What Is Last Mile Tracking?

What Is Last Mile Tracking?

With many revolutionary changes in logistics, online shoppers have come to expect a lot from real-time monitoring and on-time delivery of logistics processes. And with the increased reliance on e-commerce, providers are constantly improving the logistics service experience to meet the extremely high expectations of their customers in a variety of ways. In this article, we will explore important information related to last-mile tracking, and you can refer to its content as appropriate.

What Is Last Mile Tracking?

Last Mile Tracking is a related service provided by businesses, 3 PLs, and shippers, and it refers to the implementation of tracking the location of packages throughout the last mile of travel. You can see the status of the package at any time and get information about the movement of the package from one sorting center to the next. During the last mile tracking process, both the business and the customer can see real-time information about shipping and delivery, which enhances the chances of on-time delivery and, at the same time, higher customer satisfaction.

What Is Last Mile Tracking?

This operation of order location visibility greatly facilitates the scale and flow of business management, which improves business while better ensuring that orders are delivered to customers within the specified time frame, enhancing customer trust in the company.

How Does Last Mile Tracking Work?

1. Provide real-time logistics information

In this day and age, of online shopping, people have become accustomed to using mobile Apps that track delivery routes in real time. Consumers expect to see more transparency in the shipping process, whether it’s a delivery of goods or a takeaway order, and they want to be kept informed of the shipping information of their orders.

2. Ensure that the customer can contact the delivery person in a timely manner

The delivery person is the middleman that connects the seller to the consumer. When the merchant delivers the goods to the delivery person, the receiving person will have the key delivery information of the customer’s product. During this process, it is essential to leave the delivery person’s contact information in case of logistical problems so that the customer can be informed of the product’s logistics in a timely manner.

3. Provide Email or SMS alerts

By alerting shoppers via Email or SMS when an order has been shipped or is about to be delivered, merchants can demonstrate that they value their customers’ orders and can make the entire delivery process smoother. To prevent Emails from being categorized as spam, you may consider using SMS alerts.

4. Provide proof of delivery of the goods

To ensure smooth closure of the entire goods delivery process, when the delivery person arrives at the correct address and delivers the goods to the customer, be sure to have the recipient sign their name or complete the receipt order. It is vital to close the customer experience by doing this.

Provide proof of delivery of the goods

What Are The Advantages Of Using Last Mile Tracking?

  • Enhance the customer’s trust in the merchant and make them feel more confident about the quality of the delivery process.
  • Robust shipment tracking information allows merchants to resolve issues before they escalate, which can improve the user experience with the product.
  • Reducing the workload of the customer service team, customers can view their order logistics information in real-time without having to ask customer service staff.
  • Reduce the occurrence of unexpected conditions of orders, the whole transport process is very transparent, and in case of logistics problems, you can view the cause in time.

What Are The Challenges Of Using Last Mile Tracking?

  • Inefficient last-mile delivery can cause customers to abandon their purchases, so it requires merchants to invest in higher costs to simplify the complexity of the last-mile delivery process and ensure its smooth implementation.
  • There is a huge price to pay for delayed or undelivered products, which can churn customers, hinder the brand reputation, and give customers some compensation for financial losses.
  • Providing customers with real-time information-free monitoring requires strong technical support behind the scenes, which also requires you to have superior artificial intelligence technology to help you monitor and manage the last mile of delivery.
  • As logistics technology continues to mature and customer expectations for product delivery increase, you need to train staff to handle modern last-mile logistics, which requires staff to alert customers of product dispatch and arrival news via email or SMS in a timely manner.
What Are The Challenges Of Using Last Mile Tracking?

What Are The Technologies Behind Last Mile Tracking?

  • Real-time logistics information. Providing alerts on driver location, estimated arrival time or possible late delivery will enhance the customer experience.
  • Message reminder. Customers want to receive logistics information about their cargo orders in multiple ways, so customer service should send order fulfillment reminders to customers in a timely manner.
  • Contact the courier in real-time. When wanting to know the specific information of the package, customers can call or send a text message to the courier.
  • Proof of delivery. Proof of delivery can clearly indicate the smooth delivery of the entire logistics, which can reduce unnecessary fraudulent loss claims.
  • Receiving experience evaluation. After receiving the goods, customers can reflect on this receiving experience to a certain platform, and this feedback is very valuable to operators.


Last-mile tracking provides a powerful post-purchase experience for your customers by alleviating their worries about product logistics information and enabling them to experience perfect delivery. That’s why it’s critical to find a robust operational experience management platform to help you achieve last-mile tracking. Honest Fulphilment can provide you with third-party logistics global fulfillment services to ship your orders around the world and tracking software that integrates with your e-commerce platform so you can check the latest status of your order fulfillment at any time.

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