Can You Do Dropshipping From Alibaba On Shopify?

In this article, you will learn about What Is Alibaba Dropshipping, and what unprecedented benefits Dropshipping From Alibaba To Shopify can bring us. If you have already developed a strong interest and want to take action, don’t worry about where to start, we will introduce How To Do Dropshipping From Alibaba To Shopify in detail, and also explain How To Integrate Alibaba With Shopify, You’ll know what to do next.

Can You Do Dropshipping From Alibaba On Shopify?

What Is Alibaba Dropshipping?

Founded in 1999, Alibaba is by far the largest wholesale market in China with a global scale, and it is also the fastest-growing e-commerce market in the world and the most popular online shopping destination. When you have decided to source suppliers from overseas, you can’t wait to know how to source directly from Alibaba.
AliExpress dropshipping is a cross-border B2C or retail marketplace that deals with individual customers like Amazon, Shopify, and eBay.
Unlike other shopping platforms, Alibaba is a wholesale marketplace because it is aimed at buyers who want to buy large quantities of products at the lowest prices. Alibaba allows buyers to negotiate directly with the manufacturer, and can also customize the buyer’s ideal product according to the buyer’s needs, significantly saving the cost for the buyer.

What Are The Benefits Of Dropshipping From Alibaba To Shopify?

Convenient Payment Method

Alibaba offers qualified U.S. buyers a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, and financing options, and is convertible into 51 countries’ currencies, supporting 38 local payment channels for secure payments and transactions.

Payment Guarantee

Track and reconcile your suppliers’ funds and see when they receive your payment.

Better Support

When working with a trade assurance supplier, you can get a refund if you are not satisfied with the quality of the product.

Barrier-Free Communication

You don’t have to worry about cross-border communication, the website is automatically translated into 18 languages ​​to achieve barrier-free communication for you.

Seller Customization

You can confidently present your product ideas and designs to suppliers, and they will do their best to meet your expectations and get you the ideal product.

Buyer Protection

In the information age, buyers are very concerned about protecting personal information. Alibaba can provide you with the protection of customer information and will never disclose your buyer information.

How To Do Dropshipping From Alibaba To Shopify?

Step 1. Account Registration

Step 1. Account Registration

Before using Alibaba, you must register your own account. After you have a personal account, you can start the subsequent purchase plan.

Step 2. Start Your Search For Suppliers

Step 2. Start Your Search for Suppliers

On Alibaba’s homepage, search for the products and suppliers you want to sell, and then you can enter your product price and supplier delivery requirements, and the system will find suitable suppliers for you.
There are two common search methods for buying from Alibaba. One is that you can search for items based on product descriptions, such as “slippers,” and the results of that search may give you thousands of products. Another, from the drop-down menu, you can select “Supplier” instead of “Product” and search for a manufacturer that specializes in a particular type of item.

Step 3. Check The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) And Price

Once you’ve found a potential listing, check out the product page .there are a few things you want to look at and pay attention to on the product listing page:



The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is the smallest order a manufacturer is willing to accept. However, it’s important to note that this is almost always negotiable.
In the example below, the supplier limits the purchase of a minimum of 3 pairs at a time:



The unit price is a factor that we must consider when choosing a product. In the interface below, you will see that the unit price of the product you get will vary with the quantity you buy. Simply put, the more quantity you buy, the cheaper the price of a single product you get. However, you need to pay extra attention that this is the price of the product only and does not include shipping.

Step 4. Contact Suppliers And Ask About Dropshipping

Step 4. Contact Suppliers and Ask About Dropshipping

If you are confused about the unit price and MOQ listed on the product page, then you need to contact the supplier to get an accurate answer and learn more about whether they can ship the product to your customer’s country.
Perhaps the easiest way to contact suppliers on Alibaba is to use the platform’s messaging service. However, some providers prefer you to call, email, or use WeChat, the largest messaging app in China.
You need to be aware that most of the suppliers on Alibaba currently are in China, and unless you can speak fluent Mandarin, communication can be challenging at times. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t communicate with them.
Many providers will use tools such as Google Translate to translate your messages and responses. You can ask questions one by one and avoid stating too many questions at once, which can avoid misunderstandings caused by translation software. This also helps address bullet points, making it easy for suppliers to respond individually.

