Top 10 Most Popular TikTok Dropshipping Products 2023

Now is a great opportunity to promote your dropshipping products. Because Black Friday and Christmas are peak times for people to choose to shop. So is the perfect time for you to make money from dropshipping with Shopify. If you don’t know the best-selling dropshipping products on TikTok, here‘s a list of ten products, which are obtained by searching TikTok’s popular charts and analyzing Google trends.

Top 10 Most Popular Dropshipping Products On TikTok 2022

Winter Slipper Socks

Winter slipper socks have a wide audience and will suit most people. Your consumers must want to throw away all the old socks before. 

This product is creative and designed as a cross between socks and slippers. And it comes with a non-slip sole so you won’t fall on the floor. The inner layer is soft plush and very warm. 

This product is sold for $24.97. The purchase price on AliExpress is $8.76. You can see that AliExpress’s supplier has more than 200 orders and has a 4.8 star. That means this dropshipping product is selling well and customers who buy it think it is a good product. We recommend that you sell three times the total cost of the product, as you also need to pay around $10 for shipping and advertising.

We recommend that you describe how to use the product, its benefits, and its features on the product page. The most important thing is product photo quality. Also, you can promote this dropshipping product on TikTok. You can choose to shoot your own videos and develop your own ads. Shopify ads are a great option. Merchants can send their products to producers and they will create advertisements for them. You can get three videos for just $120.

3D Hairbrush

Throw away the old hairbrush and show this 3D hairbrush that can be opened by pressing a button and then turning on the comb. This dropshipping product has attracted millions of female users on TikTok. 

The product’s unique 3D air cushion design can relieve scalp pressure. A soft comb is good for reducing short hair and frizz. The most unique design is that it can push out the remaining hair on the comb with one click, and it is quick and easy to clean up. The round handle is non-slip and more secure.

We have seen over 100 orders from AliExpress suppliers and a 4.6-star rating, which proves that this product is also trustworthy for a long time. It’s available on AliExpress for $9.19. So we suggest your pricing is 29.99 to 39.99.

You can promote this product to set two different prices, like $29 for a comb, but $39 for both together. The purpose of this is to let your consumers compare the prices of your two products, not yours and someone else’s. Thereby increasing your sales.

Automatic Rolling Ball Cat Toy

This is an automatic rolling ball cat toy. 1.7″ diameter designed for cats. It automatically changes direction when it hits an obstacle and won’t get stuck. And designed with smart mode, you can wake it up with a tap. The most important thing is the Type-C charging design, which is convenient and environmentally friendly, and there is no need to replace the battery repeatedly. The case is sturdy and won’t break.

One dropshipping supplier on AliExpress has 6600 orders and a 4.8 star. We recommend pricing from $29.99 to 39.99 on your online store.

We recommend that you upload videos of cats playing with this toy on TikTok, which is free and will bring you promotional traffic. If you want to make a more beautiful product website, you need to design graphics and add clear and concise descriptions.

Rainbow Projector

LED lights are very popular on TikTok. A video of a rainbow projected on a wall has been viewed 16 million times, with many asking for details and a link to buy the product.

This product is suitable for shooting video, monitor, live TV, YouTube, club, or studio. It is set up with 3 different modes of dynamic projection and has a timing automatic shutdown function. First set the timer, then press the mode switch and a rainbow pattern will appear on your wall or ceiling.

The supplier on AliExpress has just 50 orders and a 4-star rating. This shows that there is not much competition for the product and that customers are satisfied with the product. We recommend your sale price of $39.99.

In your product description, you can have lots of images, GIFs, and short text to introduce product features.

Portable Universal Door Lock

This product can be used to lock the door of a room for safety when traveling or when living alone. Related videos on TioTok have been viewed 10 million times and have attracted the attention of many users.

This portable door lock uses a new L-shaped design that perfectly fits all door locks. The door cannot be opened even if the key is used outside, and the security is very high. And easy to carry. Rugged ABS material resists violent damage.

The site sells for $25. They have over 1,500 orders and a 4.6-star rating on AliExpress. Suggested pricing is $20 to $30.

You can record a video detailing how the lock can be flexibly used on a variety of doors, especially for women who live alone.

Heart Lamp

It also belongs to the LED light category, which is perfect for gift-giving. This product can project a heart on the wall. Switch on and off at the push of a button, it has a soft warm light and is mainly used for room decoration and party events. Its lamp holder is made of plexiglass, which is durable and does not generate heat.

