How To Find White Label Products and Start Selling?

White Label products and private-label brands have become big businesses! Today, these products make up more than 20% of packaged consumer goods for U.S. retailers; in some retail channels, such as grocery stores, the number soars to nearly 60%.

In this guide, we’ll cover what a white-label product is, how it works, and how to sell white label products, plus we’ll share the best strategies for you to succeed with the white-label model. Let’s get started!

White-Label Products

A white-label product is a product that is manufactured by one company but sold under a different brand name. In other words, a white label is a product that you sell under your own brand name, but that is manufactured by a third party.

How does White Labeling Work?

As we have discovered, white label products are re-brandable and re-sellable products produced by third parties. Now let’s see how this business model works.

First, the vendor produces a white-label product. Let’s assume it is a new lotion that has no brand, name, or label at all.

The supplier sells their product of this new lotion to another company or individual distributor, and each retailer can label this product as their own. Even though it is identical to the product sold by the other retailer and supports them in labeling and adapting it to the tone of the brand as needed.

Finally, the distributor sells the product to their customer. The key to white labeling is anonymity, which leads many consumers to use the lotion without knowing it is a labeled product.

How To Start a White-Label Business?

There are a few simple steps to get started.
Create Brand

Create brand and branding assets for your business and submit your customizations (refer to each supplier’s specifications and steps).

Find white label products

First, you need to find the white label products you want to sell, then go to the major websites to find companies that can do white-label business. Honest Fulphilment is a good choice! We can customize your white label products with stickers, bags, printed logos, etc.

Customized packaging bags
Customized stickers
Customized boxes
Customized LOGO on products
Set up your dropshipping store

Set up your dropshipping store and sale channels. If applicable, link your supplier to your Shopify store (as in the case of print-on-demand apps).

Get selling!

Everything is ready to start selling!

What are the Advantages of Selling White Label Products?

Now that you have a clearer understanding of what white label products are, we’ve compiled a few reasons to show you the benefits of selling white-label products.

white-label products
Increase the visibility of the brandIf you run a business that requires you to offer multiple services or products from third parties, paying for additional white labeling for all the products you offer is a great way to expand your brand name without being obnoxious, thus increasing public awareness of your brand.
Save time and moneyCreating your own product from scratch may sound like a good idea at some point, but unless you’ve done it before (successfully), you may not know all the effort and resources it takes to create an original product. Why waste time reinventing the wheel when you can white-label it?
Enhances customer loyaltyClearly, the third-party products you white label and add to your offerings are reliable and desirable (or at least they better be!). Every time customers use your white-label products and see your name, they associate it with convenience and quality, and their loyalty to your brand increases.
Leverage the work of expertsIf a third-party developer has the focus and expertise to make a better product than you, simply pay them for the privilege of white-label and enjoy having your brand name attached to their quality work.

How does Honest FulPhilment Work with White-Label Products?

Honest FulPhilment range from world-leading e-commerce enterprises to small independent shippers. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive e-commerce fulfillment solution according to your specific requirements. We have teamwork, integration, and collaboration.

We also provide fully integrated e-commerce fulfillment services, including product procurement, brand promotion, and distribution. What makes us unique is that we can provide complete e-commerce fulfillment services or one of our professional services. No matter what your enterprise needs, we can provide customized performance solutions according to your situation and requirements.

Simply register on our Honest Fulphilment App and submit your purchase request, our company’s professional procurement team will respond as quickly as possible to find white-label products that meet your needs, and when looking for products, we will help you select suppliers at every level to find the most reliable ones. In addition to providing this service, our company also provides a labeling service, the specific details can be clicked here.


If you still don’t understand our various processes, please join our community. We are happy to discuss your needs and help you find the perfect solution.

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