2022 Custom Packaging for Dropshipping

2022 Custom Packaging for Dropshipping

Your customer has been waiting a long time for his product and might have a first negative impression about your business as a poorly packaged product.

A branded unboxing experience enables you to make receiving and unwrapping your product bigger than just the product. Unwrapping their product becomes an event itself, which delivers extra value to your customer at a relatively low cost to you.

 dropshipping custom packaging

Shipping your products in custom packaging on AliExpress is not an easy task.

At the same time, it’s too complicated to use a third-party service to pack your order into custom packaging after your AliExpress supplier has placed it.

Honest Fulphilment can help you create an impressive and attractive dropshipping branding experience that wows your customers and allows you to focus on what you do best.

HF Platform – Ordering, Setting Up Custom & Branded Packaging

We don’t put restrictions on your imagination, and with China being the manufacturing hub of the world, you can create the most stunning, highest quality parcels in a timely manner without breaking the bank!

Utilise our other services to get the most out of your branding. We can store your goods at our warehouse, take professional photos and video shoots, process your fully kitted orders automatically via our platform, or just bulk ship your packages to any destination of your choice around the world.

Dropshipping boxes

As many of you know, if you buy dropshipping products from an AliExpress seller or another similar marketplace, you cannot personalize or modify your products with your logo, or require them to ship in custom packaging. These marketplaces do not offer this service, so it may be difficult to place personalized orders with logos or packaging.

Today, more and more direct sellers are looking for a better way to sell private label products, create their own brand, and build customer loyalty.

First, you need to find a Chinese supplier who agrees to use your logo on their products, and explain to them what size, color, and location you want to print, all trying to communicate with Chinese suppliers. English vocabulary is usually very limited, many times, they will misunderstand your meaning and make packaging that is completely different from your imagination, wasting a lot of time.
Honest Fulphiment is a company you only need to provide product links, and box logo styles, then they will help you find the most suitable product packaging. Any style, any color, any packaging.

Dropship packaging supplies

Sometimes, the experience of unpacking something is more important than the actual product. We understand the impact this can have, and it should never be underestimated.

In the majority of cases, the moment your customer receives a parcel and starts unpacking/unwrapping will determine their satisfaction with the product.

Picture this. You’re an online watch retailer and decide to send an order of a single watch in a plastic bag. No jewellery box, no thank you card, no branded mailer or box – nothing (a typical dropshipping mistake).

No matter how good the watch is, their mind will have already been made up and will expect the product to be of inferior quality. This increases the chances of receiving a complaint from a  customer, and it’s possible they could return the item and ask for a refund.

On the other hand, if you pack the watch in an instantly recognisable parcel, the positive expectation is already set and your customer becomes excited.

In order to keep that excitement, there has to be a surprise or incentive before the product is visible.

With our set brand packages, We offer the less experienced eCommerce website owners a hassle free, impressive kitting and branding bundle. 

A branded mailing bag, thank you card, promo insert and gifts can transform an otherwise boring and underwhelming experience into an exciting and memorable one, enticing your customers to come back for more!

Dropshipping packaging Reddit

We can see many customers searching for customized packaging on Reddit, and looking for suitable companies to cooperate with and provide customized packaging they want.

Since you are not in China, it may be difficult for you to communicate with them, and usually, their English is not very good.
Especially in custom packaging, if you misunderstand each other, it will cause more trouble.

In order to avoid these problems and to have all your orders shipped with your custom packaging, please contact us.

Honest Fulphilment can help you find the products you want to sell, and complete your custom packaging before arranging your shipment to send out.

You don’t need to worry about product size, packaging inconsistency, and poor language communication.

Contact us to solve the unified packaging of all kinds of products in your store.

Private label dropshipping

Private label dropshipping is the rebranding of third-party products as your own, shipping directly to customers, and you don’t need to store any inventory. It gives you the maximum flexibility in what you sell to your customers, how you ship it to them, and how you repackage it.

On our software, you can easily ask for a quote for the private label of your packaging. Buy online and store for free in our warehouse, ready to use to pack your order.

Register for a free account at Honest Fulphilment.

How to put your logo on dropshipping

Branding is essential if you want to increase your brand’s visibility. Whether you’re selling your own products or dropshipping items, a strong, consistent brand identity is the key to explosive growth for your eCommerce business.

More customers will repurchase next time because they like your packaging and your logo design.

There are five different ways to add a logo for your products.

Custom Inserts Thank You Cards

If you’d like an exact quote for your requirements or you’d like to find out more information, get in touch with our friendly team today.