system. Following the seven-step process above can identify opportunities to reduce costs while providing a better customer experience. This is a win-win for any business and its valued customers.

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Order Fulfillment Process FAQ

What does order completed mean?

An order is complete when the customer receives it.

What are the order fulfillment models?

Generally speaking, there are three order fulfillment models for your eCommerce store to choose from. Dropshipping, In-House Fulfillment, Third-Party Fulfillment. Often, outsourced order fulfillment may be the right choice for you.

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