What Is The Order Management?

The accurate delivery of an order requires the perfect coordination of each step in the supply chain. An order management system can help companies manage this better. Tracking orders and monitoring inventory, provide better service, increases efficiency, and reduce losses. This is why it is important for a company to have a good order management system.

In this article we will focus on the order management system and why it is important. In addition, it will cover the three best OMS for 2022. By reading this article, you can gain information and tips on order management to move your business forward more smoothly.

Order Management

Order management in the supply chain means that the customer’s orders can be collected, tracked, executed, and managed using an order management system.

First, receiving an order from a customer. Next, the goods are purchased from the warehouse in accordance with the order. After that, the goods are packed. Then, the goods are shipped to the customer’s delivery address. In addition, there is the after-sales service.

Importance of Order Management

InventoryHaving accurate information about stock helps merchants to market their products better. Managers can determine whether items need to be stocked based on changing quantities at any time. In addition, monitoring stock levels prevents the negative effects and increased costs associated with out-of-stock or overstock.
Reducing ErrorsThe order management system helps merchants to reduce errors when faced with a large number of orders. For example, checking the customer’s address information, the type of product, and so on. This ensures that the goods are delivered accurately and efficiently.
EfficiencyThe order management system helps merchants to manage their orders better and reduces the pressure on businesses. This allows more things to be processed in a shorter period of time and increases the efficiency of the whole supply chain.

What is Order Management Process?

Receiving Orders

When a customer pays for an order, the business will confirm it and determine the condition of the merchandise. If the item is out of stock, a refund will be provided to the customer. Otherwise, it will be stocked in time and the customer will be informed of the delay in delivery.


The warehouse receives the order information and processes the order. Through the use of automation and human cooperation, the items will be accurately selected and confirmed in terms of quantity, style, and so on.


After the accurate selection of goods, the goods will be packaged. By analyzing the size of the goods, the degree of fragility, and the explosive degree, find the most suitable packaging tools for the goods. For example, glass is wrapped in bubble wrap, which prevents breakage and reduces damage. To ensure that the goods are delivered intact.


The company will provide a shipping label on the outer packaging of the merchandise. In addition, find the most suitable transportation vehicle for the goods. After the shipment, the status of the order is promptly returned to the company. The company will track it and inform the customer in a timely manner.

After Sales

When a customer is not satisfied with some products, the company will handle the return and refund in a timely manner. For example, companies provide customers with a return label. The company will provide a solution for different cases of after-sales service. In addition, they need to update the products that have more problems.

Here is a company that is committed to providing reliable 3PL services- Honest FulPhilment. It uses automation and systematization to accurately fulfill orders and provides timely feedback on the status of orders. Honest Fulphilment is also focused on providing better after-sales service. The company offers 8 hours a day, 6 days a week of online chat time. Online customer service can solve problems for customers in a timely manner.

What Does An OMS Do

What is an Order Management System (OMS)?

The order management system tracks and fulfills customer orders, and provides timely feedback on inventory levels. Moreover, it can provide more information for companies to find order information easily.

The order management system also deals with interfacing with suppliers, collecting information about goods, then packing and shipping them, in addition to providing after-sales service, and so on. But What does an OMS do?


OMS analyzes inventory data by managing multiple sales channels’ inventory and then updates the corresponding product inventory levels. For example, inventory levels can be changed by channel, region, climate, and so on.


OMS can connect every step of the whole supply chain. The automation of the entire supply chain promotes order fulfillment. OMS can accept order-confirmed information faster, in addition, assign the order to the corresponding warehouse accurately, in addition, process and ship the package more quickly.


Streamline the refund and return process. OMS can automatically print return labels for customers who return items and track the status of the return. Faster refunds and returns provide better service to customers.

3 Best Order Management Systems (OMS) in 2022


3 Best Order Management Systems (OMS) In 2022

Orderhive can provide companies with a complete order history of their customers. This allows companies to better analyze customer preferences and allow them to sell more products.

Orderhive is responsible for order pre-ordering, order fulfillment, product delivery delay, and so on. In addition, a large number of national currencies can be exchanged, providing more convenience. What’s more, Orderhive offers a free 15-day trial period. After that, a fee will be charged.

Honest FulPhilment

3 Best Order Management Systems (OMS) In 2022

Honest Fulphilment provides excellent services to users. For example, it provides timely and accurate tracking of order information and provides online customer service. In addition, Honest Fulphilment has many warehouses around the world. They monitor inventory levels in real time and update the number of items in a timely manner.


3 Best Order Management Systems (OMS) In 2022

Brightpearl makes it easy for companies to manage orders. It is responsible for order fulfillment, shipping, and so on. For repeat orders, it will start the automation function, which greatly reduces stress. In addition, it makes sales reports for the company by analyzing the data. However, Brightpearl does not offer a free trial.


Managing orders in the supply chain ensures that orders are delivered accurately and on time. In addition, it reduces shortages and errors and also increases efficiency. So having a good order management system is important.

Honest Fulphilment has a very trustworthy order management system. No matter where you are, Honest FulPhilment has very competitive prices, so please make your request and we will be very happy to serve you. Contact us now!

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