Top B2B E-commerce Dropshipping Marketplaces In 2022

What Is B2B Ecommerce?

It means B2B. B2b is the abbreviation of “business-to-business”. Generally speaking, it is a kind of Business model that enterprises exchange data information, express delivery, and carry out transactions between enterprises through the Internet. B2b is through the internal network of enterprises to connect products and services, through the b2b website and customers are closely linked together, through the speed of the network, to provide consumers with better service, to promote business development between enterprises or between consumers.

What is B2B Dropshipping?

What Is B2B Dropshipping?

It means that the seller entrusts the product to a third-party overseas warehouse service provider for packaging and delivery under b2b mode. That is to say, the seller stores the goods in the overseas warehouse, once there is a customer order, the warehouse staff will check the goods according to the order information, and after the check will arrange a special car for delivery, which can also use local express resources to send to the receiving place.

Why Dropshipping With B2B E-commerce?

B2B of cross-border e-commerce is a small batch, multi-batch, and fast delivery.
Cross-border e-commerce can meet the needs of small and medium-sized importers who often divide large purchases into small and medium purchases and change long-term purchases into short-term purchases to diversify risks.
Cross-border foreign trade e-commerce brings more profit space for them.
E-commerce, as the best separation of information technology and business activities, helps enterprises to reduce operating costs, improve operating efficiency and expand profit space to a certain level through efficient access to information, timely convenient communication with customers, and effective integration of internal and external resources.
Europe and the United States prosperous countries’ e-commerce environment has been quite mature, participating in the online business of many enterprises, but also for domestic foreign trade, enterprises’ e-commerce provides excellent user soil.
Europe and the United States’ prosperous countries’ e-commerce environment has been quite mature, participating in the online business of many enterprises, but also for domestic foreign trade, enterprises’ e-commerce provides excellent user soil.

Top6 B2B E-commerce Dropshipping Marketplaces In 2022

Alibaba International Station

Alibaba International station

It is the earliest established business of the Alibaba Group. It is currently the world’s leading cross-border B2B e-commerce platform. Mainly help domestic enterprises to do foreign trade wholesale business, and expand overseas buyers.



TradeKey is a globally known and useful B2B website. TradeKey is dedicated to collecting and analyzing buyer data from all over the world. TradeKey works with many of the world’s powerful groups and organizations, designed for small and medium enterprises, with a focus on exports.

Made in China Network

Made in China Network

Suitable for people: business ability, enterprise qualification, and manufacturing industry Made in China is one of the earliest B2B e-commerce platforms. The website was founded in 1996, and its main business is e-commerce, B2B online trading, and foreign trade B2C. It is divided into international stations and domestic trade stations. Is a very credible comprehensive e-commerce website.



One of the first B2B platforms listed on NASDAQ under the name of GSOL. Headquartered in China, GlobalSources has 1.4 million sellers from all over the world. Global Sources lets vendors sign up for free to post up to 100 products. Most of the suppliers are from mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

A business-to-business e-commerce platform in the US focuses on letting buyers find suppliers and source products. Engineering and manufacturing products are mostly traded on the site. The site receives 60,000 visitors a day.



It is a new online B2B site that is growing rapidly and creating a new and improved way for buyers and sellers. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, all of its major operations come from Karachi、Pakistan. It has now become part of CPEC which makes trade relations between Pakistan and China better. The main purpose of the website is to help Chinese suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers reach their potential audiences.

How to Select B2B Dropshipping Suppliers?

Check The Certificate

Many buyers have minimum requirements when it comes to the quality certification of suppliers. However, vendors don’t always make it easy for you to check their certification. A recent survey showed that of all the factors used by B2B buyers to evaluate suppliers, quality certification ranks in the top six.

Assess The Geopolitical Climate

While some overseas sources can offer rock-bottom prices, fragile industrial relations or political unrest may keep you from getting what you need. Take the time to thoroughly analyze potential disruptions in the areas you depend on for your supply chain success.

Ask For Accessible Inventory Information

It is advantageous to know the supplier’s inventory. This demonstrates their commitment to you as a customer and their ability to deliver what you need when you need it.

Understand Supplier Malleability

Determine supplier flexibility in offering small and large orders. If you are looking for a smaller batch or prototype supplier, you will most likely find a supplier that focuses on this quantity. If you need to ship a lot of products over time, then you may quickly outgrow your original supplier choice. Understanding the growth patterns of the products you source before choosing a supplier will allow you to work with suppliers who can easily scale to meet your changing needs.

Check The Supplier’s Commitment To Customer Service

Hope for the best, and prepare for the worst. Evaluate the customer service provided by each potential supplier. In-depth understanding of contract language regarding return policies.


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