6 Best Sexy Lingerie Outlet Store In 2023

Are you looking for Sexy Lingerie?

Sexy lingerie doesn’t just appear on special nights like Valentine’s Day. Anytime you can have sexy lingerie next to your bed to make your dates and nights spicy and sexy.

It’s hard enough to buy lingerie, let alone erotic lingerie. Consider that people will feel shy and blush when buying erotic lingerie at a lingerie store. You might be better off selling sexy erotic lingerie online.

So where can you find a good online lingerie outlet store?

As we know, China is the largest exporter of lingerie, and the lingerie manufacturing base known as “the world’s sexy lingerie factory” is located in Jiangsu, China. So choosing a Chinese lingerie wholesale supplier is the best choice.

We find out the best sexy lingerie dropshipping suppliers on AliExpress. Let’s see together.

Best Sexy Lingerie Outlet Store

6 Best AliExpress Sexy Lingerie Outlet Store In 2023



ELLOLACE is a popular sexy lingerie outlet store on AliExpress. They are located in Guangdong, China. They provide a variety of fashionable and adult sexy lingerie with a sense of design.

Their lingerie ranges from $6-$28. The price is relatively not particularly cheap. But all their lingerie will have a different degree of discount. And you get $20 off every $200 you spend in their stores.

They have excellent feedback. This means that very few customers are dissatisfied with their underwear. This is very important.

The Lace Sheer Embroidery Three-Piece lingerie is one of the best-selling underwear in their store. There are more than 5900 orders.

ELLOLACE-best selling

This lingerie outlet store support dropshipping and wholesale sexy lingerie. Goods can be sent directly to your customers. And they promise not to reveal any information about them to your customers. And orders are usually ready to ship within 3 days of your payment.

The most important point is that they support free shipping and free returns. It’s great for your business.

Ladies Room Store

Ladies Room Store
Ladies Room Store-feedback

Ladies Room Store is a sexy lingerie wholesaler and is popular with ladies. They have been open for three years. Besides sexy adult lingerie, they also sell sexy panties, swimwear, women’s sports bras, fishnet stockings, and more.

They promise to ship usually within 1-5 days of receiving payment. They also support drop shipping. And for wholesale, they offer discounts and free shipping.

MARY&RAPTOR Mary Secret Store

MARY&RAPTOR Mary Secret Store
MARY&RAPTOR Mary Secret Store-feedback

MARY&RAPTOR Mary’s Secret Store is a store that just opened in 2021 years. Although the store has a short history, its score is quite high, with an average of 4.8. They are one of the highest-rated erotic lingerie stores on AliExpress.

Their sexy lingerie comes in a variety of styles and offers a variety of uniform sets, making it the best place to shop for lingerie for your cosplay experience. Their best-selling item is the strappy maid outfit erotic lingerie, with 3000+ orders. They also have great customer reviews.

Shop xi zhou Store

Shop xi zhou Store
Shop xi zhou Store-feedback

Shop xi zhou Store has only been open for a year, so they have very few fans. This means you will have less competition selling their products.

Their sexy lingerie style is more avant-garde, full of hotness and sexiness, which fully conforms to the aesthetics of Europe and America. In addition to the sexiest lingerie, they also provide bikinis, sweaters, sweaters, and other clothing products.

Their lingerie is really cheap, about $1-10. And many products can be bought for about $2. This means you will have huge profits.

Their best-selling product is see-through fishnet erotic lingerie. Almost all positive reviews.

Shop xi zhou Store-best selling

They promise that they will usually deliver the goods on the same day after the order is placed, but they will also guarantee that the goods will be delivered within 7 days in special circumstances.



As one of the top brands of sexy lingerie on AliExpress, Yimunancy always provides high-quality and stylishly designed lingerie. They have been in business for four years.

They have cheap sexy lingerie, around $6-15. And get $15 off every $300 you spend in their stores.

Their most popular style is the One-piece Backless Bodysuit. This one has more than 4,000 orders and a 4.9 rating.

Yimunancy-best selling

Their materials and quality are well received by the vast majority of customers. And they offer free shipping and free returns. Delivery time is 2-3 weeks. In keeping with their good reputation, they guarantee the style will be as shown in the pictures.

MeiKeDaiNicey Store

MeiKeDaiNicey Store
MeiKeDaiNicey Store-feedback

MeiKeDaiNicey Store has been in business since 2020 and they are located in Guangdong, China.

Most of their lingerie is a cool style. But if you need other sexy lingerie porn, they can also meet your needs.

They have received much praise for their high-quality fabrics and seamless seam technology. You’ll feel super comfortable in their underwear!

They promise delivery within 10-25 days. This AliExpress underwear supplier has a 4.8-star rating due to free shipping and free returns.

Their most popular product is the See-Through Exotic Sets lingerie. The fabric is so comfortable and light that it has a score of 4.9.

MeiKeDaiNicey Store-best selling


The lingerie market has been growing at a steady rate. People can buy any sexy lingerie online to their heart’s content thanks to AliExpress. Choosing the best lingerie outlet store on AliExpress depends on its years of operation, store rating, and customer feedback.

If you currently want or already have lingerie outlet store, and want to find a reliable supplier in China, go here.

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Erotic Lingerie Supplier FAQ

Is it profitable to dropship Erotic lingerie?

Yes. The markup of lingerie is quite high. Generally speaking, the gross profit margin of the lingerie business is around 58%, which is quite high. So you can benefit from it. And sexy lingerie is best sold online.
But the key is that you can find quality sexy lingerie that stands out in the market. Where can you find it? Contact Honest FulPhilment.

How to start a sexy lingerie bussiness?

Create a lingerie outlet store. You can use Shopify or Woocommerce to design a store directly.
Choose lingerie styles and products that suit your audience.
Find a reliable supplier.
Market your store and products.

How to choose a dropshipping Sexy Erotic Lingerie supplier?

A high-quality Sexy Erotic Lingerie supplier should have the following characteristics:
There are sufficient product quantities. An extensive product library means you can change and launch products at will according to your target customers.
Able to update products in time. Women’s sexy lingerie is a fashion industry, and fashion trends are changing all the time, professional suppliers must be able to catch the right direction.
Professional service team. The business of dropshipping underwear always needs to contact suppliers frequently, so it is very important whether the supplier can reply to your message in time.
Lower MOQs. You may want to create your own brand by direct selling underwear, low MOQ can save cost.
More comprehensive service content. The more services your lingerie supplier offers, the more time and energy you can spend on getting things right.

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