It’s $45 on TikTok. We saw it only had 3 orders on AliExpress. This shows that there are very few suppliers of this product, which means that you have almost no competitors on TikTok. And we learned that LED lights are super popular on TikTok. So we recommend that you price it at $40 to $50.

Butt toner stimulator

This product is suitable for women to shape their buttocks. A related video on TikTok has 150,000 likes and is easily viewed and spread by men. A butt toner stimulator has 6 different modes and gears to meet your desired muscle training effect. Use for 20 minutes a day to shape and firm your buttocks, burn fat, and help you get in shape. It uses the latest EMS technology – EMS sends electrical currents directly to the muscles and promotes muscle movement.

500 orders shown on AliExpress and a 4.5-star rating. So there is a huge demand for this product. The suggested price is $35 to $40.

When you post relevant content and advertisements on TikTok, pay attention, TikTok ads and Facebook ads have special regulations for beauty products. Avoid being disapproved.

Pet Waste Shovel

Pet Waste Shovel

This unique combination of a pet waste shovel and a pet waste box is convenient for pet owners. The unique cat litter shovel can separate all kinds of agglomerated cat litter and can clean up pet litter with one hand. The litter box comes with a garbage bag, convenient and clean. Its spoon PP material is very light in weight.

Related videos have 84,000 likes on TikTok. 100 million people in the United States own pets, so there is a huge market demand for this product.

A supplier with 300 orders is shown on AliExpress with a rating of 4.8. The suggested price for this product is $25-30.

We recommend you use photos, videos, and short texts to show how the product works.

Stainless Steel Ice

Stainless Steel Ice

It is now popular to use stainless steel ice cubes to cool drinks. These metal ice cubes are made of food-grade stainless steel and can be reused. The ice cubes are placed in the freezer, and once they reach low temperature, you can quickly add them to your favorite beverage or alcohol.

AliExpress supplier has 400 orders with 4.8 stars. Shipping is $9, suggested selling price is $20 to $30.

This product is suitable as a gift for men and is very high-end. You can set it up for sale as a set, including ice cubes, clips, and suitcases, which are very attractive to people who travel and enjoy outdoor activities.

Face Beauty Device

Face Beauty Device

For the facial beauty market, we think there are still new sellers that can enter the market. The product has three modes and also includes heating and vibration functions. Can be heated to 45°C in seconds. And you can apply your skin care products to the massage head to enhance absorption and efficacy. Its massage head design is more in line with the contours of the face. It is USB interface charging, very convenient and small, and also suitable for travel use.

This product has more than 2,000 orders on AliExpress, with 4.9 stars. Our suggested item price is $59.99.

It is recommended that you collaborate with influencers on TikTok and post videos using your beauty tools to showcase beauty results. If you are advertising on TikTok, it is recommended that you can quote quotation marks or lines, and the content recommendation is preferably 12 seconds or longer.


TikTok is a good place to get product inspiration, and these 10 products have a lot of popularity and are easy to attract customers. If you are interested in the above products but do not know how to find good dropshipping suppliers, so I suggest you contact Honest FulPhiment.

Honest FulPhilment exclusive purchase group to help you get the best available price premium product. Apart from this, we have been able to help you solve the most painful development and transportation problems.

Dropshipping Product On TikTok FAQ

Does TikTok allow dropshipping?

Yes, you can sell products through TikTok. TikTok has attracted a staggering 689 million monthly users since its launch in 2017. This huge traffic makes TikTok Live the best dropshipping tool!
At the same time, the TikTok platform allows content creators, businesses, and brands to promote and display their works, products, and services to other users in an entertaining, interesting, and innovative form on it.
So, TikTok can totally be a way for you to dropship your business.

How do I use TikTok for dropshipping?

First, create a TikTok business account and connect your Shopify store with TikTok. Then choose the products that are right for your store and your customers. Focus on TikTok rankings and Douyin search hotspots. Then choose the right supplier. Finally, use TikTok to promote your account and products or services. Such as optimizing your account content every day, working with influential people, etc.

What is the best dropshipping niche on TikTok?

Kitchen products. Baking tools. People usually like to read delicious recipes. You are free to post short videos of baking with your products on your account.
Fitness products. Such as yoga mats, dumbbells, etc.
Beauty products.

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