What Is Repackaging In Fulfillment Service?

What Is Repackaging In Fulfillment Service

Custom repackaging is a value-added service that enhances the customer experience. According to the report, 72% of U.S. consumers say that product packaging design influences their purchasing decisions. The moment a customer receives their package and unpacks it, it determines how satisfied they are with the product and whether they will buy it again.

This page will show you how custom repackaging can help improve the user experience and thus increase secondary sales.

What is Repackaging?

It is the re-design of packaging to meet customer or market needs in a more effective or attractive form. Items can be repacked according to the instructions on the packing slip. Repackaging is suitable for increasing sales and can reduce shipping costs and improve safety during shipping.

What is Repackaging

Companies generally pursue two types of packaging.

One is functional packaging, which focuses on logistics improvement and cost reduction. One is aesthetic packaging, which pays more attention to the design of the packaging itself, mainly to attract and serve customers and satisfy customers’ sense of product experience.

What are the Benefits of Custom Repackaging?

First impressions matter. Product packaging is the customer’s first impression of your product and brand.

The custom repackaging of the product determines the appearance grade and quality of the product to a certain extent. Mature products are often packaged in a unified way to achieve the role of a closed market, which is also more conducive to production and sales. Note that promotional packaging and general packaging should preferably be different.

What are the Benefits of Custom Repackaging
Products better reflect the company’s core philosophyCustom repackaging is a unique type of packaging that is built around a company’s specific needs, rather than using standard or pre-made boxes or packaging that a product may fit.
For example, you must have seen or heard of Tiffany’s little blue box, its color is very conspicuous. Tiffany put a lot of thought into the packaging to make their box so iconic that everyone around knows it’s a Tiffany box.
Deepen the customer’s impression of the brandCustom repackaging is an incredible and cost-effective way. Not only can you impress your customers, but you can have a lasting impact on your brand, increasing word of mouth, social shares, brand loyalty, and revenue.
Repackaging Makes your Product DifferentIf you want to present your product as high-end, all-natural, mysterious, or cheerful, you can do all of this and more with custom repackaging.
Half the fun of the customer receiving the product lies in opening the packaging itself. In many cases, repackaging can make your product feel different to customers. Every brand wants to connect with customers in a way that makes the brand relevant and interesting to them. A custom wrapper can be the way to do it all.
What are the Benefits of Custom Repackaging

What are the Disadvantages of Custom Repackaging?

In a way, custom repackaging will make the product market shrink more and more, lack of market vitality and competitiveness.

Conflict on price and serviceNow, foreign trade e-commerce channels have broadened their sales channels, and offline sales often go hand in hand with sales.
So if the products sold offline and online are consistent, it is easy to produce conflicts in price and service, resulting in a contradiction between the two. Therefore, online and offline custom repackaging should be different.
Need more professional teamUnified custom repackaging requires a certain foundation. If there is no professional team to form a scale, the product will not have a fixed market, and it will definitely fail.
Therefore, you need a professional team to help you observe market changes in real-time, improve the repackaging style based on the needs of the public, and maximize consumer experience.
Need to meet the differences in product needs of different groupsThe point of repackaging is to serve consumers. Different consumer groups lead to different targeting of product repackaging. Therefore, more differentiated treatment is needed and market segmentation is achieved, which will arouse people’s strong curiosity and desire to buy.

4 Best Fulfillment Service Companies to Grow your Business


4 Best Fulfillment Service Companies to Grow your Business

Quick Box provides a wide range of third-party logistics (3PL) services to e-commerce and multi-channel retailers, including order fulfillment, packaging, shipping, and other value-added services to meet the changing needs of end markets.


4 Best Fulfillment Service Companies to Grow your Business

ShipBob is a global, full-service fulfillment solution that ships orders from where customers shop. From a personalized and memorable unboxing experience to faster shipping, ShipBob delivers best-in-class supply chain solutions and fulfills global orders from the US, UK, EU, Canada, and Australia to meet customer expectations. But ShipBob does not provide certain services, such as cold storage

Red Stag Fulfillment

4 Best Fulfillment Service Companies to Grow your Business

Red Stag Fulfillment may be better suited for online retailers selling bulky, heavy items. This company can fulfill all types of product orders but is proficient at packing and shipping larger, heavier items. But their prices are more expensive than other companies.

Honest FulPhilment

4 Best Fulfillment Service Companies to Grow your Business

Honest FulPhilment provides fully integrated e-commerce fulfillment services including product sourcing, packaging, brand distribution, and shipping.

Honest FulPhilmen enables you to fulfill your order with one click, and we automatically handle all your product inventory, ensuring your products are always available and ready to ship. Honest FulPhilment offers a 3PL service, after your customer places an order, your CMS via Shopify or WooCommerce, our own app ensures that the order is automatically sent to the warehouse for picking.

The most distinctive thing about Honest FulPhilment is its price. We are transparent about all prices to help you control the lowest cost.


Custom repackaging is the most cost-effective way to promote the secondary sales of products. If you are ready to try custom repackaging to make your customer experience more satisfactory, please contact Honest FulPhilment. We not only provide packaging services but also help you build brand services. Use the most transparent price to help you promote your business and improve sales.

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