How To Dropship On Facebook Marketplace In 2023?

According to the research, dropship on the Facebook marketplace is still very profitable in 2023. If you’re interested in starting dropshipping on the Facebook Marketplace but have no idea where to start – look no further.

This guide will walk you through it all until it becomes fun and rewarding. Get ready to go from having no prior knowledge to getting your first order!

How To Dropshipping On Facebook Marketplace In 2022

What is Facebook Marketplace?

As Facebook became more mainstream, users began using it as a way to share different resources with their friends. Soon, e-commerce merchants also began posting their products and businesses to attract buyers. Facebook launched Facebook Marketplace in 2015 to provide users with a better and more secure way to sell their products.

Facebook Marketplace enables users with a Facebook account to list products for sale in different categories. It then shows them to potential customers when they visit the Marketplace or search for a specific product on the Facebook search bar.

the facebook marketplace

What are the Pros and Cons of Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping

At this point, you most likely have a clear understanding of what to expect from Facebook Marketplace. Now let’s sum up its pros and cons to help you make a discerning decision.

No limitation to niche
Considerable service for the seller
Safe payment systems
Easy operation
High efficiency
Location Restrictions
Application Restrictions
Policy Restrictions

How to Dropship on Facebook Marketplace?

Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace works simply, read on.

This is the only way you can access the marketplace, and in some countries, such as the United States, your account must have been active for several months before you can start selling.

Do research on the items and browse the Facebook Marketplace to find out which items will be hot sellers among your target audience. Also a great way for you to find products to sell.

Click the menu button and scroll down. Click on “Facebook Marketplace” and select “Sell”. This will redirect you to a page with a form that allows you to list your products in the fields.

Each field is essential and it is important to provide accurate information. (Continue reading. We will provide tips on completing these fields below.

Facebook Marketplace not only allows you to list your products on the marketplace, but more people can see the other products you have listed for sale.

Facebook allows potential customers to contact you via Facebook Messenger. Check your messages often to make sure you don’t miss any inquiries.

When a buyer places an order, share it with your direct sales suppliers to send it to them.

Facebook Market Rules

To learn more about the Marketplace – including what products are unallowed and banned – be sure to check out the Facebook Marketplace’s commerce policy. Make sure what your dropshipping store sells is allowed.

What can be sold on Facebook Marketplace
Baby and kids’ items
Women’s clothing and shoes
What cannot be sold on Facebook Marketplace
Digital products or subscriptions
Weapons, ammunition, or explosives
Illegal, prescription, or recreational drugs
Medical or healthcare products
Tobacco products and related paraphernalia
Ingestible supplements
Adult products and services
Real money gambling services
Real, virtual, or fake currency
Misleading, deceptive, or offensive items
Recalled products

The Ban of Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace

For the development of your business and use Facebook marketplace for dropshipping, you need to know how to run your store, and you also need to know the ban on the Facebook marketplace.

Matching between photo and product

Dropshipping is a business model that doesn’t involve keeping stock of your products, but you need to ensure your product advertising is genuine, and you need to ensure your product photo matches your actual product to avoid negative reviews and complaints from users.

Issues with credit card

If you have an unpaid balance or your credit card can’t cover the spend of your ad, you will have to search for an alternative payment method. Besides, if the first and last names of your Facebook user account don’t match your credit card details, Facebook will ask for verification. So, to avoid the red flags, it is necessary to ensure your personal information matches your payment information.

Selling illegal products

According to Facebook advertising policies, certain products or services are prohibited or restricted. About the details, you’d better to read the listing guidelines before listing products.

Matching between ad and landing page

For creating a safe transaction atmosphere, when facebook reviews your ads, Facebook not only looks at the ad itself but also the landing page where you send users. The aim of the measure is to ensure that buyers can not be misguided away from the platform with a false claim.

Ad Quality

As an important role in the Facebook store, the quality of advertisement usually affects the customers’ first impression of the product they want to source, such as proper grammar, spelling, mistakes, pixels, wrong formatted photos, and so on. These details will bring down your account, so you need to pay more attention to them.

False claim and promise

Facebook isn’t a fan of false claims or exaggerated promises, especially in health. So, you need to be careful if you dropship alternative medicine or supplements and post” before and after” photos. Ad visuals like these are strictly forbidden.

Advertising from a new Facebook user account

You will receive a red flag if you didn’t have a personal Facebook account and created one just for advertising. Before starting dropship on the Facebook marketplace, you need to use Facebook for several months.

Frequency of rejected ads

Before posting an advertisement on the Facebook marketplace, the first thing you need to read the policies and the terms on the platform seriously so that your advertisement can not be rejected frequently.

High negative feedback

For dropshipping on the Facebook marketplace, it is necessary to ensure your store doesn’t have high negative feedback. Because if your store gets a high negative feedback rate, your account might be banned eventually.

Knowing about how to dropship on the Facebook marketplace, you also may be curious about the best items to dropship on the Facebook marketplace.

Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Facebook Marketplace You Must Know

At present, there are several best dropshipping suppliers for Facebook dropshipping, such as AliExpress, Doba, Salehoo, CJ Dropshipping, Honest FulPhilment, and so on. As for AliExpress, Doba, Salehoo, and CJ Dropshipping, you maybe learned about them from the internet before. So, we mainly talk about HonestFulphilment today.

Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Facebook Dropshipping you Must Know

Founded in 2019, Honest FulPhilment is a company that mainly provides e-commerce dropshipping fulfillment services from sourcing to shipping, such as product sourcing, branding, logistics, and so on. And we can also be integrated with some dropshipping platforms, such as Shopify and woocommerce.

Product Sourcing
The product sourcing service of Honest FulPhilemnt can be broken down into separate aspects: product sourcing, packaging, branding, and assembly along with product inspection and quality control. So, if you work with HonestFulPhilment, you can save more time and energy, and you can pay more attention to the expansion of your business.


Honest FulPhilment can provide a variety of branding services and custom services, such as custom logos, custom labels, custom packages, and so on. At the same time, HonestFulphilment can provide professional product photography, and that includes convenience for dropshipping owners.


At present, Honest FulPhilment can offer an array of logistics services from storage and shipping of products to 3PL worldwide fulfillment and dropshipping whatever your business needs. Besides, in order to keep you updated in real-time on stock levels, shipping progress, and orders, Honesfulfillment also offers customers an inventory management system that integrates with your online e-commerce platform. The considerable logistics service can help dropshipping business owners make a good impression on their customers.


About how to dropship on the Facebook marketplace, the passage makes a basic introduction from what is facebook marketplace to how to select the best dropshipping suppliers for Facebook dropshipping.

If you want to dropship on the Facebook marketplace, and if you want to find the best dropshipping suppliers for the Facebook marketplace in China, Honest FulPhilment may be a good option for you.

Dropshipping on the Facebook Marketplace FAQ

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