How To Choose An Enterprise eCommerce Solution?

How To Choose An Enterprise eCommerce Solution

With the development of e-commerce, the flow and orders of enterprises are increasing, and the problems they face are also increasing, so enterprise-level eCommerce platforms come into being. This is a platform specifically designed for large enterprises to help them deal with the problem of large orders. This paper introduces the definition, types, advantages, and five enterprise e-commerce platforms. Reading this article can help you choose the best enterprise e-commerce solutions for your company.

What is the Meaning of Enterprise eCommerce?

What is the Meaning of Enterprise eCommerce

Enterprise e-commerce is the production, marketing, sales, and circulation activities of enterprises through the network. It not only refers to the trading activities based on the Internet but also refers to all the business activities that use electronic information technology to solve problems, reduce costs, increase value and create business and trade opportunities, including a series of trade activities through the network from raw material inquiry, procurement, product display, ordering to production, storage, and transportation, electronic payment, etc.

What is an Enterprise eCommerce Platform?

What is an Enterprise eCommerce Platform

Enterprise e-commerce platform is software that helps large enterprises run their business online. And enterprise e-commerce mainly carries on business activity on the net, creating a good office scene for the enterprise. The scalability of the platform is very large. Using it, enterprises can do business better and solve various problems better.

1. Types of Enterprise eCommerce Platforms

  • SaaS-Based Platforms

The SaaS platform provider will deploy the application software on its own server, and the customer can order the required application software service from the manufacturer through the Internet according to the actual work needs and obtain the services provided by the Saas platform provider through the Internet

  • Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS)

IaaS is a service model that provides computer infrastructure to support enterprise operations on an outsourced basis. And IaaS providers provide policy-based services and are responsible for the installation, operation, and maintenance of equipment for their customers.

  • Platform As A Service (PaaS)

In fact, PaaS is a cloud service that sits between the IaaS and SaaS models and provides an environment for the development and running of applications. PaaS provides an environment for developers to build applications. With PaaS services, you don’t have to worry too much about the underlying hardware, and you can easily use many of the services necessary to build an application, such as secure authentication.

What are the Main Advantages of Enterprise eCommerce Platforms?

1. Scientific Management

Through the grasp of the needs and business logic of different types of enterprises, enterprise-level e-commerce can make the operation and management of enterprise e-commerce more scientific.

2. Make More Profit

Enterprises can use various promotional means according to their own characteristics and needs to make profits.

3. More Effective Marketing

Enterprises can use the user management function of the system to have a more comprehensive understanding of users, and carry out more accurate marketing through their consumption behavior and consumption characteristics.

5 Best Enterprise eCommerce Platforms In 2022

1. Shopify Plus

5 Best Enterprise eCommerce Platforms In 2022

Shopify Plus is an enterprise package launched by the platform, which can help sellers expand their business. Its monthly rent is $2000, and its commission rate is lower. It also has advanced functions such as security and API. The seller can achieve faster growth. Shopify Plus users can connect with the platform customer manager to provide support in-store operations, marketing, and promotion.

2. BigCommerce Enterprise

5 Best Enterprise eCommerce Platforms In 2022

BigCommerce is a professional English foreign trade e-commerce independent station-building platform based on SaaS. Ordinary users don’t need to learn any coding knowledge. They just need to register a BigCommerce account, make simple basic account settings, choose a free or paid Theme to decorate the website, and then bind the Paypal collection account to sell the products.

3. Adobe Commerce

5 Best Enterprise eCommerce Platforms In 2022

Adobe’s predecessor is Magento. It is a highly flexible platform, and the price is moderate. And It can bring all marketing techniques together in a single platform to help users create a seamless experience. It is a platform used by most enterprises. It can reduce confusion and help businesses run efficiently.

4. Salesforce Commerce Cloud

5 Best Enterprise eCommerce Platforms In 2022

As a software solution based on cloud computing, Commerce Cloud enables companies to integrate customer experiences in all business fields, including the Web, social networking, mobile phones, stores, etc. From shopping, and order fulfillment to customer service, Commerce Cloud can realize a one-to-one shopping experience through built-in predictive intelligence.

5. Oracle Commerce

5 Best Enterprise eCommerce Platforms In 2022

It uses customer data to build personalized online buyer experiences, innovate quickly, and promote online sales. Moreover, the personalized service it provides can well meet the diversified needs of customers.


To sum up, choosing the right enterprise e-commerce solution is crucial. Because a good e-commerce solution can help you better market your products, reduce customer problems, increase consumer experience, and thereby bring more traffic to your company. Honest Fulphilment is a very good choice, our company provides a full range of services to help you handle everything from order to shipment. You can contact me for more information.

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