2023 Custom Packaging For Dropshipping

Custom packaging for dropshipping is essential. As a business, you know that product packaging is of utmost importance. It’s the first thing your customers see, and it can ultimately make or break a sale. 

Just imagine if your customer has been waiting for a long time for his product, and the first impression of your dropshipping business is a poorly packaged product. At this time you are very likely to lose them and profits.

The entire unboxing experience enables customers to receive and open the product, rather than just focusing on the product itself. That is to say, custom packaging for dropshipping can provide your customers with added value at a relatively low cost.

Now brand packaging customization is another opportunity for your dropshipping profits. Follow this page to learn what and how to customize your packaging.

Custom Packaging for Dropshipping

Custom packaging for dropshipping refers to unique packaging designed around your product. Packaging can be customized by printing your logo in patterns, shapes, pictures, or anything else your business wishes to incorporate into your brand. On the one hand, this is to highlight the characteristics of your product, and on the other hand, it is to better protect the product.

Custom packaging can differentiate your products from those of your competitors. This will make your store appear more authentic compared to many other dropshipping sellers selling the same product.

If you want to try custom packaging. You can enlist the help of a third-party fulfillment company. They will meet your specific packaging needs. And they usually have experience with various packaging materials and types to handle your product packaging quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of Getting Custom Packaging When Dropshipping

Using custom packaging for dropshipping requires more investment than traditional dropshipping, but the following benefits make it more than worth it.
Build your own brands

There are millions of e-commerce stores operating around the world. With so much competition, it has become very important to have a unique selling point for dropshipping.

Instead of using your marketing efforts to help other businesses grow, why not sell the same products under your own brand? Custom packaging allows you to build a brand that makes you stand out from other general stores.

Here’s how your package will look when you are dropshipping the way many other dropshippers do it.

And, here’s how it looks when you are using custom packaging:

If you were a customer, which packaging would you prefer to receive? And which of these companies would you consider purchasing products from in the future?

You’d prefer to receive a product in custom packaging, right? That’s why you need custom packaging to build your brand.

Higher profit margins

The general idea of dropshipping is to fulfill orders directly through suppliers while keeping a percentage of the profit on each sale.

So, in traditional dropshipping, you don’t make much money unless you’re selling a high-priced product. But with custom packaging, you present yourself as a brand and gain more authority over your product. This credibility will provide you with a more stable base to work from and allow you to maintain a higher profit margin when dropshipping.

Build customer loyalty

Building customer loyalty should be the primary goal of every business owner. Without custom packaging, you’re letting this opportunity slip away. Having your company’s logo and name on the packaging will not only expand brand awareness it will also effectively build customer loyalty.

This is why if you have significant experience in traditional dropshipping, then it’s time to start focusing on building a brand to retain your traffic.

Contribute to long-term development

Only 10% of dropshippers survived their first year of operation. This leads people to believe that dropshipping is dying or that the business model is no longer as effective. However, this is far from the truth. Just like any other business, dropshipping requires innovation. You need to learn to adapt to changing times and constantly develop innovations.

Therefore, the key to long-term sustainability is to custom package your product and promote yourself as a brand. This will give you an edge over tens of thousands of stores.

Dropshipping Custom Packaging Included Supplies

Dropshipping custom packaging includes many things, such as branded pouches, custom boxes, thank-you cards, promotional inserts, and more. These can transform an otherwise boring and bland unboxing experience into an exciting and memorable experience that will keep your customers coming back for more!

Custom packaging bags

Custom bags

Fulfillment companies can provide you with many categories of bags that can be customized to fit your needs. They allow you to print your own brand logo or other content on these bags.

For some small and flexible products, such as clothes or food, it is recommended to use ordinary mailing bags. Bubble Mailers or fleece bags are great for grooming or cosmetic uses that need extra cushioning. If your customers have special needs, biodegradable bags, luminous bags, etc. are all available. In addition, the choice of bag color can also be varied.

Custom packaging boxes

Custom boxes

Custom packing boxes are commonly used. It is the most direct way of marketing your product.

Generally, there are two options. If you consider the quality of the product received by the customer, you can give priority to customizing a gift box with good quality and thicker. If you have budget requirements, you can only customize a slightly lighter box but make the logo more prominent.

At the same time, most companies will have MOQ requirements for customized boxes. Generally, 500-1W boxes can be customized, the more the quantity, the lower the price. Our prices can be viewed by clicking here.

Custom hang tags

Custom hang tags

A hang tag is a brand label attached to your product. Can be used to add information about a product.
Even if it’s just such a small tag, it can most directly stimulate your customers’ feelings about your products.

But you may find that when you cooperate with many product factories, most of them cannot help you add logos to the products themselves. Even if they can, they usually have a high MOQ or high tooling costs.

At this time, you can choose a packaging fulfillment company that can customize the hang tag, and they can do it. For example, if you dropshipping clothes, they can help you customize the logo on the chest of the clothes, and of course, change the tag.

Custom tape

Have you ever purchased something online and received a package sealed with tape, emblazoned with the store’s branding, promotion, or other instructions? This is a Personalized Custom Packaging Tape. You may also be very careful about this and want to use custom tape with your own logo. Because it will make a stronger impression on your customers. And make them feel that your product is unique. In this way, it will greatly enhance the brand awareness of your dropshipping business and appear more professional.

So what can you print on custom tape? You can print your brand logo, company contact QR code, bar code, and other information you need.

Thank you card

There are many types of thank-you messages, such as handwritten thank-you cards, free giveaways or samples, coupons, inserts, and more.

Sincerely expressing gratitude to your customers can bring you closer to your customers. At the same time, the purpose of the thank you card is to let customers deepen their memory of the brand again. But when preparing a handwritten thank you card, it is best to make sure that the color scheme of the thank you card is the same as that of the entire brand.

How Can I Find a Custom Packaging Service?

We can see many customers searching for customized packaging on Reddit, and looking for suitable companies to cooperate with and provide the customized packaging they want.

Since you are not in China, it may be difficult for you to communicate with them, and usually, their English is not very good. Especially in custom packaging, if you misunderstand each other, it will cause more trouble.

Custom Packaging Service

In order to avoid these problems and to have all your orders shipped with your custom packaging, please contact us. Honest Fulphilment can help you find the products you want to sell, and complete your custom packaging before arranging your shipment to send out. Contact us to solve the unified packaging of all kinds of products in your dropshipping store.

Utilize our other services to get the most out of your branding. We can store your goods at our warehouse, take professional photos and video shoots, process your fully kitted orders automatically via our platform, or just bulk ship your packages to any destination of your choice around the world.

HF Platform – Ordering, Setting Up Custom & Branded Packaging


You now have to start custom packaging to satisfy your customers more. So what do you do when you need dropshipping custom packaging that meets your specific fulfillment needs? Turn to Honest FulPhilment, a leading provider of custom product packaging solutions. If you’d like an exact quote for your requirements or you’d like to find out more information, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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