The 10 Most Stylish Sunglasses Dropshipping in 2022

If the sun doesn’t keep your eyes open while driving or biking, or if the summer sun is too harsh, you should wear a pair of sunglasses. Below I will introduce you to various styles, including retro styles, classic pilot styles, and round styles. See if you like it.

Best eye protection windproof sports sunglasses

1.   Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses Tr90 Rugged Frame

sports sunglasses

The glasses have an upgraded frame, stronger German polycarbonate material, with japan-made 7-layer TAC polarized lenses to prevent shedding.durable- lightweight design, for those who love motorcycles, riding, driving, running, racing, skiing , rock climbing, fishing, or other outdoor activities enthusiasts are very suitable. The polycarbonate lens and frame are shock-resistant, scratch-resistant, and durable, while the frame and lens are one piece that won’t break.

The sunglasses are available in a variety of colors.

Product Details

Style: same style for men and women
Height: 44 mm (0.397 inches)
Lens width: 69 mm (7 inches)
Leg length: 140 mm (0.397 inches)
Nose Bridge: 24 mm (0.397 inches)
Frame length: 145mm

2.   WOLFBIKE Mountain Bike Polarized Windproof Sand Belt Myopia Sunglasses

Stylish Sunglasses

Who said that myopia can’t ride a bike, myopia can also wear cycling glasses, this glasses have a built-in myopia frame, even myopic eyes can easily enjoy the joy of riding. At the same time, this glasses use high toughness and impact-resistant PC lenses. Lighter but with higher flexibility than ordinary lenses, it has higher impact resistance. The glasses have 7 layers of protection, anti-glare, which can reduce eye fatigue. Polarized lenses can effectively resist reflected light and make vision clear and comfortable.

Product Details

Material: all PC material
Style: same style for men and women
Color: white frame, red frame, green frame, blue frame, black frame
Overall width of glasses: 150mm
Mirror width: 162mm
Mirror height: 43mm
Nose width: 23mm
Leg length: 110mm

3.   westbiking cycling glasses polarized photochromic sunglasses

This glasses are divided into color-changing and polarizing models. The color-changing model is monochrome, which can realize all-weather intelligent color changing. The degree of discoloration can be adjusted according to the intensity of ultraviolet rays indoors and outdoors to effectively protect the eyes. The polarized lens can achieve the color of the surrounding environment without distorting the object. Clear edges. Comfortable elastic temples can reduce the pressure on the head, suitable for a variety of head types to achieve long-term wear.

Most Stylish Sunglasses

Product Details

Material: PC temples + silicone
Style: same style for men and women
Color: white gray, black red, black powder, black
Overall width of glasses: 160mm
Mirror width: 150mm
Mirror height: 60mm
Leg length: 145mm

Best Classic Aviator Sunglasses

4.   BOLON Day & Night Aviator Sunglasses

Classic Aviator Sunglasses

This glasses can change with the light, from indoor to outdoor, the lens will automatically adjust the color depth of the lens according to the intensity of ultraviolet rays, and finally make the eyes always in a comfortable state. The lens is added with 580NM wavelength absorbing material to improve color contrast and color discrimination. It is clear and can be used both day and night. Driving at night will brighten the road, reduce the dizziness caused by glare and strong light, and provide safe driving vision.The frame is made of elastic and thin memory metal, which can be expanded to 130°, suitable for various face shapes, and the rubber nose pads are soft for skin care and can cushion pressure.

Product Details

Material: Alloy/CA
Color: yellow, black, blue-gray
Style: Men’s only
Weight: 23.3g
Overall width of glasses: 147mm
Mirror width: 60mm
Mirror height: 55.7mm
Nose width: 14mm
Leg length: 146mm

5.   MYOMY Cool One Piece Aviator Sunglasses Couple Personality Fashion Glasses

This AIR series aviator sunglasses is a classic remodel, which can effectively block strong light and protect your eyes. The one-piece sunglasses are avant-garde, the frame is made of textured alloy, the light transmittance is high, and it is safer and lighter than glass lenses. The visual presentation effect is clearer. The lens is easy to clean and maintain, wear-resistant and durable, and the UV anti-ultraviolet film layer can effectively avoid high-intensity ultraviolet rays, which not only protects the health of your eyes, but also brings you a comfortable wearing experience.

