Who is The Best Dropshipping Podcast?

The term podcast was coined in 2004 by combining the words iPod and broadcast. It refers to audio programs produced by individuals or organizations that are distributed over the Internet.

Podcast is a kind of digital broadcasting technology. It started with a piece of software called iPodder combined with portable players. Podcast recordings are usually webcasts or similar Internet audio programs, which can be downloaded to their iPods, MP3 players or other portable digital audio players to listen to.

A podcast is a radio program produced by publishing files on the Internet and allowing users to subscribe to a feed to automatically receive new files. This new method became popular on the Internet in late 2004 for distributing audio files.

3 Reasons Podcasts Will Benefit You

  1. Podcasts are an efficient source of useful knowledge. There are some differences between podcasts and other similar media. For example, compared with traditional radio broadcasting, the production of podcasts may be more sophisticated, the information density is larger, and the theme and topic attributes are more obvious.
  1. From the listener’s perspective, podcasting is a meaningful way to fill your time. For example, I used to listen to music while sitting on the high-speed train or taking a walk, but now I may prefer to listen to podcasts, which can directly contact with some of the world’s most outstanding thinkers and scholars, and become an integral part of my life.
  1. From a content production perspective, podcasts provide more honest and credible information and perspectives. If you want to write an article, some experience and thinking people can write, do not have to have a famous writer and editor or we media creators. But there is a big difference between transmitting sound advice and experience, and this is harder to distinguish from words, because words can be embellished, and it’s easier to distinguish in a conversation whether someone is credible and knows what they’re talking about. Podcasts can help people find people who are actually making sense.

10 Best Dropshipping Podcasts You Must Follow

  1. Stochastic Volatility Podcast

Perhaps one of the most popular women’s podcasts of recent times is Stochastic Volatility a pan-cultural show created by three female media personalities. We can talk about literature, science, art, film, science and engineering. Our guests are also outstanding women from all walks of life. Each program lasts a little more than an hour. The audience is more female

  1. New York Culture Salon
New York Culture Salon

It is organized by a New York Chinese students of online and offline activities to start-up the speaker is Dr Us more, now also will invite all areas of professional speaker, speak a lot of social problems in the United States, because involves the offline salon, so the speaker is basically in accordance with the standards of academic report, but also because it is offline, so the sound quality is very good also. Each episode lasts about an hour. The audience group is more inclined to be interested in cultural and social issues.

  1. Ryuuu TV

The husband and wife channel of Ryu, a Malaysian boy who has lived in Japan for a long time, and Yuma, a Japanese girl who has studied in Taiwan, mainly explores Japanese culture. Both speak Chinese, so they are very friendly to the domestic audience. RyuuuTV has always been very down-to-earth in the topic selection of videos. Clip dolls, go shopping and take short trips are all my favorite scenes. Occasionally, some “Japanese stars” will be invited to participate in the interaction, and the response is also good. Short videos are also shorter and easier to watch

  1. TESTV

Better Try Before You Buy! TESTV is one of the digital evaluation media in China. The core of them is not the monotonous introduction out of the box, but the experience of daily use. Professional and interesting, self-directed and self-performed small theater not only reflects the features of the product, but also makes the couple deeply rooted in people’s hearts. In addition to experiencing the latest digital products, from time to time there are also team activities such as barbecue climbing, so that the audience can get to know this interesting group from another side.

  1. Captain

Joe a German captain opened the civil aviation science channel, is a good place to learn aviation knowledge. Can a normal person fly a plane? Where do flight attendants sleep on long flights? What does the captain take with him to work? Joe will give the answers in a concise and understandable way based on his work experience.

  1. PoliceActivity

PoliceActivity, a channel based on the body cameras of police officers in the United States, offers more raw and dangerous footage than the edited version of “Live Patrol.” High-speed chases and shootouts on the highway explain why American police officers are considered the most dangerous profession in the world.

  1. Bald and Bankrupt
Bald and Bankrupt

The tourist Vlogger, who calls himself Bald, was born Benjamin Rich, an Englishman. He is best known for his solo trips to the former Soviet Union and underdeveloped regions far from the mainstream. Belarus, Azerbaijan, Albania, Moldova, Bolivia, India… Fluent in Russian, Hindi and English, he was in his element in these unfamiliar countries. A barbecue in the Chernobyl zone is fun, and a walk in South America’s most dangerous neighborhood is routine.

  1. Raiti’s Rides

Raiti’s Rides is a car Youtuber. His characteristic is that he updates new cars quickly and timely, and he will drive them to take videos as soon as a new car is released in North America. From 360-degree reviews of the exterior and interior to on-the-road experience sharing, check out his video One of the best ways to get a visual look at your new car.

  1. SciShow Space

It’s a spinoff of SciShow, and it’s all about astronomy, cosmology, space exploration, and more. It is worth mentioning that their content keeps up with the latest developments in the field, often months or even weeks before the discovery of new developments.

  1. Healthcare Triage

This channel mainly focuses on popular science related to health, video, hygiene and medical treatment, often cracking rumors and myths related to health, and debunking various misleading publicity methods of merchants.


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