How Does Third-Party Fulfillment Work On Shopify?

How Does Third-Party Fulfillment Work On Shopify

Managing order flow in this rapidly changing market is definitely a challenge. It takes time, experience, money, and effort from receiving the order to shipping the product to the customer. This article will analyze the meaning, types, benefits, and how to do it from several perspectives. Taking a few minutes to read will deepen your understanding of fulfillment services, and it will also greatly help your business operations.

What is a Fulfillment Service?

Before you can understand fulfillment services, you must first understand what fulfillment is and how it works. Performance is the process of preparing and shipping customer orders. There are different types of performance services, among which self-fulfillment, third-party fulfillment, and are the three main types.

What is a Fulfillment Service

1. Self-Fulfilment

Self-fulfillment means that the company produces, collects, packs and ships the order itself. These companies have their own warehouses, process inventory, and deliver orders directly to customers. This model is ideal for companies with limited capital, small order volumes, and who want complete control over the entire process.

2. 3PL Fulfillment

Third-party performance means that the enterprise stores the goods in a designated warehouse, and the warehouse helps to receive, inspect and process the order. This type of fulfillment is suitable for companies that do not have abundant storage.

3. Dropshipping

A way to manage the supply chain. Instead of stockpiling merchandise, retailers send customer orders and logistics details to suppliers, who send goods directly to end customers. The difference between the wholesale price and the retail price is what the retailer earns. In this model, retailers do not need a lot of capital to invest in warehouse costs, and only need to focus on the operation and promotion of the website, which has become the main reason why it has become more and more attractive to sellers in recent years.

What is Third-Party Logistics?

What is third-party logistics? Third-party logistics means that production and operation enterprises entrust their own logistics activities to professional logistics companies through contract entrustment according to their own main business. At the same time service enterprises, maintain close contact with logistics enterprises through the use of information systems, and ultimately achieve full control of logistics management. It does not own commodities, does not participate in the sale of commodities, but provides customers with contract-bound, alliance-based, serialized, personalized, information logistics agency services. Third-party logistics usually have the following advantages:

What is Third-Party Logistics

1. Improve the Core Strength of the Enterprise

Since third-party logistics companies are engaged in the projects of multiple logistics operators, they can integrate logistics resources, making logistics operation costs relatively low and logistics operations more efficient. If logistics companies entrust their logistics business to them, you will get more professional services. Logistics services, you will be able to focus on your core business

2. Improve Business Capabilities

Through outsourcing of logistics business, e-commerce companies can hand over logistics tasks to third-party logistics companies, and third-party logistics companies will provide targeted and customized logistics services. It can reduce the impact of logistics facilities and information network lag on enterprises.

3. Save Operating Costs

Third-party logistics can reduce the operating costs of e-commerce companies. Professional third-party logistics providers use the professional and cost advantages of large-scale production to achieve cost savings by improving the utilization rate of resources in each link so that enterprises can benefit from the separation of cost structures.

How does Third-Party Fulfillment Work on Shopify?

Many new customers ask if Honest Fulphilment has integration for Shopify, Now I’m going to show how to add your Shopify store to Honest Fulphilment APP.

1. About Fulphilment App

Honest Fulphilment aims to provide e-commerce fulfillment solutions to a range of companies from the world’s largest e-commerce businesses to small businesses. It is our common end goal to provide a comprehensive e-commerce fulfillment solution according to your specific requirements.

The e-commerce fulfillment services we offer include product distribution, branding, and many integrations. No matter what service you need, we can provide a fulfillment solution tailored to your requirements.

2. Install Honest Fulphilment App on Shopify

  • Enter Your Shopify Address
How does Third-Party Fulfillment Work on Shopify
  • Searching Honest Fulphilment on Shopify APP Store
How does Third-Party Fulfillment Work on Shopify
  • Authorization Success
How does Third-Party Fulfillment Work on Shopify

3. Add Shopify from Honest Fulphilment APP

  • Signup and Login
How does Third-Party Fulfillment Work on Shopify
  • Open The Manage Stores Section
How does Third-Party Fulfillment Work on Shopify
  • Click ManageStores And Add your store now
How does Third-Party Fulfillment Work on Shopify
  • Enter Your Shopify Store URL
How does Third-Party Fulfillment Work on Shopify
  • Note: Enter the default UR provided by Shopify, which you can find in your Shopify admin.
How does Third-Party Fulfillment Work on Shopify
  • When you finished the connection, you can see the pop-up of “Welcome to Honest FulPhilment!”
How does Third-Party Fulfillment Work on Shopify


Starting a new business is never easy. You need to spend some time in advance to ensure that everything is planned before reaching out to potential partners. When choosing the right fulfillment service for you, make sure all the criteria are met and that the company can provide all you need. Never rush into any decision and be sure to ask any questions that are necessary to make an informed decision. If you want to know more, please contact us.

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