The Information You Need To Know About 3PL Partner

For whatever reason, your fulfillment operations may struggle to keep up. However, there are 3PL partners who will improve your fulfillment and overall business operations in a number of ways.

Follow this page to choose the right partner according to your business needs.

3PL Partner

Third-party logistics refers to the main logistics practical operation service, including warehousing management, transportation management, packaging, handling, logistics processing, etc.

A third-party logistics Partner means manufacturers cooperate with a specialized logistics service company to depute their own Logistics work and keep in touch with the logistics company to take control of the logistics process.

More EconomicalThe most important benefit of finding a 3PL partner is that it provides you with a fulfillment center, warehouse space, picking service, transportation, and other services that will help you save your money and it is unnecessary for you to worry about the next fulfillment logistics.
More EfficientIf you choose to solve all the work by yourself, it will be complicated and easy to encounter problems or get into trouble, you have to spend time solving them. It makes no sense. Instead, if you have a 3PL Partner, they will solve everything efficiently, giving you more time to run your business.
More AccurateThe 3PL Partner has the ability to provide you with every step of the process, you can make your request specifically.

How to know about a 3PL partner?

Evaluate Their Logistics Operations 

How many warehouses do you have?
Do you have a warehouse in my area?
Have you cooperated with some suppliers?

Ask About The Costs

What are your hours of work?
How many shipments do you receive on a basis?
Do you provide custom gift messages or gift cards?

Get Communication Expectations

Shipping notices
Inventory counts
Receiving stock

Determine Delivery Service

How do they pay for delays?
Are there any hidden rules?
Do they have excellent customer references?

Ask For Integrations

Is their software easy to use?
How to integrate with your Shopify store?
Are there some reference videos?

The Criteria for Selecting a 3PL Partner?

An excellent 3PL partner is able to meet all your needs in the whole process and also enjoys a good reputation in the industry. Thus, I will take Honest FulPhilment as an example.

The first step of service is receiving the goods on time. After receiving the stocks, then it is time to put them into storage. Like Honest FulPhilment, They are located in central China and they have enough space and higher efficiency to receive goods.


3pl warehousing service should effectively handle large amounts of materials, with the smallest funds used. For Honest FulPhilment:

In-house Software. They have their own in-house software to make 3pl easier, more efficient, and lower price.
17 3PL Warehouses. They have 17 3PL warehouses around the world, they will carry your goods to one of these 3PL locations all with the same, clear pricing.
Free Storage. The most important thing is they will give you 2 months of free storage. As long as you have the order to process, they do not charge you any storage fees.

If your CMS is through Shopify or WooCommerce, the Honest FulPhilment app can automatically handle the rest of your order work, including letting the warehouse pick it up, and ensuring the process is accurate. Meanwhile, you can also order logo packaging in this app to make your products more unique and irreplaceable.


The 3pl partner also offers direct services to your customer and to businesses.  For Honest FulPhilment: you can choose a lot of shipping methods that clearly show the cost of money and time. And their tracking software integrates with your e-Commerce platform to follow the tracks of the orders and their fulfillment that applies to all 17 3PL warehouses.


If you’re ready to do your first work with a 3PL or you want to seek out more cooperation. Please Contact Us!

3PL Partner RFQ:

How does a 3PL work?

What does 3PL stand for?

Need a Quick Quote?

– Competitive price
– Quote within 24 hours
– 30+ Shipping methods
– Dedicated account manager
– Shopify/Woo integrations
– Autofulfil
– Auto tracking
– Plus much, much more

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