Step 5. Agree On A Payment Method

It’s worth understanding the most common payment methods used on Alibaba, so you can try to find a supplier that’s open to using your preferred method.

Step 6. Shortlist Suppliers, Order Samples, And Then Select A Supplier

At the very beginning, the most important thing is to select a reliable supplier among the many options. In order to ensure the reliability of the supplier you choose, you’d better determine the following details:
The unit cost
The payment terms
Supplier’s quality of service
Timeliness of the order
Once you’ve got a list of good suppliers, it’s time to order samples. By comparing samples from different suppliers, you can more intuitively choose the best and most reliable suppliers. It would be great if the supplier you choose can offer you label customization services, as this will give you favorable conditions for developing your own brand in the future.
If you still have doubts about Alibaba, or have no information to find a reliable supplier and are afraid of being deceived, then we strongly recommend that you consider using the Honest Fulphilment team, because they are located in China and have extensive purchasing experience in the Alibaba platform. Honest Fulphilment can provide you with the best quality suppliers in China and the best prices, if you want to know more about Honest Fulphilment, please click

How To Integrate Alibaba With Shopify?

How To Integrate Alibaba With Shopify?

Importify is your dropshipping app of all kinds that helps you add a variety of products from various wholesale markets around the world, Ali Express, Alibaba, Etsy, and many other supported sites to quickly add products to your online store.
Find, import, and sell profitable products from 30+ popular marketplaces.
Add them to your Shopify store and you can sell products.
It brings you great convenience so you can have more time and energy to manage and expand your store and bring you more profit. The following section will explain how to use Importify to connect with your Shopify store.

1. Visit The Shopify App Store

Search for Importify and click on ‘Add app’ to add it to your store.
Then, based on the actual needs of your own store, choose the plan that best suits you.

2. Select Products To Import

You need to choose the products you need in Alibaba.

Select Products To Import

Take electric vehicles as an example,
Suppose you want to sell electric bicycles. Search for Electric Bicycles on Alibaba and Click on the product you want to sell.

Select Products To Import

As the product page appears, click on the ADD tag on the top left-hand side of the page.

Select Products To Import

The Importify editor will open up, as shown below. You can change the title, description, or product price as per your business requirements.

Select Products To Import

You can also link the product to a specific collection in your Shopify store.

3. Add Product To Your Shopify

Once you’re done customizing the product description, scroll down and click on Add to Your Shopify button to add the product to your store

4. Customize Your Product Details

Customize Your Product Details

Since now the products are imported to your Shopify store, make sure to customize them as per your business requirements. Change the title, pricing, description, MOQ, and more.
What you need to pay special attention to is that in this interface, you can re-edit the product.


You can edit unique catchy titles for your products.


You can reset product prices to guarantee your profit.

Variants, Tags, Categories

Resetting these factors to your creativity will bring you more customers and make your product look different

Shipping Weight

This is very critical because it is related to the shipping cost of the product. If you have specially packaged the product, you must remember to modify it to the correct weight to ensure that you will not lose the profits you should have earned due to shipping costs.

Margin-based Pricing Rules

You have to think carefully about this as it will mean whether your product is profitable or not

Custom Description Templates

Don’t be cookie-cutter, you can add your own description to the product to make it arouse customers’ desire to buy.
By doing the above, your Shopify store is successfully integrated with Alibaba.
If you want to add more products, just repeat the process to continue adding high-quality products to your store.


You don’t have to doubt, Alibaba is indeed the best choice for Shopify business, there are already a lot of buyers purchasing on Alibaba and getting high profits, if you are hesitant as a novice, then please contact us!
We will use all our geographic strengths, our wisdom, and our experience to help you realize your Shopify dreams.

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