How To Use PayPal For Dropshipping?

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What Is PayPal Dropshipping?

PayPal Dropshipping

PayPal is a prominent payment gateway, facilitating the global transfer of funds from one party to another. You can avoid problems by creating a healthy PayPal profile with customer satisfaction.

Should You Use PayPal For Dropshipping?

PayPal cannot be integrated into the online store. We need to look around for alternatives to PayPal.Especially in direct sales, providing PayPal as a payment method will become a problem. For example, if you run an outlet store to deliver products directly from China, longer delivery time is more common.

PayPal’s possible problems when selling directly:

1. Customers complain about PayPal’s long delivery time
2. PayPal almost always agrees with the buyer
3. PayPal will immediately refund the money to the buyer.
4. Your PayPal account will be blocked soon
5. With PayPal, your funds can be kept for 180 days

Advantages of integrating PayPal payment into the direct online store:
1. PayPal payment options build trust
2. Your customers get the best protection

Can You Dropship Without PayPal?

Yes, you can run a direct online store without PayPal!

Amazon Pay/Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay/Amazon Pay

Amazon’s payment option Amazon Pay simplifies payment processing for buyers. All important payment and shipping information is retrieved directly from Amazon, and customers don’t need to enter it again. The classic payment method used by Amazon is now also displayed in your online store. Pay by credit card.



A prepaid version of Skrill. The credit line is credited to Skrill account by credit card or bank transfer, and it is used to pay Skrill partners. Skrill uses standard credit checks to protect merchants and provide payment guarantees.

Stripe Payment

Stripe payment

Payment provider Stripe Payment offers the possibility for websites or applications to accept and send payments worldwide. Applicable to companies of all sizes, online and active retailers in fixed areas. Stripe Payment provides various integration options: Stripe Checkout dynamically adapts to the user’s device and location, ensuring a locally relevant shopping experience, and helping you improve the conversion rate.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay

Apple has been using Apple Pay as a payment service provider for many years, allowing contactless payment in local stores using iPhone or Apple Watch. You can pay by using Apple Pay through the Safari browser or in Apple Pay’s application. You can use the interface provided by Apple for this purpose.

Things You Must Do To Prevent Getting Banned By Paypal

Things You Must Do To Prevent Getting Banned By Paypal

Set Up PayPal Corporate Account

Set up your PayPal corporate account. Personal PayPal accounts should ensure that they invest time to create a dedicated corporate account for outlet stores. Use the business account, submit the necessary business documents, and verify that you are not a liar. Make sure to fill in all necessary details, including information about stakeholders, legal information, etc.

Provide Legal Documents

When creating a PayPal merchant account, you need to submit your name and merchant name.PayPal requires you to provide other documents. The biggest mistake made by shippers is that they don’t carry legal documents and registration certificates with them.

Provide Tracking Information

Select a shipping method that allows you to track and track tracking numbers. You can include the number in the corresponding order when you enter the details in PayPal.Use the tracking number to provide PayPal transportation evidence.

Provide Clear Information About The Delivery Time

Another effective way to limit PayPal’s direct sales ban is to reduce the number of disputes on the account. There is a huge gap between customers’ expectations and reality.

In this case, the biggest challenge for shippers is to deal with disputes that customers report directly to PayPal. No chance to explain their situation to customers. Provide accurate information and delivery date to customers. You can send follow-up emails or short messages to keep customers informed. Providing a tracking number will help track its delivery progress.

Selling Quality Products To Avoid Conflicts

Quality is another factor that leads to conflicts and disputes. Carefully check the samples obtained from suppliers. Knowing the functions and specifications of each product is also essential to better guide customers.

In order to build a good reputation, it is also important to invest time in creating custom product descriptions. You can add high-definition images and videos to highlight the real advantages of the product.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

For any direct sales business, customers are definitely the most valuable assets. Complaints and disputes may damage your reputation. We should establish a good customer relationship.

Handle Your Dispute Wisely

A dispute is a process in which customers can have a conversation for one of the following two reasons.INR, also known as unreceived items; SNAD, also known as is obviously not as described; Make sure to respond to the dispute as soon as possible.


As you can see, you don’t necessarily need PayPal in the direct online store. Integrate it into the store and choose other payment service providers. Of course, PayPal offers many advantages to your potential customers. PayPal can build more trust in online stores. You can easily use other payment service providers. Other payment service providers are very mature.

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