What Is Kitting and Assembly?

If successful e-commerce store owners know one thing, it is that time is money. Any delay or inefficiency in order fulfillment may cause you to spend as less valuable time as possible on other important business plans. One aspect that may take up a lot of your time during the fulfillment process is kitting and assembly. Therefore, it is wise to invest in kitting and assembly services so that you can focus on other main parts of your business. This article will explain what kitting and assembly services are and how they can help you save time and money.

What Is The Meaning Of Kitting And Assembly In logistics?

The Meaning Of Kitting And Assembly In logistics

Assembly refers to the logistics activities of picking, processing, packaging, segmentation, assembly, and other operations for articles within an economic and reasonable area according to customer requirements, and delivering them to the designated place on time. Assembly is a special and comprehensive activity form in logistics, which is closely combined with the business flow and logistics, including business flow activities and logistics activities, as well as several functional elements in logistics.

Kitting, also known as product bundle in some software systems, is an inventory management term, which refers to the process of combining a single commodity into a sales unit. When purchasing accessories, the inventory system automatically links each piece to sales. Goods and goods sold as part of a collection, order box products, and assembled order products are examples of actual matching.

What Is The Kitting And Assembly Services Process?

The Kitting And Assembly Services Process

Understanding the logistics behind the kit is critical to understanding how to simplify packaging and distribution needs.


Support (also known as Bundle sales) is the sales and pricing method of bundling two products.

Identification And Retrieval

When an order for a single product is entered, there will be a unique code or SKU (inventory unit) that allows employees to identify and retrieve products in the warehouse. Employees retrieve items, update inventory, and send it out.

Create Units

With companion services, you can package items together to create a unit in inventory. Instead of each product receiving an SKU, each group is assigned a code. Therefore, when the order arrives, these items are pre-assembled for the operator to pack and ship.

What Are The Benefits Of Outsourcing Kitting And Assembly Services To A 3PL?

Enterprises Reduce Operational Risk

The third-party logistics service provider, with the help of carefully planned logistics plans and timely means of transportation, maximizes the turnover of goods in stock and reduces inventory to help enterprises reduce business risks.

Improve The Corporate Image

Third-party logistics providers use complete facilities and well-trained employees to fully control the entire supply chain, help customers improve service, and establish their brand image. At the same time, manufacturing enterprises can also improve their corporate image through the brand image of third-party logistics enterprises.

Reduce Management Difficulty And Improve Management Efficiency

Logistics outsourcing service can enable e-commerce enterprises to focus on their core capabilities, gain greater competitive advantage, and is conducive to the flexibility of enterprises and lower logistics operation costs can be obtained.

Reduce Management Efficiency

How Does A 3PL Business Help With Kitting And Assembly Fulfilment Services?

3PL Business And Kitting Assembly Fulfilment Service


The manufacturer or enterprise uses 3PL to store its inventory of individual items/products.


After receiving the order, 3PL will take out each item and pre-assemble them into a kit.


This phase includes just-in-time delivery of services and sending the kits to the production operation team for final assembly. It can reduce inventory and customers can receive goods on time.


Send the kit to the production operation team, and the production operation team will assemble the products to form the final product.

Packaging And Distribution

Finally, the final product is ready and sent to the customer.


We understand that selecting a kitting and assembly service is an important decision. The implementation of logistics outsourcing can improve customer service and accelerate sales. Honest FulPhilment provides custom and high-volume kitting and assembly services and pulls together all of the elements you need to create the solutions required to meet your unique mission challenges. There’s no lengthy fixed-term contract or complicated onboarding and setup process, just an easy-to-operate platform! Please contact us for more details!

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