What is the print fulfilment service?

Printing refers to the process of making, inking, and pressurizing original manuscripts such as words, pictures, and photographs, and then transferring the ink onto the surface of materials such as paper, fabric, leather, and plastic to reproduce the contents of the original manuscript in batches. In a simple sense, printing is a technology that uses printing plates or other means to transfer the graphic and text information on the original manuscript to the substrate. It is also a technology that copies the original manuscript content in batches on the surface of fabrics, leather, plastics and other materials. In a simple sense, printing is the process of transferring the graphic and text information on the original manuscript to the substrate using a printing plate or other means. It can also be understood as the replication process in which a colouring agent/colour material is transferred to a substrate using an analog or digital image carrier.

Customized printing service refers to the realization of customized printing service for the products in the store according to the requirements of merchants. Examples include product labels, printing on clothes, thank you cards, product brochures, coupons, etc.

Why do you need print fulfilment service?

1.Tailored printing can make the store’s products more unique, avoiding thousands of articles.

2.Customized printing allows the product to be more susceptible to consumers, enhance the brand’s marketing ability.

3.It can make consumers more loyal to your brand.

4.It can make your customers repeatedly purchase multiple times.

What do printing services offer?

The product labeling

printing services

Labeling is to contract manufacture for some big companies, and then label their brand.

Product printing service

Product printing service

Product printing service, according to the requirements of the business, to provide a product printed on their own company’s unique pattern, logo and so on on behalf of the business culture of a service.

Thank-you card

Print Fulfilment

Thank you card is also called after-sale card, is often said to be the Insert card, is a small card in the product packaging box to play a certain marketing purpose and after-sale target. The size of a business card or postcard can include things like thank-you messages, discount coupons, encouraging feedback, and messages from the brand’s social media platforms. Styles can be designed according to the brand and the tonality of different products.


the print fulfilment service

A written explanation of the purpose, specification, performance and use of the object, as well as drama, film story, etc.


print fulfilment service

A privilege granted to a holder of a special right. Coupons according to the use of classification one is a promotional coupon, according to the offers provided by businesses to directly consume. The other is a discount coupon, when consumption can enjoy the corresponding discount. According to the media classification of coupons can be divided into paper coupons, electronic concessions. Paper coupons are so common that they have become the most important means of promotion for many merchants to celebrate their opening. Electronic coupons are generally circulated in the form of the Internet, which not only facilitates users but also saves marketing costs for businesses.

The specific steps are as follows:

1. Create a coupon activity on the website

2. Fill in the content at the beginning of the coupon activity

3. Fill in the content at the end of the coupon activity

4. Set coupon awards and odds of winning prizes

5. Set the valid time of coupons

6. Save and publish all the coupon Settings

Box printing

Box printing

Carton printing refers to its exquisite shape and decoration to promote the beautification of goods, improve the competitiveness of goods. The manufacturing process is generally the selection of material design icon, manufacturing template, stamping, synthesis box. Raw material is pulp, general corrugated paper, mostly used to fill items, recyclable.

Bag printing

Bag printing

Bag printing refers to the printing of icons pictures, and other products representing the company on packaging bags, gift bags, totes and other bags as required. Its purpose is mainly to publicize and beautify the product, expand the influence of the product.


Under the influence of customization service becoming a mainstream trend,product printing service has gradually become one of the means of customization service. If you want to improve the competitiveness of products, printing service for products is essential. If you want to know more about this, you can log on the website.

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