7 Steps To Improve Your E-commerce Order Fulfillment Procedure

What Is Order Fulfillment?

Order fulfillment is how companies process sales orders according to customer specifications, but it understates its importance. Customers have more power, more knowledge, and higher expectations than ever before. Efficient order fulfillment is key to your brand reputation, your company’s profits, and your ability to retain customers.

No sales, no business. No order fulfilled, no sale.

What Is Order Fulfillment

Types Of Order Fulfillment

There are four order fulfillment modes to choose from: in-house, outsourced, direct shipping, and blended. Each model meets specific business requirements.

Internal: an internal model simply means that all steps for order fulfillment are performed internally.

Third Party: This model requires outsourcing all order fulfillment activities to order fulfillment suppliers or other third parties.

Consignment: the order is made and delivered by the manufacturer. It also eliminates middlemen, which could save buyers money. It could also deprive merchants of control, particularly in the areas of inventory management and order fulfillment. Transportation may require more time and cost, or a distribution center may be set up to move items from there. Hybrid: a hybrid model is a combination of two or more of the above three models. Choose to outsource at peak times and deliver large and bulky items directly from the manufacturer.

Types Of Order Fulfillment

What Is A Fulfillment Center?

Best Practices Boil down to organization, organization, organization.

Benefits Of A 3PL Fulfillment Center

Start with the basics:

simplify your receiving process so that incoming goods are processed quickly and damaged goods are returned to the manufacturer for replacement.

Organize your warehouse to improve picking time:

put hot ticket items in front and close to manual or robotic pickers and Packers.

Organize transportation and logistics:

plan a transportation backup strategy in case something goes wrong or the carrier accidentally raises rates beyond your profit level.


automating as much as possible can save labor costs, improve working conditions, and make operations safer.

What Are The Five Steps In The Order Fulfillment procedure?

The complete order fulfillment life cycle consists of five main steps, starting with strategic procurement and ending with shipping. Many businesses include inventory management, supply chain management, order processing, quality control, and customer support in order fulfillment.

Depending on the size of the business, most of the order fulfillment process can take place in a well-organized warehouse. Many small businesses handle their own internal order fulfillment through a simple process. Large enterprises need a more complex multi-tier distribution center strategy. The goal is to deliver the products they order as quickly, reliably, and cheaply as possible.

Order Fulfillment procedure

7 Steps To Improve Your E-commerce Order Fulfillment Procedure

Companies that manage their own order fulfillment processes should plan ahead to automate the order flow as smoothly as possible. Using a fully functional ERP helps you track orders, inventory, and shipments from end to end to improve visibility, the best customer and employee experience, and ideal profit maximization.

Choose the best order fulfillment ERP system:

choose a system that provides end-to-end tracking of orders, inventory, and all other aspects of your business.

Integration with vendors and vendors:

modern ERP systems enable you to integrate directly with vendors and vendors. Set up your rules and contact your vendors and vendors where things can be handled.

Set clear customer expectations:

most companies wisely heed the business adage or quote; Under-promise, over-deliver.

Optimize inventory management:

If your inventory is too low, you may face the risk of out-of-stock and shortage of customer orders. Working capital and storage costs can get out of control when you hold too much inventory.

 E-commerce Order Fulfillment

Choose the right order-picking strategy:

the effective use of your human capital is essential to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of order fulfillment operations. Common order picking strategies include discrete order picking, regional and bulk order picking, and other strategies designed to limit travel time and improve picking speed.

Treat your shipper as a key partner:

organizations such as United States Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, and DHL play a key role in your performance.

Prepare for customer service and returns:

While You try to provide every customer with the perfect experience, mistakes, defects, and delays occur.


Whether the exciting start-up phase or decades of order fulfillment experience, never too late to take a fresh look at your order fulfillment and management system. Opportunities can be found to reduce costs while providing a better customer experience. This is a win-win for any business and its valued customers.


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