Find The Best Dropshipping Suppliers In Brazil In 2023

As the largest country in Latin America, Brazil has huge market potential and is becoming a new battlefield for Amazon. This is a great opportunity for dropshipping sellers who are expanding their business. But where to find dropshipping suppliers in Brazil?

As we all know, Amazon has not opened the FBA program in Brazil but relies on FBM. That is the seller ships the goods themselves. So, many dropshipping sellers use third-party logistics providers to ship products.

However, it is reported that Amazon has quadrupled its logistics investment in Brazil and launched the FBA logistics plan. Amazon’s full opening of the Brazilian market is just around the corner!

But despite the enthusiasm, many retailers are still reluctant to enter the Brazilian market. Everyone knows that Brazil is an emerging market, and logistics is difficult to do. But this is both a challenge and an opportunity. Dropshipping in Brazil is still possible. Because if you find a way around those logistical issues once, it might be worth it.

So who can help you dropship to Brazil? As a business model, dropshipping does not require any inventory. You can start a Brazil dropshipping business no matter where you are. Your supplier will be responsible for shipping the product to your customer. Therefore, just make sure that your supplier can ship to Brasil.

If your target market is in Brazil, we consider giving you several best dropshipping suppliers in Brazil, you’d better choose your dropshippers from these suppliers.

Dropshipping Suppliers In Brazil

Find the Best Dropshipping Suppliers in Brazil



AliExpress is the most popular dropshipping service supplier. It also provides Alidropship for dropshipping sellers to help them set up stores. And its customization store is in Portuguese.

There are some suppliers on AliExpress that support shipments to Brazil. The main market of AliExpress is positioned as the middle-end market mainly in Russia and Brazil. And the country with the largest traffic on AliExpress is Brazil, which is the best choice for you to dropship to Brazil.

It has 100 million available products. Because Brazilians prefer to shop on their mobile phones. AliExpress also offers the AliExpress mobile app, where your customers can browse millions of products and place orders on their mobile phones.

If you use AliExpress dropshipping to Brazil, be sure to choose the logistics method of self-delivery, which is the most common and cost-effective.


There is no limit to the number of products you have or the monthly sales you can earn.
All solutions available in one payment.
Provides lifetime personal support.



Alibaba is the largest B2B marketplace with suppliers from 17 countries including Brazil. Using it to dropship to Brazil is easy.

Alibaba has diversified logistics solutions with global coverage. Suppliers ship not only from China but also from other warehouses around the world. So the shipping time is faster. Alibaba also provides order protection and inspection services.

But whether it can be shipped to Brazil depends on the supplier you choose. So ask your supplier in advance before shipping.



CJDropshipping is a professional dropshipping supply chain company in China. It offers fast shipping for products all over the world, including Brazil.

It also provides a range of services such as order fulfillment, product sourcing, warehousing, and more. CJDropshipping has warehouses or cooperative warehouses in many countries around the world, such as China, Brazil, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Indonesia.

CJDropshipping has thousands of products for you to choose from, including 13 product categories. And it also provides print-on-demand services, you can customize clothes, mugs, etc. according to the customer’s preferences.



If you need a great customer experience, SaleHoo is definitely for you. It has more than 8000 vetted suppliers and 2.5 million products. So on SaleHoo, you can find suppliers who ship to Brazil.

At the same time, it also supports connecting with your Shopify store. Don’t worry about suppliers changing prices suddenly, its built-in pricing control tools keep your store profits consistent.


24/7 support.
All-in-one dashboard to view product details.



Spocket’s suppliers are mostly from the United States and Europe, with 10000+ high-quality products. It can be integrated with 11 eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, and WooCommerce.

Spocket supports browsing their product catalog for free, but starting dropshipping requires purchasing their monthly plan. For these paid plans you can have a 14-day free trial. And allows you to import products.


BigBuy is a dropshipping supplier that provides dropshipping sourcing and logistics solutions. It has a network of retailers throughout Europe. Shipping at very economical prices throughout Europe.

It has thousands of top products covering 22 product category categories. Whether you’re a wholesale dropshipper, or a brand that already has stock, you can get started with it.

BigBuy’s warehouse is located in Spain. But it offers a variety of shipping methods to get your items to your Brazilian customers quickly.

Fábrica de Biquínis

Fábrica de Biquínis

Bikinis are in huge demand in Brazil. If you want to sell swimwear, turn here. Fábrica de Biquínis is very friendly to dropship in Brazil. It is a Brazilian wholesale company. It has no minimum order. And help you to sell your products throughout Brazil and deliver them directly to your customers.

Its catalog contains thousands of bikinis. He also allows you to control the retail price of the product yourself, which means you have control over your income.


An order tracker is provided to allow you to effectively see where your order is.
All content is in Portuguese.


Global delivery is not supported.

Vivo na 25

Vivo na 25

In Brazil, consumer electronics are popular. Such as mobile phone cases, chargers, earphones, and other products. So our next recommendation is the Vivo na 25.

It is a great Brazilian wholesale supplier. It provides a variety of mobile phone accessories, including power banks, chargers, speakers, earphones, and more. The Vivo na 25 market is entirely in Portuguese.

Nova Engel

Nova Engel

Nova Engel is a beauty product supplier. It is famous for selling genuine perfumes. It can provide logistics, pricing, and marketing solutions for your online store. In addition to the EU, it also supports global shipping.

Nova Engel has more than 30,000 products from more than 800 brands. And the price of each product is single and tax-free.


Orders are processed within 24 hours.
Provide services such as web design and graphic design.


The huge market in Brazil is already within reach and profitable. Now is the perfect time to start dropshipping to Brazil! But how do you ship to Brazil?

Build your online store first, Shopify or Woocommerce are good choices.

Then choose a trending product or niche in Brazil, especially a more subdivided category.

Finally, find a supplier, which can be local in Brazil or a supplier that supports and helps you deliver goods to Brazil. Or a third-party logistics company.

Dropshipping to Brazil: the faster delivery time will set you apart. Honest FulPhilment provides third-party logistics services and ships worldwide. We can help you achieve worldwide drop shipping and can guarantee the fastest delivery of your products to Brazil. Please feel free to contact us if necessary.

Dropshipping Suppliers In Brazil FAQ

  1. What are the challenges of dropshipping to Brazil?

    Brazil’s bureaucracy and lengthy tariff policy lead to difficulties in customs clearance.
    The cost of logistics transportation is also higher and the time is longer.
    Compete with local eCommerce companies.

  2. What are the advantages of dropshipping to Brazil?

    Import demand in Brazil is considerable: Brazil has a large population and therefore a large demand.
    Huge market potential: There are as many as 150 million Internet users in Brazil, and more than 38% of the population shop online.
    Low competitiveness: Because of logistics problems, many sellers are afraid to enter the Brazilian market. The market is to be developed.

  3. What payment methods are available in Brazil?

    Mercado Pago
    PayPal Express Checkout
    PayU Latam

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