Contract Logistics vs. 3PL: What You Need To Know Before Outsourcing

Contract Logistics vs. 3PL: What You Need To Know Before Outsourcing

For enterprises, business outsourcing can help them reduce costs, improve work efficiency, and give play to their core competitiveness. It is a business strategy for enterprises to give full play to the utilization rate of internal resources and improve their competitiveness. There are many forms of outsourcing, which makes the choice of enterprises difficult. This article highlights the competitive advantages of contract logistics and 3PL. By reading this article, you can gain information and tips on contract logistics and 3PL to move your business forward more smoothly.

What is Contract Logistics and How does it Work?

Contract logistics refers to the transportation of products and the delivery of services to customers. It is aimed at manufacturers and logistics service providers. The workflow of contract logistics involves product production lines, storage and distribution, inventory management, and final distribution, forming a complete supply chain link. Contract logistics provides security anywhere in the supply chain where e-commerce inventory is required. It also needs to act as a bridge between businesses and retailers.

What is Contract Logistics and How does it Work

What is 3PL?

3PL is a form of business outsourcing, including the management of the company’s outsourced logistics and supply chain. Such as product procurement, commodity warehousing, inventory management, order fulfillment, goods packaging, distribution, and transportation services.

  1. Product Procurement

Order and receive goods from other parts of the supply chain.

  1. Commodity Warehousing

To provide a temporary storage location for commodities, so that enterprises can store their commodities safely and reliably, and reduce business costs.

  1. Inventory Management

Help enterprises to complete the inventory tracking work, optimize the inventory level, and realize the minimum cost, so as to achieve the purpose of improving customer satisfaction.

  1. Order Fulfillment

Receive, pick and pack orders from customers, and arrange the delivery of orders.

  1. The Packing Material Of The Goods

Use packing boxes, bubble wrap, or other packing materials to complete the packing of goods to ensure the safety of the goods during transportation.

  1. Distribution And Transportation Of Products

From the time you choose a carrier to the time you ship the goods to the customer, you don’t have to worry about it. Because 3PL takes care of all the details of the shipping and shipping process for you. This gives you more time to expand and grow your business.

What Is 3PL

Contract Logistics vs. 3PL: Which One Should you Choose?

Although contract logistics and 3PL are often confused by people, there is a clear difference between them.

  1. Logistics Transportation

Contract logistics is responsible for arranging transportation services and routes of goods, while 3PL provides more comprehensive logistics services.

  1. Order Management

And contract logistics focuses on delivery management, while 3PL has a more complete inventory management system and real-time tracking service.

  1. Order Distribution

Contract logistics is the best choice for supervision and delivery management. And If it is necessary to deliver goods to customers at the lowest cost and the fastest speed, 3PL will bear the brunt.

  1. Transportation Safety

Contract logistics is suitable for merchants who have enough time to select and package orders. 3PL can make merchants rest assured about the safety of cargo transportation in the most efficient way and with the most transparent visibility.

  1. Operating System

Contract logistics has certain restrictions in business operations. While 3PL has a relatively perfect system to provide as much flexibility as possible for merchants’ implementation process.

  1. Advantage Analysis

Contract logistics provides retailers with the advantage of increasing quantity. While 3PL achieves the purpose of increasing repeat customers by enabling customers to receive the logistics information of orders in real-time.

It can be seen that the services provided by 3PL are more diverse and can better meet the standards selected by enterprises or merchants.

3 Best 3PL Companies for Handling your Logistics in 2022

1. ShipBob

3 Best 3PL Companies For Handling Your Logistics In 2022

With efficient inventory allocation, real-time tracking of orders, data analysis, and summarization, ShipBob has taken the lead in the 3rd Logistics rankings. Its advantage lies in the network of logistics centers throughout the country. After customers place an order, the system will automatically select the warehouse or carrier of the merchant, so that the merchant can get as much profit as possible.

2. Simpl Fulfillment

3 Best 3PL Companies For Handling Your Logistics In 2022

Simpl Fulfillment ranks No. 1 among 3PL fulfillment companies in terms of technical content, so merchants who choose this 3PL fulfillment company can maximize their business with complete confidence. In addition, Simpl Fulfillment synchronizes all stores into one platform so that ordered goods are delivered to customers in the shortest time.

3. Honest FulPhilment

3 Best 3PL Companies For Handling Your Logistics In 2022

Honest Fulphilment provides basic services such as inventory receipt, storage, order fulfillment, and shipping, as well as customized packaging, brand design, and centerfold production, giving your products an edge in packaging and maximizing customer satisfaction. In addition, Honest Fulphilment only charges packaging and shipping fees for pricing, and its 3PL platform is an all-user-friendly and transparent system that’s easy to use, so businesses can easily process orders without having to deal with complex and incomprehensible pricing structures.


For businesses engaged in e-commerce, the benefits of 3PL go far beyond that. In addition, if you are going to outsource, it is important to understand the services, capabilities, and roles of different logistics providers to help you make the right decision about who to work with. But with so many logistics providers visible in the market, the choice becomes particularly difficult. If you would like to know more about outsourcing logistics, please contact us.



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