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What is the packing and delivery of the warehouse?

For complex orders, we have a set of cost-effective transportation and storage methods. When the order may be involved, we select the items to be combined and packed from many places for shipment together. Outsourcing is usually more suitable for the complexity of such order fulfillment. Shipment will use complex systems to track and transmit information in time, involving complex accounting and multiple employees. Honest FulPhilment can customize the storage and distribution scheme, and can match suppliers for your business.

What is the process?

 If you choose to cooperate with us, we will provide you with assistance in warehousing and transportation. When encountering complicated orders, we have a set of procedures used by our company to fill in customer orders. This process may include receiving goods, disassembling them, and then reassembling them for transportation according to the customer’s individual requirements.

     The following is the operation process:

  1. Receive 

The first step of the 3PL process is to receive inventory in the warehouse after manufacturing. Once one of our warehouses receives the inventory, it is ready for warehousing.

  1. 3PL Warehousing

In the next stage of the 3PL process, your inventory will be placed in one of our 3PL warehouses for storage. Each stock keeping unit (SKU) has its own dedicated location in one of our warehouses. Our scalable solution means there is enough room to expand with you.

  1. Pick

When the customer places an order, the fulfillment part of 3PL begins. If your CMS goes through Shopify or WooCommerce, our application can ensure that orders are automatically delivered to the warehouse for picking, thus ensuring a seamless and automated process.

For non-mainstream platforms, orders can be uploaded through CSV/Excel spreadsheets.

After the warehouse staff has picked up the items, it’s time to pack them! Honest fulfillment allows custom packaging, branding and inserts for your products.

  1. Transportation

The next step in the 3PL process is to ship your order to your customers, whether by land, air or sea. We provide transportation services directly to your customers and businesses. Our tracking software is integrated with your e-commerce platform to keep abreast of orders and their fulfillment.

Main reasons for using our services

We have the premier matching service in the industry, which can help you find the best selection and packaging company for your company.


The following are our strengths:

  1. Accurate selection of suppliers:We will thoroughly screen all sorting and packaging companies before they enter our database.With our knowledge of the industry, we can make an excellent pre-screening list for business evaluation before matching customers with the most relevant suppliers. Before compiling the database, we will consider the transportation error rate, customer recommendation and other business factors in advance. Through extensive questions and interviews, we can be sure that they will handle your project well and provide the best selection and packaging pricing.
  2. Experienced, conscientious and responsible:We have rich experience in docking enterprises. Every day, our employees try to know the latest business knowledge to help our customers use the latest technology. We match you with a picking and packaging company that can meet all your specific needs.

Simple, easy and understandable process:Time is money. We understand that you don’t have time to bounce indicators and data between suppliers and transport agents to get quotes.

Need a Quick Quote?

– Competitive price
– Quote within 24 hours
– 30+ Shipping methods
– Dedicated account manager
– Shopify/Woo integrations
– Autofulfil
– Auto tracking
– Plus much, much more

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