Fashion Glasses

Product Details

Material: high quality alloy/PC material
Color: blue yellow, gray, black, transparent green
Style: same style for men and women
Weight: 30g
Glasses width: 152mm
Lens width: 52mm
Temple Length: 151mm
Frame width: 68mm

6.   HelenKeller Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

These glasses collide with modern geometric lines on the basis of traditional aviator glasses, which are both free and elegant. The glasses are made of high-elastic stainless steel. The material is light, comfortable and pressure-free, and can be easily worn 24 hours a day. The nose pads are ergonomic and have a saddle-shaped nose. Support, increase wearing comfort, and impact resistance. High-definition nylon polarized lenses make vision clearer, block strong light, and protect your eyes. Wearing these glasses allows you to switch freely for business and leisure.

Sunglasses Dropshipping in 2022

Product Details

Color: black, black red
Style: same style for men and women
Material: Metal/Nylon Polarized
Overall width of glasses: 139mm
Lens width: 60mm
Lens height: 51mm
Nose width: 14mm
Temple Length: 152mm

Best Round Style Sunglasses

7.   ANDOILT Steampunk Round Sunglasses

Round Style Sunglasses

The glasses are made of high-quality metal material, which is durable and has a long service life. The material is so thin that you can hardly feel them on your face, and it is suitable for wearing in any climate and weather conditions. The perfect metallic luster and tough overall feel add to your attractiveness. Vision lenses block 100% of both UVA and UVB radiation and can Protect your eyes from long-term UV damage and keep your eyes healthy when you are outdoors. Whether it is driving, cycling, running or other outdoor activities, you can wear it. It also makes a wonderful and practical gift as a gift to friends and family.

Product Details

Color: brown, gold, yellow, pink, white, blue, black, etc.
Style: same style for men and women
Temple Length: 145mm
Nose bridge length: 20mm
Lens width: 51mm
Lens height: 48mm

8.   Aabbye New Polarized Round Sunglasses

Polarized Round Sunglasses

The glasses have a simple fine-tuning of the frame according to different face shapes. The similar frame is streamlined, which improves the comfort of the wearer. The design of the spring legs makes the glasses more quickly adapt to various face shapes. Polarized lenses can show more Ordinary lenses have more real colors, clear vision, and effectively block glare. The lens is clean and durable, with strong impact resistance. It is suitable for use by all kinds of people and reflects fashion.

Product Details

Lens material: TAC
Frame material: alloy
Color: orange, green, black, silver, ice blue, black gray
Style: same style for men and women
Frame: 130mm
Temple Length: 138mm
Mirror width: 45mm
Frame height: 48mm

The Best Retro Trend Sunglasses

9.   KUGUAOK Vintage Rectangular Sunglasses

KUGUAOK’s sunglasses use UV400 lenses, which can block 100% of UVA and UVB radiation, which can effectively filter the glare caused by sunlight reflection, so as to better protect the eyes from long-term UV damage.

The overall design is stylish and retro, ideal for shopping, driving, walking, traveling.

The retro rectangular design makes this basic style easy and versatile for men, women, teens, teens, boys, girls, anyone who wants to look stylish.

Trend Sunglasses

Product Details

Style: same style for men and women
Color: black, green, brown leopard, pink, yellow, etc.
Lens width: 50mm
Lens height: 31mm
Temple Length: 145mm
Nose bridge: 21 mm

10.  Prsr Fashion Vintage Large Frame Sunglasses

Frame Sunglasses

These glasses use nylon lenses, which not only guarantees a smooth and textured mirror surface, but also brings you a high-definition visual experience. The smooth design of the glasses legs is ergonomic and more comfortable to wear. The light nose pads, there is no pressure to wear It can relieve the pressure on the bridge of your nose. The large frame is full of temperament, and the face is small and delicate. It is suitable for women to wear, and it looks elegant and gentle.

Product Details

Color: Gold-grey, green-pink, gold-green-blue
Style: Ladies only
Lens material: nylon
Frame material: metal
Total length of glasses: 142mm
Lens height: 54.5m
Lens width: 63mm
Temple Length: 147


For the choice of sunglasses, not only depends on the style, but also depends on the material of the lens, whether the frame is light, whether it is comfortable to wear, and whether the function of the glasses can meet the requirements. So I don’t know about the sunglasses introduced above. Does anyone like it.


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