The Most Popular Pens Dropshipping In 2022

The Most Popular Pens Dropshipping In 2022

The first half of one’s life is basically inseparable from a neutral pen, especially for students, who need to use a pen every day. According to the data, the current global stationery market totals about 250 billion dollars, including 25 billion dollars in the global writing tool market. In all writing tools, pens account for more than 75% of the total sales. The European Union, the United States, China, and Japan are the four largest writing tool markets in the world. From the perspective of market growth, the global writing tools market is expected to grow by 4% annually, including 3.5% growth in the U.S. market, 3% growth in the EU market, 3.6% growth in the Japan market, and 4.68% growth in other markets and regions.

Therefore, developing a pen shop is a very profitable market opportunity. This article will tell you why you should sell pens online, and choose the best 10 pens for direct sales from various types of pens.

Why Dropship Pens Online?

1. Large market potential and increased purchasing power

Whether in school, home or office, the pen exists in almost every place. There are 8 million enterprises, 200 million students, government agencies at all levels, and other huge consumer groups in China. With the development of society and education, the stationery industry has a broad consumer market, and as the most indispensable pen in the stationery market, it has huge consumption potential.

According to research, the U.S. writing instrument market has formed a product structure dominated by ballpoint pens, supplemented by markers and pencils. Among them, ballpoint pens account for more than half, and markers and pencils account for 1/4 respectively. The share of ballpoint pens in the EU writing instrument market is 59% higher than that of the United States, 20% for markers, and 21% for pencils and others. We can make selections based on this data.

Why Dropship Pens Online

2. Low cost

To open an offline store, you need to pay extra rent, utilities, and other fees. Online, these costs are saved. And because you save these costs, you will have lower commodity prices than the physical stores, so you will have more competitive advantages. And you don’t have to worry about the location of the store. It can be said that it will not be limited by time and space, and the management will be more convenient. This brings convenience in management, effective amplification, and utilization of resources, and substantial reduction of costs.

2022 Most Popular Pen for Dropshipping

There are many kinds of pens, including ballpoint pens, neutral pens, pencils, fluorescent pens, marker pens, pens, etc. You can sell them by functional category. According to Google Trends, we found that the popularity of pens is very high this year, especially during the winter and summer holidays. And in November, the popularity of pens increased again. The following are the most popular pens that we have selected through Amazon, AliExpress, and other shopping software. You can sell them in your store.

2022 Most Popular Pen for Dropshipping

1. Gel pen

  • Colorful pen
2022 Most Popular Pen for Dropshipping

This neutral-colored pen sells best on AliExpress, with its sales reaching more than 6000 orders every month. It is more suitable for women or primary school students. The appearance design is cute. One pen can have seven colors, which is more convenient for students and office workers.

The cost of this pen is only about $2, but do you know how much it sells on Amazon? 8-15 dollars! You can really see big profits.

We suggest that you can also sell some different patterns, because many men also like this pen, so you can change the patterns to other animes. Secondly, we suggest that this pen should be sold together with the refill. Because consumers are often too lazy to choose a refill to replace, especially seven different refills. When they see that a complete set of replacement refills can be purchased, they will be more willing to purchase your shop’s pens.

  • Bullet gel pen
2022 Most Popular Pen for Dropshipping

In recent years, bullet point pens have become more popular. Because it is more resistant to falling than ordinary pens. The appearance of this bullet is metal, which looks more advanced and has better quality. Its low center of gravity will make your pen grip more stable and your writing more fluent. The disadvantage is a little heavy.

Can you imagine that it has sold more than 10000 orders on AliExpress? Its cost price is only about $1, and the pen is on sale now. You can buy it at a lower price. Our only suggestion is that you sell it in your online shop as early as possible.

2. Pen

  • Superfine nib metal fountain pen
2022 Most Popular Pen for Dropshipping

Pens are generally considered standard for business people. And the reason why it is popular is that pens are the best gift for customers or some elders. Today, I recommend this pen, which sells well on Amazon. It has many colors, black and gold are the best. Equipped with a unique streamlined stainless steel ultra-fine nib, it provides an unparalleled writing experience. It is equipped with a bottle ink converter. Compared with ordinary pens, this pen is more suitable for people to write for a long time after careful calculation of its weight.

It sells for $17 on Amazon, which is a little expensive. But as long as you buy it, it must be worth it. So obviously, we suggest you sell this pen in a high-grade package, which will become a gift that must be selected when you give it to others.

3. Highlighter

2022 Most Popular Pen for Dropshipping

Highlighters are more suitable for examinees and students, who need to draw different marks on the book to mark the key points. This set of fluorescent pens has 25 colors to meet your needs. Soft and waterproof quick-drying ink is used. Basically, the sales of fluorescent pens will soar every time they return to school.

For 25 colors. Its price is not too high at $17. And the color of the fluorescent pen is consumed quickly, so people buy it back more frequently and order more. Compared with ordinary pens, fluorescent pens will sell at a higher price.

4. Marker pen

2022 Most Popular Pen for Dropshipping

It is a special drawing color pen for writing or painting. If you are looking for a marker, I recommend this one. The ink dries quickly, and it is fade resistant and waterproof. Its best-selling is white and black, which is a very popular marker.

This marker is the best seller on AliExpress, with a sales volume of about 16000. The cost of a box is about $1, and the price on Amazon is $6-8. You can buy it at a low price and then drop ship it at a high. Our goal is to let you save more and get more.

5. Pencil

  • Mechanical pencil
2022 Most Popular Pen for Dropshipping

In recent years, automatic pencils have become more popular. This pencil does not need to sharpen a pencil. The new technology makes its refill unbreakable, writing smooth, and hands-free. Beautiful and generous appearance. Its advantage lies in its pen tip, which is more durable than the ordinary plastic pen tip. This detail is your best way to attract customers because consumers care about it.

This pencil has sold nearly 20000 pieces in a quick sale, which is enough to show how popular it is. Its cost price is about $1.5. We suggest that you can sell it together with other stationery, such as rubber and pencil lead, which is a good way.


Above are the best-selling pens we recommend for you. You should also see that pen consumption is developing from the pursuit of functions in the past to the pursuit of creativity and individuality. Products should be more in line with the consumption trend of students and young office workers who are increasingly pursuing fashion and individuality.

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