What Is Small Package Shipping?

What Is Small Package Shipping

This article will tell you what is small package shipping and what are the requirements.

What Is The Meaning Of Small Parcel Shipping?

By understanding small parcels, you can reduce shipping and time costs and maximize your profits for your eCommerce business.

In today’s small parcel shipping, both speeds of delivery and cost are important factors in determining the success of your business. So how important is small parcel shipping for businesses? Let’s find out.

1. What is Small Parcel Shipping?

Small parcel shipping, also known as light cargo package delivery, is usually less than 70 pounds in handheld parcels and can be easily picked up with one hand, but shipments that meet the size requirements or weigh up to 150 pounds can also be shipped through small parcel services. Small parcel shipping can pack products in boxes designed by the business itself, in bags, or in boxes provided by carriers. It then hands it over to a carrier or local courier for delivery and handles the last-mile delivery for you.

What is Small Parcel Shipping

Small parcel shipping usually has the following characteristics:

  • Weight under 150 lbs
  • Low dimensional weight (DIM weight)
  • Packages are delivered to vehicles up to 28 feet long.
  • Only 50-100 packages are delivered at a time by trucks
  • The package delivery vehicle stops in front of the customer several times during the day.

2. What are the criteria for small parcel sizes?

Although small parcels vary in size and shape, we have a size standard for defining small parcels. Small packages are generally handheld packages weighing less than 70 pounds, and any package smaller than 30 inches x 30 inches x 30 inches. But for shipments weighing up to 150 pounds, small parcel services are also available to save costs. In fact, different carriers will have different size restrictions for the packages they ship. For example, UPS and FedEx will allow sizes larger than the maximum size shipped using USPS.

Why are companies using small parcel shipping?

1. Achieve easy tracking

When you’re sending small packages in large quantities across the country (or around the world), you might think that this is a tedious and exhausting job to track so many packages closely. But in reality, the opposite is true – especially with the help of the right technology.

Specially designed for e-commerce, such as Honest Fulfillment, can help you track your parcel in real-time. Small parcels pass through multiple facilities and checkpoints, allowing for tracking at every stage as the item moves closer to the buyer. This is where customers can keep track of the location of their parcels and merchants can avoid the risk of lost, delayed or damaged parcels, all of which reduce your shipping and time costs.

Why are companies using small parcel shipping

2. It is cheaper than freight

Small parcel shipping is usually cheaper than shipping because packages are lightweight packaging.

For high-volume orders, you can make shipping more affordable by partnering with a 3PL provider and leveraging its capabilities to get volume discounts for small parcel shipping. Some 3PL providers enter into “economies of scale” agreements with the operators they work with.

Because 3PL providers inject a particularly large number of small packages into the operator’s network, their customers can take advantage of special discounted rates that they would otherwise not be able to obtain.

3. It’s better for the environment

As the e-commerce industry continues to grow, light packaging and eco-friendly shipping are becoming more and more important to consumers and our environmental protection.

Fortunately, 3PL is developing strategies to help merchants and their networks and hundreds of small parcels transport adopt carbon-neutral solutions. But to keep small parcel shipping eco-friendly and cost-effective, there are a few things your brand should consider. While you always have the option to use eco-friendly materials to reduce waste, the most important thing is to be careful with DIM weight.

The more you minimize the amount of packaging you use, the more money you save while reducing your carbon footprint.

A Practical Guide To Parcel Shipping Cost

Package shipping costs generally involve the following categories.

1. Weight

Of course, the first thing to pay attention to is weight, because the weight of the goods plays a large role in the cost of transportation. Generally speaking, the heavier the package, the higher the cost.

2. Size

But you can’t just look at the weight, in fact, the so-called size (DIM) weight pricing, if your package size exceeds the standard, may incur higher weight charges. Larger packages take up more space, leaving less space for other deliveries, and pay for the space they occupy. To reduce package shipping costs, you must use packaging efficiently.

3. Serve

In fact, it is priced by the speed of delivery of goods. If you want the goods to reach their destination as quickly as possible, you will pay the fee. Airlines for next-day or next-day delivery can be costly. After all, time is money.

4. Distance

The distance between your origin and receipt plays an important role in determining your shipping costs. The farther your goods need to be sent, the more you pay.

5. Fuel

This is a surcharge that is adjusted according to the actual situation.

6. Surcharge

Depending on the characteristics of your shipment, or additional costs for adjustment. These charges are assessed for residential deliveries that require a temporary change of delivery address, additional processing, etc.

7. Discount

A Practical Guide To Parcel Shipping Cost

If you have a large trading volume at once, you can negotiate a discount directly with the operator. For others, you can get discounts by partnering with a third party like Honest Fulfillment.

Shipping Small Packages: Available Shipping Solutions

Recommend several shipping solutions When sending small parcels around the world, there are some more cost-effective methods to refer to.

  • USPS First Class Package: If you’re shipping items weighing less than 16 ounces, this is the cheapest option. It also includes package tracking services.
  • UPS SurePost: UPS SurePost is one of the most cost-effective ways to ship small packages weighing less than 10 pounds. But in order to use it, you must first sign a contract with UPS. And although the cost is cut, the delivery time may be relatively long.
  • FedEx Smart Post: Another great option for shipping small parcels weighing less than 10 pounds is FedEx Smart Post. Likewise, to use this service, a contract with FedEx is required.
  • DHL eCommerce: DHL eCommerce is one of the most economical ways to ship small parcels overseas. Delivery times to most destinations worldwide are generally between 10-16 days.
  • DHL Express 12: DHL Express should be a good helper, for those who want to ship small parcels overseas in 1-2 days, and cheaper and faster.

Requirements That Small Parcel Delivery To Amazon

Here’s a quick overview of the shipping requirements for small parcels delivered at Amazon fulfillment centers.

1. Shipping Packaging Guidelines

For different standards for small parcel shipping, to match the packaging of the product, if the matching packaging requirements are not met, the equipment is damaged during the small parcel delivery, you may be responsible for the damaged equipment because these devices are not properly packaged to meet the standards of small parcel shipping.

2. Operator’s Guide

  • Only professional operators can make delivery appointments with Amazon fulfillment centers.
  • Carriers must be registered with Amazon to make shipping appointments.
  • Carriers must meet Amazon’s delivery requirements and safety standards.
Requirements That Small Parcel Delivery To Amazon

3. Label box

  • One box corresponds to one label. Each label is unique, so don’t reuse or modify labels for use in other boxes.
  • If you reuse previously used boxes, be sure to remove any other shipping labels, barcodes, or markings. No additional information is allowed on small parcel shipping labels.
  • The shipping label must be placed on the top or side of the box, and side placement is preferred so that it is easy to see.
  • The shipping label should be placed no more than 1.25 inches from the edge of the box. The tape that seals the box must not cover the shipping label.

4. Additional requirements for Amazon Cooperative Shipping

If you are using one of Amazon’s partner carriers, then please enter the exact dimensional data of the small parcel box as required. These dimensions are used to calculate dimension weights to determine charges. If the dimensional weight exceeds the actual weight, it can be used to determine the cost. For more information, please refer to Amazon Partner Carrier Options.


Small package shipping is really vital to our business operation, which should consider all aspects of the factors, whether it is the speed of transportation or cost, we need to consider when choosing a suitable operator. But the additional service that small package delivery brings to us is more important. Customers care about monitoring the delivery of goods in real-time and finding an e-commerce Fulfillment platform like Honest Fulfillment can save a lot of effort and cost. If there is any need or other want to consult, you can contact us.

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