How To Run Automated Dropshipping In 2022

Automated Dropshipping refers to the behavior of one agent delivering goods for some time to satisfy the sales convenience of the other party in the sales process in economic life to help the other party complete the sales. It is to show delivery side and the sale side commonly are separated, that is to say, is not the same main body. For example, Party A is the supplier and Party B is the seller. Party A authorizes Party B to sell Party A’s products, and Party A replaces Party B to deliver the products, and Party B is only responsible for the sales and service work.

What Is Automated Dropshipping?

The dropshipping model allows companies to sell products directly to customers and then have third-party companies process the orders for delivery. This makes enterprise development more flexible and business expansion more diversified. For this reason, dropshipping services are popular with many retailers.

What Is Automated Dropshipping

Why Do You Need Automated Dropshipping?

I think that you need automated dropshipping for a few reasons:

1.Meet customers’ changing buying habits.

With forwarder services, merchants only need to pay for inventory already sold, merchants no longer have to tie up money for inventory, and there is no lack of working capital worries. Moreover, it gives sellers the flexibility to change suppliers and products to meet the changing needs of consumers.

2.More flexible business expansion.

With the advent of forwarders, orders can be processed with relative ease because they can be handed to the vendor that provides the forwarder. It also opens up greater possibilities for retailers to expand and diversify.

3.Save a lot of time and energy.

Automated Dropshipping saves a lot of energy and time for the seller, but also enlightens the seller to learn to distribute the work, the relatively unimportant work to go out. Automation offers a huge advantage to e-commerce sellers, both to save time and to avoid the mistakes that might occur when sellers run their businesses.

eCommerce dropshipping automation

How To Run Automated Dropshipping?

If you want to do automation, you must have a business entity, that is, you must be an enterprise company or individual industrial and commercial households. This is the basis of the business.

  • Find the source of goods. A stable, massive, high quality, genuine, the primary source of goods platform is the best choice.
  • Submit your application. Fill in the registration information on the platform, or communicate with the platform over the phone.
  • Platform review. The platform will contact you for cooperation and review your qualifications.
  • Grant permission. After the approval of the information, you can log in to the distribution system of the platform normally.
  • Operation training. Train and guide the basic operation of the platform, such as store setup, product selection, payment, distribution, marketing activities, etc.
  • Official opening. After the store information is set up, the store can be officially opened for sale.
  • Customer orders. Customers place orders at your store and pay you.
  • Place orders with suppliers. After customers place an order and pay in your store, the system will automatically place an order to the supplier and synchronize the logistics status in real-time
  • Automatic settlement. Platform intelligent settlement of supplier payment and your commission.
  • Supplier delivery. The supplier delivers the goods directly to the customer according to the order information placed by the customer. You don’t need to deliver.
  • After-sales service. Customer evaluation feedback, data sorting, abnormal order processing, etc.
dropshipping automation

Honest Fulphilment-APP and Automated Dropshipping Service

Honest Fulphilment is a good company and has its app. On this platform, they have a fully automated dropshipping service.

We are proud to provide a transparent and user-friendly system that is available to anyone. There are no long fixed-term contracts or complicated entry and setup processes, just an easy-to-operate platform!

First, apps and plugins-connect——multiple Shopify and Woocommerce stores to synchronize orders. Second, Auto fulfill——lets you automatically wrap and send your order. Third, tracking updates —— updates are pushed to your store when we ship to notify your customers. Fourth, last mile tracking —— hides China tracking updates to improve customer experience. Last but not least, real-time inventory —— views real-time quantity and sets low inventory alerts.


According to this passage,I believe that you know something about run automated dropshipping.If you want to know more information about us,please contact us!


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