Find The Best Mask: Your Guide To The Best Suppliers For Dropshipping

Regardless of the current state of the world, most people will probably continue to wear the best mask.

The COVID-19 pandemic is entering a new phase: Most countries have reopened and returned to normal life. But the virus is still mutating. Wearing a mask is still the most direct way to protect yourself. People are also choosing which type of mask to wear and stocking up on more masks.

Whether you are preparing to dropship masks, or want to choose the best masks for yourself and your family, please pay attention to this page. We have found several best face masks according to the standards of different countries.

Best Face Mask

Best Mask for your Dropshipping Store

Best N95 mask

The N95 masks we are relatively familiar with are based on American standards, and “95” indicates that the filtration efficiency is at least 95%. These masks are of medical grade and are different from N95 respirators.

This N95 mask is made in the USA using a NIOSH-approved respirator. Its dual headband design eliminates pressure behind the ears. Breathable while being tighter to your face. Each is individually wrapped. Foldable design, won’t take up more space.

N95 mask
Selling Price: $14.95 on Amazon, 10 pcs
Cost Price: $3
Better sealing.
The headband is more comfortable.
Highly protective.
Easy messed up hair.

N95 masks should be the best choice for daily defense against viruses. And some people will like the headband style because it will not make the ears uncomfortable. It is perfect to recommend this N95 mask to them. At the same time, the supply of N95 masks is fluctuating, although it is much better now than before. But you still need to look ahead and stock up.

KN95 mask

KN95 masks are in higher demand than N95. KN95 masks are based on Chinese standards. This KN95 mask is the best seller on Amazon. Filtration efficiency ≥ 95%.

This KN95 mask has 5 layers of protective filter layers, which is more protective. It’s made of high-quality fabrics and is comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Even if you talk and turn your head, it will not fall off easily. Individually wrapped and available in a variety of color options.

KN95 mask
Selling Price: $24.99 on Amazon, 50 pcs
Cost Price: $3-4
Upgraded SS grade melt-blown cloth: Thinner, more breathable g.
Fogs less than other masks.
Can not replace medical masks.

KN95 masks are very effective in protecting against viruses and will be more comfortable. A large part of ordinary people have a high awareness of epidemic prevention and prefer this mask. It’s a great option if your client needs better filtration than regular face masks to improve the level of protection.

Envelope-style KN95 mask

This KN95 mask meets the GB2626-2019 respiratory protection standard. Filtration efficiency ≥ 95%. It has a different shape than the one above.

It adopts 4 layers of skin-friendly non-woven fabric, which is non-irritating to the skin. Provides more protection than standard three-ply disposable masks. The protection effect is the same as the 5-layer mask, but more breathable.

Envelope-style KN95 mask
Selling Price: $24.99 on Amazon, 50 pcs
Cost Price: $1-3
Don’t have to worry about glasses fogging up.
Thinner, lighter, and more breathable.
Smells a bit when first out of the box.

Best KF94 mask

KF94 mask is based on Korean standards. Its filtration efficiency is ≥94%, the leakage rate is ≤11%.

Its shape is envelope-type and more fashionable. The lightweight design of the 3D earrings makes the ears more comfortable. Can be used with adjustable ear hooks. It’s made of four fabric layers that are extremely soft and durable for everyday protective use.

Best KF94 mask
Selling Price: $8.48 on Amazon, 20 pcs
Cost Price: $2
Easy to carry.
Adjustable nose bridge.
Elastic ear cord.
Much lighter than KN95 and N95.

People with small faces will consider this one more. If you want to dropship this mask, you should be aware that there are more fakes of KF94 on the market. So be sure to choose a reliable supplier. Avoid fakes. You can identify counterfeit products by looking for the markings on the mask itself, or asking your supplier to provide you with relevant certifications.

Disposable Surgical Mask

Disposable surgical-style masks are the most commonly used by people in daily life. It can also be used for anti-smog. People generally prefer to buy surgical masks made in China because of the affordable price.

This surgical mask is made of 100% non-woven fabric with 3 layers. And much better than cloth masks. The adjustable nose bridge and ear loops. No harm to the skin, and the loose design is comfortable. It can achieve 99% of the effect of blocking particles. Ideal for everyday outdoor activities. But it only works in lower-risk settings.

Disposable Medical Surgical Mask
Selling Price: $12.99 on Amazon, 50 pcs
Cost Price: $2
More portable.
Don’t provide enough protection against airborne viruses.

Custom Printed Face Mask

This colorful mask is designed for non-medical use. Each mask is individually sealed and packaged, it is very convenient to carry. Made of 3-layer non-woven material, soft and comfortable. There are many different pattern styles for you to choose from.

Selling Price: $11.43 on Amazon, 50 pcs
Cost Price: $3-4
Very breathable and comfortable.
Support custom patterns.
Minimal protection.

If you also want rich patterns to attract your customers, please choose a supplier that supports print-on-demand to customize masks. Honest FulPhilment has experience in cooperating with a large number of print-on-demand suppliers, contact us for your free quotation.

Children’s masks

We recommend that your child also wear a mask. This one is the best KN95 mask in kid size.

It is made of 5 layers of woven fabric, and the filtration efficiency is ≥95%. 3D folding shell design can give children better protection. Each piece is individually packaged, clean, and hygienic. And its appearance is a variety of cartoon patterns, which can attract children’s attention and make it easier for them to accept wearing masks. Great for school, kindergarten use for kids ages 4-10.

Children's masks
Selling Price: $14.44 on Amazon, 50 pcs
Cost Price: $3
5mm wider earrings for a more comfortable fit.

This one is more suitable for children over 4 years old, and younger children may need envelope-style KF94 masks more.


As disposable consumables, face masks will be indispensable in people’s lives in the future. The competitiveness of dropshipping masks is indeed a bit big, but it also means greater demand and profits.

It just requires you to find the right supplier and goods with reliable quality.

Whether you have the need to purchase the above products or the logistics for transporting them. Please give priority to Honest FulPhilment.

We provide you with a series of dropshipping fulfillment services such as procurement, warehousing, packaging, and transportation. Contact us now.

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