Is Yoga Mat A Niche Market Worth To Dropshipping?

Is Yoga Mat A Niche Market Worth To Dropshipping

Today, yoga mats appear in many fashionable exercise courses, videos, and of course yoga studios, which is a huge potential market. The cushion has a good grip on the floor and users and is made of various polymers. PVC occupies 40.3% of the market. More and more gyms, physical education classes, and individuals choose yoga in their exercise. Today, this article will analyze whether yoga mats are a viable niche market and select the best yoga mats for dropship based on the scale and market demand of the yoga mat market.

Market Analysis of Yoga Mat

According to the report, the global yoga mat market in 2022 will be 78.481 billion yuan. According to the development overview of the global yoga mat market from 2018 to 2022 and the changing trend of various data indicators, it is estimated that the global yoga mat market will grow at an average growth rate of 4.9% in the forecast period. And will reach 105.307 billion yuan in 2028.

Market Analysis of Yoga Mat
Market Analysis of Yoga Mat

As the yoga market continues to grow, Americans spend $16.8 billion annually on yoga classes and accessories. According to the data from Google Trends, the global search volume of yoga mats increased sharply in June this year, and it still showed high demand in November. Among them, the search volume for cheap yoga mats soared to 180%. And according to the sales volume of Quicksell, the monthly sales volume of yoga mats has reached about 2000. This means that in the yoga market, the yoga mat market segment has great demand potential.

3 Best Yoga Mats To Sell in your Store

  • The average selling price of a yoga mat: is 20-50 dollars
  • Google’s global average monthly search volume: 289000
  • Hot markets: Singapore, Australia, Ireland
  • Ideal audience: fitness enthusiasts、yoga lovers and dieters

Solid Yoga Mat

The solid-color yoga mat is the most basic product, and you must have it in your shop. Because when people search for yoga mats on major shopping software, the first product is a solid-color yoga mat.

3 Best Yoga Mats To Sell in your Store

The highlight of this yoga mat is its material, which is a high-quality environment-friendly TPE material. Most yoga mats are made of plastic or rubber. This yoga mat has the advantages of both plastic and rubber, with higher elasticity, better wear resistance, and more environmental protection.

We found on Amazon that its price is about $30, which means that its price is slightly higher than the most common yoga mat. But this does not affect its position in first place among all yoga mats on Amazon.

So we suggest that you also use the word “environmental protection” when selling and promoting it. You should know that people now prefer better materials for human bodies, and they are willing to spend more money to ensure their bodies. Or you can also compare it with other yoga mats. Generally, yoga mats will deform seriously after being used once or twice, and this material is just a contrast.

Yoga Mat with Pattern

3 Best Yoga Mats To Sell in your Store

Some yoga lovers especially love this kind of yoga mat with patterns, which is also a great market potential. We can see that its cost price is only about $10-15, while on Amazon, it sells for $20-50. This means that you have a large profit to make.

Many consumers like a very beautiful pattern on the yoga mat. This one is, and it has a soft suede texture, which gives consumers a good sense of experience. And the anti-skid effect will be better. But its disadvantage is that it will be thinner than the solid color yoga mat.

We suggest that you can sell different thicknesses so that users can choose thicker mats. You can also record yoga courses, buy yoga mats and give users a free downloadable yoga exercise class to achieve marketing.

Yoga Mat with Massage Function

We searched for yoga mats on the Alirxpress platform and found that the sales volume of this yoga mat was the first. It is made of cotton+PVC+sponge. This kind of yoga mat is more inclined to acupoint massage, which is also its advantage. It is equipped with a pillow, you can lie flat on this yoga mat to relax, and it is more suitable for you to relax after exercise.

For people with a strong sense of health and wellness, we think this yoga mat is a good choice. You can sell it because its monthly sales are between 1000 and 2000 pieces.

Finally, we suggest that you bundle the yoga mat with other fitness products, such as elastic bands or foam rollers, to drive product sales. Or you can sell yoga classes and display yoga mats in yoga classes, which is also a good way.

How to Start a Yoga Mat Business?

If you want to start your business quickly, I suggest you use Shopify to create your own online store for dropshipping.

Then you need to choose the appropriate products, targeting the preferences of specific people or countries.

Finally, find a worthy supplier. If you cooperate with Chinese manufacturers, your cost will be lower. But you have to deal with the import problem. At the same time, if you choose to cooperate with the factory, there will be many problems. You may need to spend a lot of energy and money on team growth. At the same time, it is necessary to constantly coordinate the relationship with the factory, so as to avoid the problem of price disagreement. There will also be difficulties in product delivery.

So I recommend Honest FulPhilment, which is an e-commerce fulfillment company. Honest FulPhilment can help you purchase products all over China, and can establish contact with your Shopify store through our application. The products can be directly linked to your online store, and your customers can directly place orders, and then we can help you directly deliver goods. In this way, the problem of delivery will be solved. In addition, we also provide packaging, brand marketing, and transportation services. You don’t need to spend a lot of energy to get the simplest and most direct electronic performance method.

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